#TIPS #INFLUENCEURS : Guide to best practices for influencers.

Tips and rules for getting the most out of Value Your Network.

Focus on your interests.

As an influencer, you are of course free to relay the campaigns you want. We recommend relay campaigns that are truly linked to your interests, passions or expertise... You will be legitimate and your power of recommendation will be all the greater.

Relay what you like.

Relay campaigns influencers that you like, that you're comfortable with. Whether it's a novelty, an event, a game, information... you relay the message on your behalf as an influencer. It is therefore important that you adhere to the values of the campaign in order to relay it.

Personalize your message.

You publish in your own name, so don't hesitate to personalize your message, in your usual tone. It's very simple: you write your own messages, without any prior validation, while remaining positive and respecting the publication rules.

Rules to follow as an influencer

It's obvious, but your messages must speak positively about the campaign, without damaging the image of the company. brand and on an account related to the advertiser's theme. If you don't like it, simply don't relay it.

Your messages must be relevant to the campaign and not directly incite a click. Don't use phrases like "please click here". This would be considered an attempt at fraud. False" clicks or commitments will be deleted.

Your messages must be public and you must not delete them. They must remain visible for the duration of the campaign, and at least until the campaign has been paid for.

Don't spam your community! On Value Your Network, you must send your messages in moderation to the social network proposed. Your messages should represent a minority of your posts.

You must relay messages only from the ValueYourNetwork platform, and only on the social networks proposed for the campaign and related to the advertiser's theme. Don't use other platforms or accounts.

Your messages must include the campaign's key words, in particular the #sponsorized "disclaimer", so as not to be assimilated to concealed advertising. This is a legal requirement.

These publication rules ensure maximum quality of service, both for you and for our partner brands.. The quality of message delivery on ValueYourNetwork is a key element of our service.which is why we are very strict about respecting these rules. In accordance with the general terms and conditions of use, failure to comply with the publication rules will result in immediate and definitive suspension of your account, without prior notice. But, as you'll have noticed, these are just a few common-sense rules that define the normal use that should be made of the service we offer!