Discover how Instagram's algorithm is evolving to favor designers. Key changes and strategies to adapt and shine on the platform.

A major change is coming to Instagrama change that could transform the way content is shared and discovered on this essential platform for designers and brands. In a context where frustration has grown among content creators over the unequal visibility of their work, Instagram is announcing a strategic shift with three major changes to its algorithm over the coming months. This update aims to improve the visibility of small creators' Reels, prioritize original content by limiting reposts, and marginalize content aggregators that don't meet a threshold of monthly reposts, promising a fairer redistribution of visibility. These measures, inspired by community feedback and the ambition to foster authentic creativity, underline a desire to reconnect with Instagram's primary mission: to be an open stage for all creative voices, regardless of size or fame.

Background to the algorithm change

Recent frustrations for designers on Instagram

We observed that the creative community on Instagram was expressing growing frustration with the uneven visibility of their publications. This situation resulted from the current algorithm, which seemed to favor large accounts and content aggregators to the detriment of small creators and originality.

Instagram publication announcing the change

In response, Instagram published a controversial message on April 17, 2024, suggesting that creators focus on different approaches to improve their reach. Although clumsy, this message was a prelude to a more important announcement: an imminent change in Instagram's algorithm.

Reasons behind the algorithm overhaul

The changes announced follow Instagram's recognition of the need to level the playing field for all creators. The aim is to place greater value on original content and give smaller accounts a better chance of getting noticed.

The main changes announced

Greater visibility for small designers' Reels

Instagram wants to boost the visibility of Reels produced by small creators. With this innovation, the network is proposing an approach similar to that of TikTok, where the popularity of a video can explode, regardless of the size of the account publishing it.

Priority to original content

L’algorithme favorisera désormais les contenus uniques en recommandant la publication initiale plutôt que les multiples reposts. Cela incite les créateurs à produire des œuvres originales et authentiques, élément central d’une content strategy réussie sur Instagram.

Removing content aggregators from recommendations

Finally, Instagram is removing accounts based primarily on reposts from its recommendations. This decision reaffirms Instagram's commitment to creativity and originality within its platform.

Implications for content creators

The need to produce original content

Creators must now focus more than ever on the originality and quality of their publications. This calls for innovation and real reflection on the added value that each post brings to their audience.

Adapting content strategies

This new situation is also forcing us to rethink our content strategies. It will be crucial to explore trends, make judicious use of Instagram's features and focus on building an engaged community.

Opportunities for small accounts

The announced changes represent a golden opportunity for small accounts. With the possibility of increased visibility, now is the time for them to shine and capitalize on their uniqueness.

Impact on brands and companies

Adapting digital marketing strategies

Brands must also adapt to this new environment. They will have to re-evaluate their partnerships with content creatorsby focusing on those who produce original, engaging work.

Increased importance of choosing partnerships with designers

With the selection of authentic designers becoming paramount, brands will have to be more selective and strategic in choosing their ambassadors on Instagram.

Managing content aggregators

Brands using content aggregation-based strategies will need to rethink their approach to align with Instagram's new guidelines.

Comparison with other platforms

Similarities and differences with the TikTok algorithm

While the announced changes are reminiscent of how TikTok works, offering visibility based on content reception rather than account popularity, Instagram continues to assert its uniqueness with a particular emphasis on content originality.

Comparative impact on content visibility

These changes on Instagram could potentially rival TikTok's algorithmic in terms of opportunities for small creators, although each platform retains its specificities in terms of user engagement and content distribution.

Lessons from the dynamics of other social networks

Instagram seems to be assimilating the lessons of its competitors, recognizing the importance of fairness in content visibility. This development reflects a broader trend in the social media industry, where authenticity and creativity are becoming essential success criteria.

Tips for adapting to change

Focus on content quality and originality

It's imperative to prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that each publication brings something new and unique to your audience.

Strategic use of hashtags and features

Relevant hashtags and intelligent exploitation of Instagram's various features, such as stories, live, or IGTV, are essential to maximize the reach of your content.

Engaging with the community to boost visibility

Authentic engagement with your community - whether through replying to comments, participating in conversations, or creating interactive content - will help boost your visibility on the platform.

Useful tools and resources

Video editing applications for Reels

Using video editing tools can significantly improve the quality of your Reels, making them more likely to capture the attention of your target audience.

Instagram trend monitoring platforms

Keeping an eye on trends through dedicated platforms allows you to stay up-to-date and adapt your content to resonate with your audience.

Communities of designers sharing tips

Getting involved in communities of creators can be very beneficial for exchanging tips, tricks, and best practices regarding Instagram.

Reactions from the Instagram community

Feedback from content creators

We're eagerly awaiting feedback from creators on these changes. It will be crucial to analyze their feedback to assess the effectiveness of Instagram's changes.

Perspective of regular users

It's also essential to understand how these changes are perceived by Instagram's regular users, as their engagement is at the heart of the platform's success.

Analysis of initial effects

We'll be keeping a close eye on the initial effects of these changes on content visibility and user engagement, to appreciate their real impact on Instagram's ecosystem.

Future prospects

Potential future developments of the algorithm

We are keeping a close eye on any further changes to Instagram's algorithm, as the platform has expressed its desire to constantly innovate to better serve its community.

Long-term impact on Instagram culture

These changes could have a lasting influence on Instagram's culture, promoting an era where authenticity and originality are paramount.

Potential innovations in response to feedback

Instagram could introduce new features or algorithmic adjustments in response to feedback from its community, continuing its evolution in line with the needs and desires of its users.

Conclusion and call to action

Summary of the major implications of the changes

The changes announced by Instagram mark a significant step towards a fairer and more creative platform, offering new opportunities for creators of all backgrounds.

Final advice for designers and brands

We encourage creators and brands to embrace these changes, focusing on producing original content and engaging authentically with their communities.

Encouraging experimentation and adaptation

Finally, we encourage all Instagram players to experiment and adapt continuously to the platform's evolution, making full use of the resources and tools at their disposal to maximize their impact and success.

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