Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to any questions you may have. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us directly!

Is it for me, even if I'm not a social networking superstar?


The answer is YES! As soon as you have a shared interest, a shared passion, you're in! For example, do you often share information on gastronomy, sports, cars, fashion, design, architecture, travel, cell phones, professional Internet services, etc.? Value Your Network is for you.

You don't need 10,000 fans or 100,000 followers! It's not a question of size, it's a question of quality... If you're considered legitimate in your field, your audienceEven a small company is of interest to brands, because your power of recommendation is important.

How can I earn money with my posts?

Value Your Network offers you campaigns that match your profile and interests. All you have to do is personalize and publish these posts on your social networks network. The bigger your audience, the more your network will follow you, and the more money you'll make.
You're paid every time a member of your network (or a member of your network's network etc....) engages your post (depending on the campaign, paid engagement can be a post, a click, a like or a share).

Each campaign has a defined budget common to all influencers targeted. You can track the available budget in real time. When it reaches zero, the campaign is over (even if your posts continue to spread on the networks and to be engaged). To get the most out of your campaign, start as soon as possible!

Am I really free to choose which campaigns to relay?

YES, you choose the campaigns you're comfortable with. There's no obligation to share. In fact, we recommend that you only relay campaigns or messages that you like and that are likely to be of interest to your followers or fans.

Can I use Value Your Network on all social networks?
Value Your Network lets you post to your favorite social networks. At the moment, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram are available. We're working to add more. If you'd like to see other social networks you use, let us know and we'll see about adding them!
Are there any rules for posting messages?

Value Your Network is a self-service platform, but there are indeed best practice guidelines for campaign efficiency, and rules to follow to ensure quality of service. For more details, consult the best practices guide here : Please note that we are very strict about adhering to these rules. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your account and the loss of any winnings.

When do I get paid?

Once the campaign is over, we check the posts and engagements you've generated. Only the unique engagements resulting from your posts, from the desired social networks and the defined geographical territory, and achieved before the end of the campaign, will be remunerated. Your posts must be in public mode, and always visible at least until your earnings have been paid out.


You can request payment by Paypal or bank transfer. Payment is made "30 days end of month", which means, for example, that if you request payment on the 12th of month M, you will be paid on the 30th of month M+1.

What is the "Vscore" and why is it important?

Your "Vscore" measures your impact as an influencer on Value Your Network.
The Vscore takes into account your audience and the effectiveness of the messages you relay. Your Vscore is displayed in your account, once you've connected to at least one social network. The more effective and responsive your network, the higher your Vscore.
A high Vscore allows you to see new campaigns first, and therefore potentially earn more revenue.
The VScore ranges from 0 to 100. To increase it initially, connect as many social networks as possible and participate in campaigns by producing quality content.

Why don't I see a campaign?

If we don't offer you a campaign influenceryour profile has not yet been selected by one of our advertisers. Be patient, campaigns will come for you. Don't hesitate to contact us via email or DM on instagram, facebook or twitter.

Why haven't I received my payment yet, even though it's the beginning of the month?

It sometimes happens that payments take a little longer than expected, due to slightly longer campaign checks. Our system accumulates your earnings by campaign and finds your posts on your social networks in order to validate them. Please be patient, your payment will arrive after these checks. 

If you have not received the expected payment within 15 days of the beginning of the month, please send a message to with your e-mail address. connection and your name for greater efficiency. 

Can I sponsor friends?

Of course, it's even recommended, in every sense of the word. 

My account has been suspended...
If your account has been suspended, it's because you haven't complied with the terms of service. Compliance with these rules is a decisive factor in the quality of the service we offer to brands and users alike. We are therefore very strict about their application, and any non-compliant use will result in immediate suspension of your account without notice, with the loss of any associated earnings.
Who is Value Your Network?

Value Your Network turns the social network advertising model on its head. Until now, you haven't received any revenue from social network advertising. Yet YOU create the revenue. content and generate audience.

Value Your Network changes the game and allows you to monetize your audience on social networks and benefit from advertising revenues.

Value Your Network was created by 3 experts in social networking and innovative disruptive models.

What is the processing of your personal data with the RGPD?

At Value Your Network we believe in transparency, which is why we've made the process of handling your personal data even clearer. We have always treated your personal data with the utmost confidentiality and are committed to preserving your privacy. L
he GDPR strengthens your data protection rights, you can view more information about this by reading our terms and conditions, we have updated our terms and conditions to better explain what service we offer and what we ask of anyone using Value Your Network. Please take a few minutes to review this information and make decisions about specific data settings. Our terms and conditions explain what service we offer and remind you how we use your personal influencer data to provide you with relevant campaigns.
We only collect data on your email address on your country on the url of your public social networks on the number of subscribers of your social networks on the theme of your pages via a manual check
Also make sure you are happy with your privacy permissions via social networks (Facebook connect, Twitter connect, Instagram connect, Linkedin connect) when connecting via a third party. We do not share with advertisers your first name, last name, email, and any contact details except the url of your public pages on social networks.
Your data is stored at OVH (Head office: 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France). Data is encrypted via ssl in the influencers and advertisers area. In the account section, you can either indicate that you no longer wish to receive messages from us or delete your account. In the event of deletion of your account, we do not retain your data. By continuing to use our service you agree to the terms and conditions. If you do not accept them then do not register, and if you are already registered log in to your account to delete it in the My Account menu. We thank you for your trust.