Instagram and the News Feed meta verified: a new era for entrepreneurs and businesses

Instagram, the photo and video sharing platform, is currently testing a new News Feed that will be devoted exclusively to posts by long-time Meta Verified and verified users.

Towards a new content dynamic on Instagram

This initiative, revealed by Instagram director Adam Mosseri, introduces an additional switch under the "Subscriptions" and "Favorites" options accessible via the Instagram logo in the app. The initiative aims to amplify the presence of creators and businesses who invest in Verified subscriptions, offering them a privileged discovery platform.

Meta Verified news feed: privileged access

A fourth type of feed for an enriched user experience

The Meta Verified news feed is a response to the growing demand for control and personalization of theuser experience. It also offers businesses and designers a new avenue to be discovered and followed by the Instagram community.

The news feed dedicated to Meta Verified accounts joins the three existing ones, offering a personalized and diversified user experience:

  • For you The default feed mixing subscription posts and algorithmic recommendations.
  • Favourites A personalized selection so you only see posts from accounts marked as favorites.
  • Follow-up A chronological feed of all posts made by followed accounts.

Increased visibility for Verified subscribers

This new feed is a showcase for Meta Verified accounts, enabling them to stand out and reach a wider audience. Instagram and Meta, through this feature, demonstrate their commitment to valuing the creators and businesses that choose to subscribe to their premium service.

Meta Verified subscription: a major challenge

Meta is putting considerable effort into promoting the Verified subscription on its platforms, notably Facebook and Instagram. The aim is clear: to encourage a growing number of creators and brands to opt for this subscription, synonymous with prestige and increased visibility.

Multiple benefits for subscribers

The Meta Verified subscription, billed at 11.99 $ per month on the web and 14.99 $ per month on mobile, offers users a range of benefits: a blue verification badge, enhanced customer support, increased visibility and reach in searches and reviews, exclusive stickers, and more.

A strategy inspired by Elon Musk

Meta is clearly inspired by the strategy of Elon Musk, who, after acquiring Twitter, introduced paid verification via the X Premium subscription service. This service, similar to Meta Verified, offers various features, including a verification tab in user notifications, as well as other options such as an edit button and support for longer publications.

Conclusion: A decisive test for the future

Currently in the testing phase, the Meta Verified News Feed is not yet available to all Instagram users. Its usefulness and impact remain to be assessed, but one thing is certain: Instagram continues to rethink the experience of its users and the way in which creators and businesses can get discovered in the digital ecosystem.

With this test, Instagram is not content to simply follow trends, but is looking to create an exclusive space that could redefine the interaction between users and creators of content. This move could well transform the way subscribers interact with the platform, focusing on quality content and optimized visibility for those who choose to engage with Meta Verified.

By anticipating the needs of its users and adapting to market trends, Instagram and Meta are positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation in the digital age. social mediaready to redefine the standards of online visibility.

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