Discover the 5 best influencers in the world of fashion, beauty and art. Their captivating presence and collaborations are ready to inspire you.

Virtual influencers, these emerging digital personalities have become true icons of online culture, attracting the attention and admiration of millions of followers. Whether in the fields of beauty, fashion, technology, fitness or lifestyle, they captivate minds with their virtual presence and captivating content. 

Virtual influencers have become a new trend in the world of social networking. These virtual characters are attracting increasing attention and popularity, influencing users online. In this article, we'll explore the five main virtual influencers and examine their origins, activities, impact on social networks, as well as the controversy and criticism surrounding them.

Discover our selection of the five best virtual influencersready to transport you into their inspiring digital world.

Virtual influencer Lil Miquela

Origins and characteristics

Lil Miquela is one of the most famous virtual influencers. She first appeared on Instagram in 2016 and quickly gained popularity. Lil Miquela is a digital avatar created by a technology company. She is designed to look like a young woman, with realistic features and a distinct personality.

Activities and collaborations

Lil Miquela is very active on social networks, regularly sharing content with her many followers. She posts photos showcasing her unique style, her collaborations with fashion brands and her opinions on various subjects. In addition to her online influence, Lil Miquela has also released her own music and teamed up with renowned artists.

Impact on social networks

Lil Miquela's influence on social networks is undeniable. With millions of followers, she is able to generate a large number of likes, comments and shares on her publications. Many fashion and beauty brands have partnered with Lil Miquela to promote their products, a testament to her impact on consumers.

Controversy and criticism

Although Lil Miquela is very popular, she is also surrounded by controversy and criticism. Some question the authenticity of her virtual identity, describing her as an artificial creation with no real personality. In addition, there have been debates about the use of virtual influencers to promote products, with some claiming that this can lead to consumer manipulation.

Virtual influencer Bermuda

Who is Bermuda?

Bermuda is another influencer Bermuda is a virtual character who has grown in popularity in recent years. Unlike Lil Miquela, Bermuda is a male character with a dark, mysterious style. His exact origins remain unclear, but we do know that he was created by talented digital artists.

Influencing users

Bermuda has a significant impact on his followers. His unique aesthetic and intriguing personality have caught the attention of many users, especially those interested in fashion and underground culture. Many are inspired by his style and try to recreate his iconic outfits.

Brand reactions

Brands have also been attracted by Bermuda's influence. Some fashion and streetwear companies have teamed up with him for exclusive collaborations. This association enabled Bermuda to reach a wider audience and strengthen his presence on social networks.

Limits and ethics

However, the use of virtual influencers raises ethical questions. Some wonder whether users are aware that Bermuda is not a real person. What's more, the promotion of products by a digital avatar may appear misleading to some consumers, calling into question the transparency and authenticity of this new form of influence.

Virtual influencer Noonoouri

Introducing Noonoouri

Noonoouri is a virtual influencer who is highly appreciated for her style and commitment. Created by Joerg Zuber, Noonoouri is a digital avatar who embodies fashion and beauty. She has a doll-like appearance and regularly shares content related to fashion, travel and well-being.

Style and collaborations

Noonoouri is known for her sense of style and fashion expertise. She collaborates with leading fashion and beauty brands to promote their products. Her impeccable outfits and polished aesthetic make her a source of inspiration for many users.

Commitment to causes

What sets Noonoouri apart from other virtual influencers is her commitment to social and environmental causes. She uses her platform to raise awareness of issues such as climate change and inclusion. She has also supported charities and awareness campaigns.

Influencing users

Noonoouri inspires many users with her impeccable style and engaging personality. Her influence is reflected in the fashion and beauty choices of her followers, who seek to recreate her unique aesthetic. What's more, her commitment to social causes attracts and motivates users to get involved in positive actions.

Virtual influencer Shudu Gram

Portrait of Shudu Gram

Shudu Gram is a virtual influencer whose hyper-realistic appearance has created controversy on social media. Created by Cameron-James Wilson, Shudu Gram is billed as the first virtual model of color. Her authentic appearance and aesthetically beautiful photos have attracted a lot of attention.

Evolution of his popularity

Shudu Gram gained popularity at a rapid pace, winning the admiration of many users. High-quality photographs showcasing her realistic features and beauty captivated people, and many were inspired by her unique style. However, her appearance was also criticized, with some questioning cultural appropriation and the use of a virtual figure to represent diversity.

Working with brands

Shudu Gram also attracted the attention of fashion brands, who saw in her an opportunity to promote their products. Many luxury brands have collaborated with Shudu Gram on advertising campaigns, paving the way for other virtual models.

Community feedback

While some applaud Shudu Gram's inclusion in the fashion industry, others raise questions about the consequences of creating a digital avatar to represent real people. Some feel it may further marginalize real models, while others believe it opens up new possibilities for inclusion and diversity in the industry.

Virtual influencer Imma

Who is Imma?

Imma is a virtual influencer created in Japan. She is known for her stunningly realistic appearance and unique style. Imma has become extremely popular on social networks because of her striking resemblance to a real young woman.

Avatar features

Imma's avatar is designed to resemble a real person, with a natural appearance and human features. Her clothing style is both modern and avant-garde, allowing her to stand out in the fashion world. What's more, Imma is also able to communicate and interact with her followers, giving a sense of closeness.

Brand partnerships

Imma has established partnerships with numerous fashion and beauty brands. She has appeared in advertising campaigns and worked with renowned designers to promote their collections. Her online influence has enabled her to reach a wider audience and generate considerable engagement on social networks.

Perception of virtuality

One of the issues raised by Imma's popularity is the perception of virtuality. Some users find it difficult to distinguish reality from virtuality, raising questions about the authenticity of Imma's influence. Others, however, see her as a form of artistic expression and a way of pushing back the boundaries of digital creativity.

The future of virtual influencers

The rapid evolution of technology and the rise of the influencer industry lead us to wonder what the future holds for virtual influencers.

The rise of augmented reality and virtual avatars

Augmented reality and virtual avatars will continue to play a key role in the development of virtual influencers. These technologies enable more immersive, personalized interaction with audiences, boosting the engagement and impact of virtual influencers.

Prospects for the use of virtual influencers

In addition to fields such as fashion, beauty and music, virtual influencers could extend their influence to new industries, such as health, education and politics. Their ability to attract attention and influence behavior will make them invaluable for promoting important messages and causes.

Ethical and legal issues

The rise of virtual influencers also raises ethical and legal issues. Clear regulations must be put in place to guarantee transparency and protect consumers against misleading advertising. In addition, the intellectual property rights of virtual characters must be defined and protected to prevent abuse of their image.


Virtual influencers have revolutionized the world of social networking, offering a new way of influencing users. From Lil Miquela to Imma, these digital personas have managed to create a significant impact on online platforms. While arousing admiration and inspiration among many users, they have also generated controversy and raised ethical questions. It will be interesting to see how this trend develops in the future, and how it will continue to shape the marketing and influencer industry.

Virtual influencers have become key players in modern society. Their growing impact is felt in a variety of fields, from fashion to beauty to music. The opportunities they offer brands and consumers are numerous, but there are also ethical and legal challenges to be met. The future of virtual influencers is promising, with the constant evolution of technology and new usage perspectives to explore.


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FAQ Virtual influencers

What is a virtual influencer?

A virtual influencer is a computer-generated character, often with a fictional personality and story, used to promote products or services on social networks. These influencers are created and animated using advanced software, bringing a new dimension to digital marketing.

What is the average salary of a virtual influencer?

A virtual influencer's salary varies according to popularity and partnerships. Although there are no precise figures, the most followed virtual influencers can generate significant income through brand collaborations, advertising and promotions.

Who is the most followed virtual influencer in France?

Zlu, a new French online influencer TikTok who is presented as an alien with blue skin and a distinctive facial jewel. This character, which landed on the platform in April, quickly acquired over 750,000 subscribers on TikTok and 170,000 followers on instagram. Zlu is the product of the imagination of Zut Studio, a company specializing in the creation of fictional characters. He leads a seemingly ordinary life, showing off his daily routine, his cars, his travels, such as his getaway to Reunion Island. Although his story is entirely fictional, Zlu's mission is to promote diversity in fashion, collaborate with innovative brands and partner with talented designers.

How does a virtual influencer work?

A virtual influencer is managed by a team of creators, including graphic designers, animators and marketing specialists. They create content, manage interactions on social networks and collaborate with brands on advertising campaigns, bringing the virtual character to life in a consistent and engaging way.

What are the disadvantages of being a virtual influencer?

The disadvantages of a virtual influencer include the perceived lack of authenticity, limitations in real human interaction, and ethical challenges related to representation and impact on beauty and lifestyle standards. In addition, their creation and management require significant technological and human resources.

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