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As an expert on InstagramValueYourNetwork presents our deep expertise in influencer campaigns, specifically on Instagram, where we've excelled since the first initiatives in 2015. Our agency has not only participated in the evolution of influencers on this social network, but was also a pioneer in exploiting its potential for the influencer marketing.

Through our in-depth articles, we share with you the innovative strategies and valuable insights accumulated over the years, offering you an in-depth understanding of what really works in the world of influencer campaigns on Instagram. Whether you're a brand looking to expand your reach, engage a targeted audience, or maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns, our resources are designed to guide you to success.

Our articles cover a variety of essential topics, from trends We'll provide you with everything from emerging technologies to practical advice on selecting influencers, measuring ROI and creating content that captivates and converts. When you choose to work with ValueYourNetwork, you benefit from a strategic partner capable of transforming your objectives into tangible results.

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Impact of the Meta Verified Instagram filter on interactions

Discover how the instagram 'Meta Verified' filter transforms interactions and engagement, prioritizing certified accounts for more authentic communication.

Instagram's new 'Meta Verified' comment filter is reshaping the platform's interaction landscape. Faced with a ...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

Friends Map: Instagram's new feature unveiled

Discover Instagram's Friends Map: revolutionize your interactions by viewing your friends' locations in real time, and enrich your encounters.

Instagram continues to reinvent itself to offer its users enriching, interactive experiences. The platform has ...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

Influencer marketing on Instagram is a must for brands

Influencer marketing on Instagram is essential for brands. Discover the types of influencers, their impact and their remuneration on this essential platform.

Influencer marketing has become an essential part of brand communication on social networks, especially Instagram. ...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

Generative AI arrives on Instagram

Generative AI revolutionizes image editing on Instagram

Meta is beginning to deliver on its promise to integrate generative AI into all its products. At the company's Connect event, new AI image editing and sticker creation features for Instagram were ...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

Instagram influencers, the new digital gurus

The term "influencer" refers to digital opinion leaders who, through an Instagram post or YouTube video, can change buying behavior. The term "influencer" has acquired considerable importance in the digital world...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

Instagram designs a customizable AI friend

Instagram, already renowned for its ability to connect people through images and videos, is taking the next step by developing a most anticipated feature: a fully customizable "AI Friend".

This breakthrough promises ...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

Instagram unveils the Meta Verified News Feed

Instagram and the News Feed meta verified: a new era for entrepreneurs and businesses

Instagram, the photo and video sharing platform, is currently testing a new news feed that will be devoted exclusively to posts by Meta users ...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

The latest instagram video formats

Instagram puts an end to IGTV, its long-form video platform. The social network launches Instagram Video, presumably to compete with TikTok and YouTube !

In just a few years, Instagram has become one of the world's most popular social platforms. With ...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

fitness and sport influencers on instagram

Fitness and sports influencers on Instagram have always been one of the most important things for fitness brands. They're also great for promoting various types of interesting campaigns for followers who want to stay in...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

instagram travel influencers increasingly present

Travel influencers on instagram are increasingly present on social networks. There are heavenly beaches, sumptuous hotels, breathtaking views and plenty of dreamy images. Travel influencers are part of this new trend...

Instagram agency ValueYournetwork

How to win over Millennials with instagram?

Instagram is becoming the social network most used by young people, in just a few years it has become the best selling point with Millennials! According to Diplomeo's survey of young people on social networks, Instagram is the most widely used, with...