Discover our selection of 10 must-have influencer books!

Over the past decade influencers have taken on an increasingly important role on the media scene, being solicited not only by well-known brands, but also by traditional media such as television, radio and the print press. The best influencers are no longer content to position themselves on a particular social network, but are expanding across multiple platforms while proposing new content, some of which is described as traditional.

Their careers fascinate the general public, which is why some of them have decided to write and publish their own books. The book, a classic medium (which ValueYourNetwork also uses, with 6 influencer books published to date), allows readers to go into great detail on a particular subject, and offers an interesting complement to the publications of influencers on their social networks. Whether it's an Instagram post, a short video TikToka video YouTube or even a live stream on Twitch, the book brings something different to its audience, and influencers have understood this.

We've put together a selection of 10 books written by influencers who have captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. These books cover a wide range of subjects including fashion, beauty, personal development, mental health and much more. They are a source of inspiration and motivation for all those seeking to improve themselves and achieve their goals. So don't hesitate any longer, and dive into the exciting world of these influencers through their captivating books!

1- Squeezie
17.6 million subscribers on YouTube

Book title : Bleak

Lucas Hauchard, aka Squeezie, recently released a new edition of his best-selling comic book. "Bleak" is an illustrated concentrate of horror stories, using the story mechanics of his famous "thread horrors" videos, so beloved by the public. This book is guaranteed to make you shiver!

2- Léna Situations
4 million followers on Instagram

Book title: Toujours plus haut

Léna Mahfouf wrote this book to convey a clear message to young people: believe in yourself. Léna has always been a fan of personal development, and "Toujours plus haut" contains the best advice she can give you on how to move in the right direction, get started and not be afraid to take the plunge. This book is a veritable ode to positivity, and will inspire you to keep moving forward and challenging yourself!

3- Natoo
5.15 million subscribers on YouTube

Book title : Icônne

Natoo uses the codes of the women's press to poke fun at them and subtly ridicule them. More than a humorous work, it's a real critique of the modern diktats imposed on women that she brings to light in this book. A good dose of sarcasm to warm our hearts and take a step back! Following its success, Icônne number two was published in 2020.

4- Caroline Receveur
5 million followers on Instagram

Book title: No Filter

Caroline Receveur retraces her journey, her ups and downs, and above all gives us a real lesson in the pursuit of her dreams. She shares her advice and the lifestyle keys that have made her the influencer she is today.

5- Noholita
5.6 millionsubscribers on TikTok

Book title: 28 ans d'angoisse ! Because it's possible to live with it!

Behind her millions of subscribers, Noholita has undergone intense psychological trials, which have sometimes made life difficult for her. Subjected to anxiety attacks and endless internal conflicts, you'll find in this book the confessions of Noholita, who in writing it wanted to convey a message of hope to her entire community. Mental health is a subject we've all had to deal with, and it's with brio that the author, using the example of her struggle, conveys to us her feelings and, above all, the methods by which she managed to cope. A touching, captivating book that will touch your heart.

6- Juju Fitcats
3.2 million followers on Instagram

Book title: Sans filtre

Well-known for her healthy recipes, Juju Fitcats has taken on a more personal project in this book, in which she tells us the keys to success and gives the best advice for adopting a healthy, balanced lifestyle. You'll find sports routines and recipes, of course, but also tips to help you accept yourself and feel good every day.

7- Romy
1.5 million subscribers on YouTube

Book title: Dring dring, âllo j'écoute

Romy got her start on the networks with an account dedicated to helping and advising people who are wondering about their lives and going through difficult times. So it was only natural that she should write this book, which picks up on the logic of her beginnings as an influencer, setting out to give her take on personal issues that we're all experiencing. It's a great read, with really good vibes, and will give readers a different, outside perspective on the questions they're asking themselves. We recommend it!

8- Emy LTR
1.6 million subscribers on YouTube

Book title: A Normal Girl's Survival Guide

We've all felt "out of place", different from everyone else. In a society full of models and icons, Emy LTR praises particularity and difference. This book is a survival guide for people who want to be who they are, without worrying about fitting into a box. In it, the author gives advice on how to accept yourself as you are, based on her own experience. A pleasure to read, and a sure-fire confidence booster!

9- Noholita
1 million followers on Instagram

Book title: In harmony: from Camille to Noholita

Camille, aka Noholita, describes in this book her rise in the world of influence, from her beginnings as a small blogger in Bordeaux to the successful influencer she is today. She has succeeded in creating a place for herself thanks to her determination. This book will inspire you to have the panache to take on the projects that are close to your heart and make a living from your passion.

10- EnjoyPhoenix Marie Lopez
3.67 million subscribers on YouTube

Book title : The "carnet de route" book

We end this top list of books by web influencers with EnjoyPhoenix and a book published in 2016. The book "Carnet de Route" is an invitation to discover the world and personality of Marie Lopez, through a sincere and touching narrative. It's an inspiring book that encourages readers to pursue their dreams and never give up, despite the obstacles and difficulties encountered on life's journey.


Our top 10 influencer books are now complete, and we hope you enjoyed this selection! These books written by influential personalities on social networks offer a unique perspective on life, love, success and much more. They're a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone looking to improve themselves and achieve their goals. Whether you're a fan of fashion, personal development or simply curious about discover the world of these influencersThese books are an enriching read that won't leave you indifferent. So don't hesitate to add them to your library, and let yourself be inspired by these personalities who have captured the hearts of millions of people through social networking!


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