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Canadian influencers have conquered social networks, sharing their passion, expertise and daily lives with millions of followers around the world.

Influencer marketing is a fast-growing industry in Canada. Canadian companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of collaborate with influencers to promote their products or services to their target audience. Canadian influencers are increasingly popular and diverse, ranging from travel bloggers to beauty experts to fitness enthusiasts. With a population of over 38 million, the Canadian market offers a huge opportunity for brands to connect with consumers via local influencers.

Here are some of Canada's most popular influencers.

Shina Nova - 2.1M followers - @shinanova
Shina is a committed Canadian and Inuit influencer. With 4.1 million subscribers on TikTokShe shares the traditions and practices of her culture to educate her community. She explains the ways of dressing, eating and communicating that are part of her daily life as an Inuit. Shina is also an activist in support of the Inuit community, using her visibility to raise awareness of their cause. In addition to this, she is a TikTok personality, singer, model and activist.

Enola Bedard - 1.9M followers - @enola.bedard
Enola is a well-known dancer, choreographer, TikTok star, YouTube artist and influencer from Quebec City, Canada. She is best known for her fabulous dance moves and videos. With 13 million subscribers on TikTok, she is often approached for collaborations.

Sarah-Jade Bleau - 1.6M followers - @sj.bleau
Sarah-Jade is a famous TikTok star, known for the dance videos she posts on her account. Her content has earned her more than 12 million subscribers on TikTok and 1.6 million on Instagram. She is one of Quebec's top influencers.

Elisabeth Rioux - 1.5M followers - @elisabethrioux
Elisabeth Rioux is a Canadian model, entrepreneur and influencer. At just 18, she launched her swimwear collection, Hoaka Swimwear, which was her first venture. Later, she unveiled a line of underwear, which is now available in several countries on the company's website. Elisabeth poses for her two clothing lines and simultaneously creates content for her accounts. YouTube and Instagram.

Alicia Moffet - 433k followers - @aliciamoffet
Alicia Moffet, with 427,000 followers, is a Canadian singer, actress, model and influencer from Quebec. She made a name for herself by winning the singing show The Star in 2013 and becoming the face of The Voice in 2015. Her personality on social networks has enabled her to develop a beautiful relationship with her followers, with whom she has notably shared her entry into motherhood.

lysandrenadeau - 430k followers - @lysandrenadeau
Lysandre is a Canadian lifestyle influencer from Quebec who started posting content on YouTube over 10 years ago. Today, she has several hundred thousand followers on Instagram and TikTok. On Instagram, Lysandre shares her daily routine, outfits, vacations and life moments. On TikTok, she posts more spontaneous videos following trends, alone or with friends. Currently pregnant, she is due to give birth soon to a baby boy.

Claudie Mercier - 323k followers - @claudiemercier_
Claudie Mercier is a former Occupation Double contestant who has managed to keep her community of 317,000 followers engaged on Instagram. She shares moments from her daily life, her thoughts on mental health and humorous content, and collaborates with different types of brands, such as Nicolas Feuillate champagnes.

Lucie Rhéaume - 248k followers - @lucierheaume
Canadian influencer Lucie Rhéaume, originally from Montreal, shares her love of travel and van adventures on her YouTube channel. She is also the ambassador of her own clothing brand, GIRL CRUSH, and collaborates with other brands such as Proactiv to promote skincare products.

Cynthia Dulude - 203k followers - @cynthiadulude
Cynthia Dulude is a famous professional make-up artist whose YouTube channel is full of interesting videos. She publishes beauty tutorial videos as well as trials of new products. She also collaborates with various cosmetics and skincare brands, such as Lierac. Cynthia is also known for her make-up videos in which she transforms herself into a fictional character, like Dumbledore.

Rosalie Lessard - 170k followers - @rosalielessard_
Rosalie Lessard, with 174,000 followers, has made a name for herself thanks to her eponymous YouTube channel, where she shares cooking and baking tutorials and tips, often for specialized meals and desserts, as well as vlogs and challenges. Above all, she's a foodie: on her social networks, she shares her recipes (she has her own cookbook, in fact) as well as testing viral recipes from around the web. She also posts stunning photos of herself, which has led brands such as

Victoria Charlton - 153k followers - @victoria.charlton
Victoria Charlton, a Quebecker with 150k subscribers, specializes in true crime on her YouTube channel. She shares stories of mysterious crimes, disappearances, paranormal phenomena and conspiracy theories. She has also written three books on the subject and will host a TV show on Vrai this year. John Frieda, a hair care brand, recently collaborated with her on a promotional campaign. In her videos and photos, Victoria often shows off her long blonde hair.

david_maman - 60k followers - @david_maman
David Maman is a influencer travel and professional photographer with over 58,000 followers on Instagram. He shares stunning photos and videos of landscapes and animals encountered during his explorations. With 63 destinations visited worldwide, his account is ideal for inspiring your next adventure. You can also find his content on TikTok.

Emy Lalune - 50k followers - @emylalune
Emy Lalune is a TikTok influencer followed by over 1.3 million subscribers. She mainly shares beauty, lifestyle and humor content, as well as videos with her boyfriend. On her YouTube channel, she publishes more elaborate videos, including hauls, unboxings and challenges.

la.mouette - 24k followers - @la.mouette
Florence, known as La.Mouette, is a French micro-influencer based in Montreal, followed by over 23,000 followers on Instagram. Her feed is filled with sublime landscapes, and she also shares her creations as an illustrator on her professional account. On her blog, she features articles on lifestyle, gastronomy and travel.

eveguilbert - 13k followers - @eveguilbert
Eve is a wellness and lifestyle influencer, but first and foremost a yoga teacher. On her YouTube channel, she shares yoga sessions and gives advice to her subscribers. On her Instagram account, Eve gathers a community of over 13,000 followers and shares her daily routine and self-care routines.


The world of influencer marketing in Canada is booming, and Canadian influencers are playing an increasingly important role in the industry. Whether in beauty, travel, fashion, food or business, these influencers have developed their own personal brand and built an engaged community of followers.

Their collaborations with brands have a significant impact on consumers, who are increasingly likely to make purchasing decisions based on the recommendations of the influencers they follow. With their growing influence, it's clear that Canadian influencers will continue to have a significant impact on the retail industry. influencer marketing in the years to come.

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