Generative AI revolutionizes image editing on Instagram

Meta is beginning to deliver on its promise to integrate generative AI into all its products. At the company's Connect event, new AI image editing and sticker creation features for Instagram were unveiled.

New image-editing tools: restyle and backdrop

Restyle" tool

A tool called "restyle" works a bit like a super-powered generative AI filter. It allows users to remix their existing photos into different styles. "Imagine typing a description like 'watercolor' or a more detailed instruction like 'magazine and newspaper collage, torn edges' to define the new image look you want to create," the company explained.

Backdrop tool

The company also introduced a new tool called "backdrop", a green screen feature powered by generative AI. Users can type in instructions such as "place me in front of a sublime aurora borealis" to create a new version of the image with the relevant background applied. The company did not specify when the restyle and backdrop tools would be available to Instagram users, but said the tools would arrive "soon".

IA Brush

Instagram continues to innovate in the field of content editing with the development of tools based on artificial intelligence. Among these new features, the "AI Brush" tool stands out in particular. This revolutionary feature will enable users to modify or replace specific parts of an image using text queries. Thanks to AI Brush, it will be possible to transform an image by adding or modifying elements simply by describing what you want to see.

This technology opens up a whole new range of creative possibilities. For example, if you want to add flowers to the corner of a photo or change the color of the sky, all you have to do is indicate this via a text request, and AI Brush will take care of the rest. This intuitive approach, accessible to all, democratizes image retouching, enabling even graphics-editing novices to carry out complex modifications with ease.

Launch of AI-generated stickers

Live Stickers

Meta is about to revolutionize interaction on social networks with its new feature, "Live Stickers", new AI-generated stickers, which will be available on Instagram, as well as WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook Stories.

The feature allows users to quickly create personalized stickers for their chats and Stories via text instructions. The stickers will be rolled out "to select English-speaking users" of the company's apps "over the next month", Meta said.

This innovation will enable users to create personalized stickers for their publications and Stories simply by using a prompt. This feature promises to add a personal and creative touch to online interactions. Users will be able to express their emotions, ideas or reactions in a unique and instantly recognizable way. Whether to embellish a photo, add context to a Story or simply have fun, Meta's Live Stickers will offer a new dimension of personal expression on the platforms of social mediamaking each post even more engaging and personalized.

Conversational agent

Chat with an AI

This is a particularly interesting feature that introduces a conversational agent capable of answering questions or giving advice to users. What makes this feature unique is the ability for users to choose from 30 different personalities for the conversational agent. This personalization will enable users to enjoy a more engaging experience tailored to their preferences, whether they're looking for information, advice or simply an entertaining conversation.

This approach could revolutionize the way users interact with virtual assistants, making these exchanges more human and personalized.

Automatically classify private messages

Message Summary

This is another innovative feature that uses artificial intelligence to automatically classify private messages. This feature could be extremely useful for managing large quantities of messages, helping users to sort and prioritize their communications. For example, it could identify important messages, urgent requests or promotional messages, and classify them accordingly.

This feature promises to simplify the management of private messages, saving time and reducing the stress of an overloaded inbox.

Labeling AI-generated content

Posts created using both backdrop and restyle would be accompanied by labels indicating "the use of AI to reduce the chances of people mistaking them for human-generated content". Meta hasn't shared what the labels would look like, but info screens saying "image generated by Meta AI" have been spotted on Instagram.

Integrating generative AI into Meta applications

These features come as Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly promised that generative AI functionality would be integrated into every Meta-owned app. The company has also announced over 25 generative AI chatbots, including several personalities based on real celebrities and creators.

Comparison with other platforms

Tech companies are scrambling to launch AI-powered tools that promise better, faster and more personalized versions of tools that often already exist, from movie recommendations and bots that synthesize news to unsettling face filters. But we've already seen AI-powered image editing and generation, and more recently, other social media platforms seem to have the same idea as Meta.

The announcement of AI-based image editing tools on Meta applications follows a similar announcement from YouTube earlier in September. At the Made on YouTube event, management announced several new AI-powered features that, if used, would dramatically increase the amount of AI-generated content on the platform - and change the type of content created.

Like Meta, YouTube's new Dream Screen feature uses text instructions to automatically generate AI backgrounds for YouTube Shorts. Eventually, YouTube expects creators to be able to edit their existing content using AI - similar to what Meta brings to Instagram.

AI tools on YouTube will soon also influence the type of videos creators make, using a feature that will generate video ideas and scripts based on the content other audiences are watching. YouTube has not yet indicated how AI-generated material would be tagged on the platform (TikTok recently introduced a new AI content label and rules for naming AI face filters).

But judging by the wave of features coming from Meta, YouTube and other companies, users are about to see a lot more AI-generated content on social platforms appearing alongside everything.

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