The New Features of YouTube in 2023: A Revolution for Users and Creators

The year 2023 marks a decisive turning point for YouTube, the streaming platform is one of the world's leading video networks, constantly innovating to enrich the experience of its millions of users. With the introduction of seven revolutionary features, YouTube is redefining the way we interact with content video. These technological advances, focused on improving search and optimizing viewing, promise to transform the way we consume digital media.

Experiential Research Enhancement

The 'You Tab': your personalized space

The 'You Tab' is the synthesis of your personal library and your YouTube account. This fusion creates a single space where you can access your downloads, history and purchases with ease, making navigation intuitive and personalized.

Enlarged thumbnails: optimized previewing

Video thumbnails now enlarge on hover, providing a clearer window into the content on offer. This feature allows users to better choose which videos to view, enhancing the search experience.

Intuitive AI music search

Music search by voice is a major innovation. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to find music simply by humming it, a breakthrough that is revolutionizing music content search.

Optimized viewing for an unparalleled experience

Volume Stable' tool: perfect sound harmony

The 'stable volume' tool automatically adjusts volume variations when viewing on the mobile app, guaranteeing a constant, pleasant listening experience.

Reading acceleration: speed and efficiency

Playback speed can now be doubled by simply pressing and holding the screen, a feature that responds to user demand for faster, more efficient control of their viewing.

Screen lock: security and convenience

The new screen-lock function on mobile devices lets you watch videos without accidental interruptions, offering unrivalled peace of mind.

Visual animations: creativity multiplied tenfold for designers

All content creators benefit from simplified tools for adding visual animations, notably to encourage subscriptions, thus enriching interaction with their audience.

A constantly evolving platform

YouTube continues to reinvent itself, demonstrating its commitment to offering the best possible experience to its users and creators. These new features are just the beginning of a series of innovations that will shape the future of digital entertainment.

By adopting these advances, YouTube is once again positioning itself at the cutting edge of technology, ready to meet the changing needs of its global audience.

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