You want to create a fashion influencer blog, but you're lost in the process?

Fashion blogs often influence consumer choices and have a significant impact on the fashion industry. If you're thinking of becoming a influencer In the fashion industry, it's important to take several aspects into account in order to make your blog a success. In this article, we'll give you some practical advice to help you make your blog a success. fashion influencer. These tips will help you online presence create a strong content and stand out in a constantly evolving industry.

A beautiful account Instagram influencer

It's the social network on the rise! It has taken on real importance in the world of fashion, so it's a good idea to have a nice account. instagram influencer car it will be like the introduction to your blog!

Choosing the right name for your influencer blog

The name of your influencer blog will be the first thing your readers see, and it's also what will encourage them to visit your blog or not. It must therefore be original, easy to remember, easy to write and easy to find on search engines and on the social networks. It will impact not only your visibility, but also your credibility, because Xx-JoliePoney33-xX won't give you great credibility in the fashion world. It's imperative that you adopt the same approach right from the start.

Don't hesitate to ask your friends for help by submitting different proposals, and depending on how they look, you'll see whether it's catchy or not. You can also test all your ideas on Google to see who your competitors might be. A blog name can be simple, but it must be intriguing. Which means, digitally It has to make you want to click.

Express your uniqueness

Of course, you'll be far from the only fashion blog on the web, but to have a chance of standing out among them, be disruptive. Identify your differences and pamper them. Once you've identified what makes you different, you need to become a reference in this field. If you offer quality content, you will gradually be identified as a(e) specialist in your field.

Design your influencer blog with care

Aesthetics are the watchword of a fashion blog, as they are essential to building your brand image. WordPress is a reference in the field, as it will offer you different themes that you can adapt, making it easier to build your blog. If you're not very good at Photoshop, ask a graphic designer friend to design the banner for you. (cf our tutorial banner : )

Post regularly

A blog needs you to live, and if you leave it alone for too long, it will wither away. The more you maintain and post articles or photos, the more you'll make visitors want to come back, and the better you'll rank on Google. You need to get people hooked on your posts, by getting them into the habit of checking out what's new on your blog.

Find the community that interests you

You can't build a blog independently of others. You'll need to help them become part of the "fashion blogger" community by creating affinities with other bloggers. To do this, you'll need to start a dialogue on social networks and comment on blogs you like. Don't advertise your blog outright - it'll be frowned upon - but comment on the content intelligently, so people will want to know more about you.

Connect to social networks

Social networks are INESCAPABLE. You need to be present on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterestor even Snapchat car you can use them to develop your community and relay your articles. It'll also help you express yourself more spontaneously! 

Reply to comments

You have to be there for your readers. Leaving a comment on a blog may seem like a matter of course, but it's not for everyone. So show a little kindness to Internet users who are interested in your work and thank the. Remain courteous in all circumstances. This is what will make the reader want to come back and continue the dialogue on another subject.

Be generous... And set your limits

When a newcomer logs in, he's off to discover you. The more they know about you, the more likely they are to become attached to you and your blog. So it's good to know that the more you deliver, the more likely you are to reach web users through an identification process.

However, you need to know your limits, because the more you say about yourself, the more you will expose yourself to criticism from others. If you don't care, go for it! Otherwise, it's best not to tempt them..

Develop clear relationships with brands

As a fashion influencer blogger, you'll inevitably be talking about brands, and so you'll establish a relationship with certain brands and their press officers. If your blog takes off, agencies will also offer you partnerships, gifts, sponsored posts or affiliation.

You'll need to establish your own partnership conditions.

Master the basics of search engine optimization

In order to increase your influencer blog's SEO, and therefore your chances of being read, you'll need to develop your knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will help you learn more about how Google works. Keep in mind that the majority of your readers will discover you after typing a keyword on Google. So it's useful to know how this powerful search engine works.

Authenticity and patience...

You're entitled to invent a role and play a character, but invent one that's as close to yourself as possible, as it will require less effort over the long term. What's more, it's more likely to reach your readers.

Be patient: Running a blog takes a lot of time and energy.

Trust yourself and go for it!

Don't hesitate! Anyway, if you've arrived(e) at the end of this article, that means you're itching to start a blog. So take the plunge!

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