The ValueYourNetwork influencer agency organizes your influencer marketing campaigns from A to Z!

What if your products were highlighted by the creation of content shared by like-minded influencers on social networks?
Create engagement through social recommendation and influencer marketing.

ValueYourNetwork, the French reference in influencer marketing since 2016, can help you with your product promotion campaigns.

We know from experience that finding and launch a campaign with influencers is time-consuming, and few campaigns are profitable if the wrong choices are made!

We have put in place a process that increases returns on investment on our influencer campaigns.

Word of mouth is the best we've come up with yet!

Nothing is more effective than someone recommending your brand or service to someone close to them.

And the best place to do this is on social networks...


of consumers trust peer recommendations (vs. 14% brands)


of Facebook users are influenced by the opinions of friends and family in their purchasing decisions.


of social networkers have discovered a brand thanks to social networks.



Multiplying your message doesn't mean repeating it x times to your audience. On the contrary, you need to be able to tailor your message to a specific objective. Value Your Network's community of influencers is first and foremost a community of communicators and creators who will help you humanize and diversify your campaign.



We prioritize the distribution of your message to the categories of interest linked to your product/service. Whether it's Fashion & Beauty, Children, Techno, or more specific or even general themes, the influencers who choose to join us are qualified as soon as they register on the platform, and after each campaign, according to their performance.

  • Confidence generated by support and investment 80% 80%
  • Curiosity and interest in influencers' messages 75% 75%
  • Targeting by community affinity 90% 90%

3 steps to launching your influencer marketing campaign

Step 1: Influencer marketing campaign brief

An influencer marketing brief clearly presents the campaign's objectives, expectations, guidelines and expected results to all the potential influencers you'll be working with. It's one of the best ways to ensure that your objectives are aligned and your influencer campaigns are successful.


Step 2: Identify and find the right influencers


For your influencer marketing campaign, it's important to target influencers who are in your field, so that their social recommendation is legitimate, and therefore effective. 

We propose your campaign to our base of influencers and explain the campaign objectives 1 by 1, followed by your validation.


Step 3: Monitor and analyze results

Follow publications on the networks in real time with our tracking tools and an end-of-campaign report on all statistics.


Have your message relayed by everyday influencers on social networks

Everyday influencers are experts or enthusiasts in a particular field who, at their own level (a few hundred or thousands of fans or followers), have an influence on social networks. With Value Your Network, influencers who have an affinity with your brand or service appropriate and relay your campaign to their friends, family and networks.

The social recommendation marketplace

As simple as Google Adwords, but at the heart of social networking

Wide choice of influencers

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Controlled budget

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Pay only for traffic generated, content creation

Detailed reporting

Analytics at the heart of our system for ROI

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