Discover Instagram trends and statistics for 2023: user growth, engagement, e-commerce and more, to optimize your online presence.

Discover Instagram's key trends and statistics for 2023, with social media platforms constantly evolving, understanding these dynamics is essential for those looking to optimize their online presence. You'll learn how users interact with the app, the most popular features and the content strategies dominating the digital landscape. This in-depth analysis is designed to provide valuable insight for brands, influencers, and anyone interested in Instagram's impact on modern communication.

User growth on Instagram

Total number of users

Over the years, Instagram has established itself as a key platform in the social media landscape, posting steady growth in user numbers. By 2023, the platform will have billions of monthly active users, a figure that testifies to its immense popularity around the world. This sustained growth reflects not only Instagram's appeal to younger generations, but also its ability to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of its audience.

User demographic analysis

Instagram reaches a broad demographic, with a notable predominance of 18-34 year-olds, positioning it as a preferred communication channel for reaching this segment of the population. The gender breakdown is relatively balanced, although this can vary by region. This demographic diversity offers brands a unique opportunity to target specific user segments for their products or services.

Comparing growth with other social platforms

Compared to other social platforms, Instagram demonstrates a remarkable ability to maintain its dynamism and appeal. While platforms like TikTok are also experiencing rapid growth, particularly among younger users, Instagram continues to enjoy sustained engagement and a loyal user base. This consistency is partly due to its constant innovation, such as the introduction of stories, IGTV, and more recently, integrated shopping features, which reinforce its everyday use.

Commitment of Users

Average engagement rate per publication

On Instagram, the engagement rate per publication reflects the quality of interaction between users and content. In general, this engagement rate varies significantly depending on the nature of the content, the time of publication, and the hashtag strategy used. Publications that include high-quality images, engaging videos or interactive Stories tend to receive more attention, which translates into a better engagement rate.

Content types generating the most engagement

Visual content, such as high-quality photos and videos, remains the most engaging on Instagram. However, interactive formats like Stories, polls, and Q&As also offer a great opportunity to interact directly with users. Posts that convey personal stories or take an authentic approach tend to resonate more with the audience, generating deeper engagement.

Hours and days of the week with the highest commitment

Engagement on Instagram varies according to the hours and days of the week, with peaks observed in the evening and over the weekend. These key moments represent optimal opportunities for brands and content creators to publish, in order to maximize visibility and interaction with their audience. It's crucial to analyze the specific behaviors of your audience in order to adapt your publishing strategy accordingly.

Popularity of Instagram Stories

Average number of stories posted per day

Instagram Stories have become a must-have format, with millions of stories shared every day on the platform. This popularity is due to the ephemeral and highly interactive nature of Stories, which encourage users to publish more personal and spontaneous content.

Engaging users with stories

Engagement with Stories on Instagram is significantly high, thanks in part to the variety of interactive features available, such as polls, questions, and responsive stickers. This engagement is also fueled by the increased visibility of Stories, which are positioned at the top of the app's screen, encouraging rapid, recurring consumption of content.

Most popular story types

Stories that include interactive elements, exclusive previews, tutorials or behind-the-scenes are particularly popular. Users appreciate content that offers added value, such as practical advice, inspiration or entertainment. Stories that make creative use of the various tools edited by Instagram, such as filters and effects, also tend to stand out.

E-commerce and Instagram Shopping

Increased use of purchasing functionalities

The integration of shopping features on Instagram has transformed the platform into a powerful e-commerce channel. Brands are leveraging Instagram Shopping to showcase their products directly in the News Feed and Stories, facilitating a seamless shopping journey for consumers. This trend towards shopping on social networks continues to grow, changing online consumption habits.

Most popular product categories

Fashion, beauty and home decor categories dominate the Instagram Shopping landscape, reflecting the predominant interests of the user base. These categories enjoy increased visibility and high engagement, attesting to Instagram's effectiveness as a platform for product and trend discovery.

Impact of product tags on conversion rates

The use of product tags on Instagram not only facilitates product discovery, but also significantly increases conversion rates. By giving users direct access to product information and the ability to purchase with just a few clicks, Instagram Shopping removes many of the barriers to purchase, delivering an optimized and engaging user experience.

Ads on Instagram

Average advertising expenditure

Brands are increasingly investing in Instagram ads, attracted by the platform's massive, engaged audience. Ad spend varies according to many factors, including the size of the target audience, the duration of the campaign, and the level of competition in the niche concerned. However, thanks to sophisticated targeting tools, brands can optimize their ROI by precisely reaching their target audience.

Performance of different advertising formats

Instagram offers a variety of advertising formats, from classic photos and videos to Stories and IGTV. Video formats, in particular, perform remarkably well in terms of engagement rates and brand recall. Ads embedded in Stories, thanks to their immersive and interactive nature, are also proving to be a particularly effective format.

Sectors most active in advertising on Instagram

The fashion, beauty, food and beverage sectors are among the most active on Instagram in terms of advertising. These naturally visual and engaging industries take full advantage of the creative capabilities offered by Instagram to capture users' attention and stimulate interaction with their brands.

Influence Marketing on Instagram

Average ROI of influencer campaigns

Influencer marketing on Instagram continues to prove its effectiveness, offering impressive ROI for brands that partner with the right influencers. ROI varies according to many factors, such as the relevance of the influencer to the brand, the authenticity of the collaboration, and the quality of the content shared. Nevertheless, a well-designed influencer campaign can generate significant engagement and effectively convert followers into customers.

Most popular influencer categories

All micro-influencerswith their specialized and highly engaged audiences, are increasingly sought after by brands for collaborations. These influencers offer a more authentic and personalized approach, which can translate into increased trust and better conversion. Popular categories include fashion, beauty, fitness, food and lifestyle.

Trends in brand-influencer collaborations

Collaborations are evolving towards greater authenticity and a more natural integration of products into influencers' content. Brands value long-term partnerships, building deep relationships with influencers and their audiences. In addition, the emphasis is on transparency and ethics, with clear communication when content is sponsored in order to maintain consumer trust.

Most Popular Hashtags

Top 10 most-used hashtags

The most popular hashtags on Instagram tend to relate to broad, universal themes such as #love, #instagood, #fashion, and #photooftheday. Strategic use of these hashtags can significantly increase post visibility, although it's crucial to combine them with more specific, less competitive hashtags to reach a targeted audience.

Impact of hashtags on publication visibility

Hashtags play an essential role in optimizing the visibility of posts on Instagram. By choosing the right hashtags, related to the content shared and relevant to the target audience, users and brands can significantly increase their reach and attract new followers interested in their content.

Effective strategies for using hashtags

For an effective hashtag strategy, it's recommended to combine high-, medium- and low-competition hashtags to maximize visibility while targeting specific niches. Analyzing the performance of previously used hashtags and continuously adapting the strategy are essential to staying relevant and visible in Instagram's dynamic newsfeed.

Using Filters and Effects

Most popular filters in publications and stories

Filters and effects on Instagram enhance the aesthetics of posts and Stories, allowing users to creatively personalize their content. The most popular filters often add a touch of warmth, sparkle or nostalgia to photos and videos, while AR (augmented reality) effects offer interactive and playful experiences.

Impact of filters on engagement

The judicious use of filters can significantly increase engagement by making content more attractive and prompting interaction. AR effects, in particular, encourage users to participate by using these filters in their own Stories, increasing visibility and engagement with the brand or content creator.

Changing filter trends

Trends in filters and effects are constantly evolving, with a marked tendency towards greater realism and authenticity. Users now prefer filters that subtly embellish without blatantly altering appearance. At the same time, AR filters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, offering immersive experiences and innovative interactions.

Videos and Reels

User engagement with videos vs. photos

Videos on Instagram often generate higher engagement than photos, as they capture attention better and encourage more interaction, particularly in the form of views, likes and comments. Reels, by offering a longer format, provide an opportunity for content creators to dive deeper into topics and create more complex narratives, boosting audience engagement.

Popularity and use of Reels

Since its launch, Reels has grown in popularity, offering a platform for longer video content of up to an hour. Although initial adoption was slow, features integrated into Instagram's News Feed and ongoing enhancements have increased its visibility and usage. Content creators, from brands to influencers, use Reels to delve deeper into topics of interest to their audience.

Content strategies to increase video engagement

To maximize engagement with videos on Instagram, we recommend focusing on captivating introductions, optimizing the first few seconds to grab attention, and including clear calls to action. Using subtitles, varying formats between publications, Stories and Reels, and encouraging interaction through questions or polls in comments are effective strategies for improving the performance of video content.

Security and confidentiality

Measures taken by Instagram to protect user data

Instagram is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its users by regularly implementing security updates, such as two-factor authentication, control over data sharing, and tools to manage the visibility of personal content. The fight against cyberbullying and misinformation is also a priority, with features to report and block harmful content and accounts.

Impact of policy changes on user usage

Updates to Instagram's privacy policy and terms of use have sometimes raised concerns among users about the handling and sharing of their data. Instagram strives to clearly communicate these changes and provide users with the means to control their privacy settings, in order to maintain their trust and engagement on the platform.

Tips for securing your Instagram account

To secure your Instagram account, it's essential to enable two-factor authentication, choose a strong, unique password, and be vigilant about suspicious messages or login requests from unknown sources. It's also advisable to regularly check privacy settings, and to share content only with people you trust.


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