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Our campaigns influencers are based on our customer experience, the success of an influencer marketing campaign depends on defining clear objectives and choosing the right influencers!

Here you will find :

- Some case studies of influencer campaigns on instagram, facebook or twitter to show you the power of influencer word-of-mouth.

- Articles to make your influencer campaigns a success and to better understand the power of instagram, tiktok and facebook influencers.

The success of Influence marketing campaigns depends in part on the relationships between advertisers and influencers that we set up from A to Z.

ValueYourNetwork can help you make a success of your influencer campaigns by amplifying your marketing actions.

Contact us to set up your influencer marketing strategy, and monitor and analyze your influencer campaigns.

You too, like hundreds of other brands, dare to experiment with social recommendation via influencer campaigns!

Influencer campaigns

Instagram trends and key statistics

Discover Instagram trends and statistics for 2023: user growth, engagement, e-commerce and more, to optimize your online presence.

Discover Instagram's key trends and statistics for 2023, with social media platforms constantly evolving, understand ...

Influencer campaigns

Discover native advertising

Discover native advertising, the subtle strategy that captures attention without being intrusive. Explore its principles, advantages and methods of effectiveness.

With consumers' attention increasingly hard to capture, native advertising presents itself as an advertising strategy ...

Influencer campaigns

Can influencers really multiply your sales?

Find out how influencers can boost your sales with a strategic, authentic and ethical approach to digital marketing.

In a world where digital marketing is at the heart of corporate growth strategies, the question of the effectiveness ...

Influencer campaigns

Can influencers really engage with their communities?

Explore how influencers authentically engage their communities digitally. Discover the strategies, challenges and successes of sustainable influence.

In an ever-changing digital world, where social media is the main communication channel for millions of users, ...

Influencer campaigns

How do influencers shape our consumer trends?

Find out how influencers are redefining our consumer trends in fashion, gastronomy and more, influencing your daily choices.

The way you consume is profoundly influenced by iconic web figures. This article explores the ways in which ...

Influencer campaigns

Boost your brand during the Olympic Games

Discover strategies to boost your brand during the Olympic Games, maximize visibility and engage a global audience.

The Olympic Games represent an unrivalled opportunity to promote your brand and raise its profile on the international stage. While ...

Influencer campaigns

Does influencer marketing really improve the customer experience?

Discover how influencer marketing transforms the customer experience, improving perception and interaction with customers. brands. In-depth analysis and case studies.

In a world where digital communication reigns supreme, influencer marketing has established itself as an essential vector for ...

Influencer campaigns

Are influencers really changing the way we consume?

Discover how influencers are redefining our consumer habits in the digital age. In-depth analysis of their real impact on trends and purchasing decisions.

The figure of the influencer has emerged as a vector of trends and behaviors of ...