Discover Facebook's predictions and possible developments in 2024. Get ready for technological changes and new strategies from influencer marketing.

We're going to explore the likely evolution of Facebook in 2024We'll take a look at the latest trends and industry projections. You'll discover how ValueYourNetwork, an influencer marketing agency with expertise since 2016, predicts the growing use of Facebook as an essential platform for influencer campaigns.

Thanks to a diversified network of content creators and influencer marketing your brand will be able to reach a targeted audience effectively, even in an ever-changing digital landscape. Be ready to adapt your approach to make the most of the opportunities coming to Facebook in 2024. Have you ever wondered what Facebook will look like in 2024?

As technological advances and digital trends continue to develop at breakneck speed, the social media the world's most influential social network, is constantly adapting and transforming itself. In this article, we explore Facebook's predictions and possible evolutions for the year 2024.

Facebook's Current Context and Influences

Before getting into the details of the predictions for 2024, it's essential to understand Facebook's current position and the forces influencing its ongoing evolution. Founded in 2004, Facebook has since dominated the social networking landscape.

Current trends

In the current context, Facebook faces a number of challenges and opportunities:

  1. Growing adoption of video: Live videos and stories have become central.
  2. Digital advertisingAdvertising revenues account for the bulk of Facebook's income.
  3. Monetizing content creators: Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are driving Facebook to innovate in order to retain its creators and users.
  4. Confidentiality challenges: Laws and regulations, notably the RGPD in Europe, are forcing Facebook to review its data management practices.

Predictions and Possible Developments

We've analyzed current trends and expert opinions to sketch a picture of what Facebook could become by 2024.

Defend and expand your market position

We expect Facebook to continue to assert its dominant position while striving to conquer new markets.

Expansion into new geographical areas

Facebook is already a truly global platform, but some markets remain largely untapped. By 2024, we could see more significant expansion in Africa and Asia, with infrastructures and services adapted to local needs.

Acquisition of new technologies

Strategic acquisitions will also play a key role. Facebook could invest in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to enrich the user experience.

Technological developments

Technology drives innovation at Facebook. Here are a few key areas where we can expect big changes.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

In 2024, Facebook could greatly expand its AR and VR capabilities. This may include the launch of new versions of Oculus headsets, as well as the integration of AR functionality directly into the Facebook app.

Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms

Facebook's algorithm continues to improve thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). By 2024, we could be seeing much more advanced algorithms capable of detailed personalization of content according to user preferences, while better respecting privacy.

User Experience

By focusing on improving the user experience, Facebook aims to increase user engagement and satisfaction.

Enhanced User Interfaces

User interfaces need to be intuitive and engaging. Expect sleeker designs, easier navigation, and advanced personalization options by 2024.

Video and Streaming content

Video content, especially live content, will continue to play a major role. Facebook could integrate new streaming features to compete with platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Evolving monetization models

Diversification of revenue sources will be paramount. Currently heavily dependent on advertising revenues, Facebook will be exploring new business models.

E-commerce and Facebook Shops

The evolution of Facebook Shops could transform Facebook into a major e-commerce platform. This includes the possibility of in-app purchases with integrated payment options.

Subscriptions and Premium Content

To continue supporting content creators, subscription and premium content programs could become widespread, offering alternative sources of revenue while enriching user engagement.

Impact of Regulations

Laws and regulations play a crucial role in how Facebook will operate.

Compliance and Data Protection

With increasingly stringent regulations worldwide, Facebook will have to adapt its practices to better comply with data protection and privacy laws.

Transpaence and Responsibility

Demands for transparency from users and governments will push Facebook to adopt more transparent and responsible practices in terms of information dissemination and content moderation.

Influence Marketing and the Role of Agencies

By 2024, influencer marketing will also have evolved, with specialist agencies like ValueYourNetwork playing a central role.

Customized strategies

More personalized marketing solutions will be essential. ValueYourNetwork will continue to refine its strategies by connecting brands with influencers on different platforms.

Platform Strategy Profit
Instagram Powerful visuals, Stories, IGTV High commitment, especially among young people
Facebook Varied content, Groups, Facebook Live Diversified audience, advanced features for brands
Twitter Powerful Tweets, Threads, Hashtags Fast communication, real-time trends
TikTok Short videos, Challenges High virality, young, active audience

Performance Evaluation

Accurate evaluation of campaign performance will be crucial. Use of advanced analytical tools to measure the impact and ROI of influencer campaigns.


In 2024, Facebook will surely be very different from what we know today. Between technological innovation, changing user preferences, regulatory challenges and evolving influencer marketing strategies, the platform is destined to evolve significantly.

For brands and marketers, adapting to these changes will be essential to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by Facebook. Stay informed and continue to explore innovative solutions with partners like ValueYourNetwork to ensure your future success in the ever-changing world of social networks.


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