A new era is dawning with the arrival on the scene of Threads, Meta's microblogging service, now launched in Europe. Announced for December 14, 2023, Meta aims to position itself as a major player against X, headed by Elon Musk.

With this European expansion, Meta is not only entering a new market, it is also seeking to redefine the landscape of the social media by providing an innovative alternative that complies with European Union regulations.

We reveal the strategic stakes of this deployment and the potential repercussions on competition and the use of microblogging platforms in Europe.

The Meta Offensive in Microblogging

Meta, Facebook's parent company, has announced the launch of Threads, its microblogging service, in Europe. This expansion represents a giant step forward in competition with X, the service headed by Elon Musk (formerly Twitter). This European launch, delayed due to EU regulations, is a major strategic step for Meta.

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A key European market for Threads

Meta has successfully adapted Threads to European regulatory specifics, including the RGPD. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Threads is now fully operational in Europe, paving the way for a new era of microblogging on the continent.

Meta launches Threads, a serious competitor for X

The "Twitter of Meta", as it's known, is back with a vengeance after having to limit its functionality in Europe. This comeback comes at a time when X is losing ground, notably due to Musk's controversial statements and the flight of advertisers.

Meta compliance and strategy

Meta has made significant changes to Threads to comply with European regulations. The European version of Threads stands out for its flexibility, offering users the option of browsing without an account. Instagram, while limiting certain functionalities.

Meta launches Threads on the Old Continent

On December 14, Meta launched Threads in Europe, marking a new phase in its digital strategy. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stressed the importance of this expansion, which comes in direct competition with X.

What is Threads?

Threads presents itself as a microblogging platform associated with Instagram, taking on many of X's features. Although similar to its rival, Threads differs in a number of ways. unique features and deeper integration with Instagram. We invite you to read the FAQ at the bottom of this article.

Why was Threads unavailable in Europe?

The launch of Threads in Europe has been delayed to allow Meta to align itself with European regulations, particularly in terms of confidentiality and personal data protection.

The future of Threads in the face of X

At a time when X is in turmoil, Threads is seeking to position itself as a viable alternative in Europe. Despite an impressive start, Threads has yet to prove its ability to win the loyalty of European users and compete with X.

The arrival of Threads in Europe symbolizes a turning point in the battle of the microblogging platforms. Meta is banking on Threads to capture a share of the market left vacant by X, while skilfully navigating European regulations. This expansion marks not only a new phase for Meta, but also a potential change in the landscape of the social networks in Europe.

Meta's launch of Threads in Europe represents a pivotal moment in the social media landscape. This strategic expansion is not only a response to the decline of X under Elon Musk, but also a bold attempt by Meta to reinvent itself and capture a new audience. With its Europe-specific regulatory adaptations and integration with Instagram, Threads is positioned not only as a competitor to X, but also as an innovative platform offering a user experience unique. It remains to be seen whether Threads will be able to make a lasting mark in a constantly evolving market, and whether European users will embrace this new alternative in the world of microblogging. What the future holds for Threads could well redefine power dynamics in the world of social networking.

Threads FAQ

How does Threads work?

Threads is a microblogging application that can be downloaded and used by creating an account. The interface is similar to that of X, and users can like, comment or re-share messages.

What kind of interaction is possible on Threads?

Users can interact with publications by liking, commenting or reposting them. They can also mention other users and add links, photos or videos.

What makes Threads different from X?

Threads does not yet offer private messaging, hashtags or an efficient search engine. However, Meta is working on these aspects to improve the platform.

What are the main spaces on Threads?

Threads comprises five main tabs: Home, Search, New Thread, Notifications, and Profile, each offering unique features for the user experience.

Does Threads have a specific lexicon?

The Threads lexicon is evolving. Users are adapting their language to the platform, although some X terms are still used.

How is the Threads reception area structured?

The Threads homepage features two news feeds: 'For You', based on the algorithm's recommendations, and 'Follow(e)s', displaying posts from followed accounts.

How does search work on Threads?

Threads' search engine allows you to discover suggested accounts, but remains limited in terms of functionality compared to other social platforms.

What are the features of the new thread tab?

The 'New thread' tab lets you publish text, images and GIFs. There are also poll and audio message options.

How do notifications work on Threads?

Threads offers a well-organized Notifications area, divided into several categories such as Replies, Mentions, Citations, and Republications.

Is the profile on Threads similar to the one on Instagram?

The profile on Threads resembles that on Instagram, with options for managing privacy, switching to Instagram, and accessing account settings.


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