Discover the 10 wellness influencers to follow for a healthier, more balanced life. Advice on sport, nutrition, meditation and personal development.

As we welcome back the warm weather, it seems essential to adopt a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. In this respect, the role of wellness influencers becomes invaluable. By sharing their personal experiences, success stories and expertise, they prove to be inspiring guides in our quest for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. well-being. Our selection of the top 10 influencers well-being to follow offers a diverse panorama combining personal development, sports practices, balanced nutrition and meditation, each helping to enrich our journey towards a better quality of life. Among them, Chloé Bloom, Marine Lorphelin and Lucile Woodward stand out for their unique approach, encouraging our community to take care of itself, both physically and mentally.

Chloé Bloom

Empowerment coach

Chloé Bloom, through her role as coach, equips us with the tools we need to reclaim our personal power. Her empowerment-focused method inspires us to take control of our physical and emotional well-being.

Empowerment refers to the process by which individuals or groups acquire the means to strengthen their ability to act, make decisions and exercise control over their own lives. This concept includes access to resources, active participation and increased personal and collective autonomy.

Bodydetox program for a balanced diet

His Bodydetox program is a revolution in our diet, inviting us to rethink our relationship with food for lasting well-being. This initiative responds to our quest for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Creation of the podcast "La vie suffit!

The "Life is Enough!" podcast is a breath of fresh air in our search for meaning and contentment. Chloé shares profound reflections on how to live fully, in harmony with our principles and aspirations.

Marine Lorphelin

Committed to the well-being of body and mind

Marine Lorphelin embodies a deep commitment to integral well-being, combining his passion for medicine and fitness. Her example motivates us to care for our bodies and minds with equal devotion.

Motivation for a healthy lifestyle

Through her initiatives and her book "en pleine forme", Marine inspires us to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We appreciate her practical advice, based on real-life experience and in-depth knowledge of physical and mental well-being.

Author of the book "en pleine forme

Her book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to improve their quality of life. Marine shares insights and strategies for achieving a balance between physical activity and inner serenity, advocating a holistic approach to health.

Lloyd Lang

Inspiration for a balanced lifestyle

Lloyd Lang inspires us with her dynamic approach to a balanced lifestyle, proving that well-being and indulgence can go hand in hand. Her vegan recipes are an invitation to discover a diet that respects our bodies and the environment.

Healthy and dynamic vegan recipes

Through his account, Lloyd shares his passion for creative, tasty vegan cooking, debunking the idea that eating healthy means sacrificing gustatory pleasure. His recipes are an open door to a world of flavors and benefits.

Recipes can be adapted to suit personal preferences

Lloyd's flexible approach to cooking is particularly appreciated, offering the possibility of adapting recipes according to our preferences and nutritional needs. This adaptability is essential to maintaining a healthy diet over the long term.

Clémentine Vaccon - Clemfoodie

A passion for healthy, gourmet food

Clémentine, with her contagious passion for healthy eating, guides us towards a balanced diet without sacrificing gustatory pleasure. Her healthy, gourmet approach is a true inspiration.

Sharing balanced recipes

Through her blog and book, Clémentine offers us a treasure trove of balanced recipes, proving that eating well is within everyone's reach. Each creation is an invitation to rediscover the joys of home cooking.

Blog and cookbook

Her commitment to sharing culinary knowledge is demonstrated through her rich blog and cookbook, becoming an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to improve their diet.

Lucile Woodward

Preventive sports approach to back pain

Lucile Woodward approaches fitness from a preventative perspective, with a particular focus on fighting back pain. Her approach encourages us to incorporate exercise into our routine for a stronger, more flexible body.

Advice on nutrition and rebalancing your diet

In addition to her exercise expertise, Lucile offers invaluable advice on nutrition and food rebalancing, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to wellness.

Live training sessions and motivating challenges

His live training sessions and challenges are a constant source of motivation, pushing us to exceed our limits and stay committed to our quest for health and fitness.

Laura Mabille

Personal development and support for entrepreneurs

Laura Mabille is a leading figure in the personal development landscape, offering a range of training courses designed to foster individual fulfillment. We are inspired by his commitment to accompanying entrepreneurs in their growth, helping them to align professional success with personal well-being.

Training for personal development

Her courses, focused on self-discovery and self-actualization, are a pillar of support for those seeking to bring out the best in themselves. Each course is designed to unlock hidden potential, fostering a richer, more balanced life.

Start-up development assistance

Laura goes beyond personal development by offering her expertise to startups. Her pragmatic and inspiring approach is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to innovate while maintaining a vital work-life balance.

Face Soul Yoga

Yoga teachings and practice for self-care

Aurélia Delsol, founder of the Face Soul Yoga method, holds a double master's degree in Marketing and Communication. After starting her career in events management in 2013, she co-founded Chez Simone and created the blog "Je Suis Bonne". Her career path led her to live in Australia and specialize in facial yoga after something clicked during a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. In 2019, she launched Face Soul Yoga, a method integrating muscle movement, acupressure and facial reflexology techniques. Aurélia promotes well-being and the importance of taking care of oneself.

Face Soul Yoga method

Face Soul Yoga offers numerous physical and mental benefits. This innovative method combines facial muscle movements, acupressure, self-massage, lymphatic drainage and facial reflexology to reduce tension, improve blood and lymph circulation, and stimulate collagen production. With regular practice, wrinkles and jawline problems are reduced, and the complexion is brighter and the skin firmer. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, Face Soul Yoga also promotes better stress management, increased energy balance and a general sense of well-being and connection to oneself.

Marie Tuffery - Sleepingbeauty

Source of inspiration in personal development

Marie Tuffery, under the name Sleepingbeauty, is a muse in the field of personal development. Her ability to address various aspects of life, from beauty to relationship management to dog training, enriches our journey towards self-fulfillment.

Advice on beauty, training and relationships

Her diverse advice guides us towards a balanced life where beauty, animal well-being and harmonious relationships coexist. Marie teaches us how to cultivate joy and positivity in our daily lives.

Tuffery in-house brand of French wellness products

With her Tuffery brand, Marie is extending her influence by offering high-quality wellness products rooted in French craftsmanship. This initiative testifies to her commitment to a healthy, responsible lifestyle.


A trainer with a passion for natural well-being

Lisa, known under the pseudonym Lisasalislife, is a certified nutritherapist and trainer with a passion for natural well-being. Her widely followed Instagram account is a goldmine for those looking to improve their health on a daily basis. Lisa shares healthy recipes, articles on relaxation and practical tips for integrating healthy lifestyle habits. Her content is not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing, offering pleasant navigation and an optimized user experience.

At your best" podcast

In addition to her online business, Lisa is the creator of the podcast "Au mieux de ta forme", where she discusses various aspects of health and well-being. Her aim is to make nutrition and naturopathy accessible to a wide audience, enabling everyone to take control of their health. Lisa uses her platform to educate and inspire, sharing her knowledge and personal experiences to motivate her listeners to adopt a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

A holistic approach to health

Lisa also offers comprehensive training courses through its "HYGIE" Preventive Health Academy. This academy offers a holistic approach to health, integrating scientific, dietetic and naturopathic perspectives. Training courses aim to provide an in-depth understanding of nutrition and preventive health, enabling participants to develop practical and theoretical skills to improve their well-being and that of others. Through her work, Lisa strives to democratize access to quality health information and support individuals on their journey towards holistic wellness.

Safia Ayad

Tips on beauty, style and personal care

Safia Ayad is a beauty and style influencer, sharing her insights and advice for enlightened and responsible self-care.

Everyday eco-responsible practices

Safia's commitment to eco-responsibility is reflected in her daily practices, inspiring us to adopt greener habits for our well-being and that of the planet.

Author of "Carnet de route et d'émotions

Her book "Carnet de route et d'émotions" is an intimate journey through her experiences, offering readers a unique perspective on the quest for a life lived to the full, in harmony with oneself and the environment.


In today's world, where well-being is a priority for many people, the wellness influencers play a crucial role in guiding and inspiring millions of people towards a healthier, more balanced life. Through this TOP 10 wellness influencers to follow, it's clear that each of them makes a unique and valuable contribution to this quest.

Chloé Bloom, with her empowerment approach, encourages us to regain control of our physical and emotional well-being. Marine Lorphelin combines medicine and fitness for a holistic vision of health. Lloyd Lang and Clémentine Vaccon show us that it is possible to reconcile gustatory pleasure with healthy eating, making the idea of healthy eating more accessible and appealing.

Lucile Woodward and Laura Mabille add an extra dimension with their focus on pain prevention and personal development, respectively. Lucile reminds us of the importance of exercise for a pain-free life, while Laura supports entrepreneurs in their quest for balanced success.

Aurélia Delsol, with Face Soul Yoga, offers an innovative method for combining physical and mental well-being, showing that beauty and serenity go hand in hand. Marie Tuffery and Lisa Salis bring unique perspectives on personal development and natural health, enriching our understanding of integral well-being. Finally, Safia Ayad reminds us of the importance of eco-responsible beauty and style, emphasizing that taking care of ourselves can also mean taking care of the planet.

Benefits of campaigns with Wellness Influencers

Working with wellness influencers for marketing campaigns has many significant benefits for brands. Here are just a few reasons why these partnerships can be extremely beneficial:

  1. Credibility and trust : Wellness influencers are often perceived as authentic and reliable figures. Their audience trusts their recommendations, which can reinforce your brand's credibility.

  2. High commitment : Followers of wellness influencers are generally highly engaged. Tips and content shared by these influencers often generate significant interactions, increasing your brand's visibility.

  3. Precise targeting : Wellness influencers have specific audiences interested in health, fitness, nutrition and personal development. Working with them enables you to effectively target an audience relevant to your brand.

  4. Quality content : Wellness influencers create high-quality content that is both informative and inspiring. This content can be used to enrich your own content marketing strategy.

  5. Values alignment : Campaigns with wellness influencers show that your brand shares common values with consumers, such as concern for health, well-being and the environment.

  6. Increased visibility : Thanks to their active presence on social networks and their ability to generate buzz, wellness influencers can rapidly increase your brand's visibility among a wide audience.

  7. Enhanced conversion : Recommendations from wellness influencers can lead to higher conversion rates. Consumers are more inclined to try products or services recommended by people they follow and admire.

In conclusion, the wellness influencers are invaluable partners for any brand seeking to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Their advice, content and ability to engage their audience can help transform your marketing strategy, the result is increased visibility and a significant return on investment. Working with these influencers not only enables you to reach a targeted audience, but also reinforces your brand's reputation and authenticity.

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