Make money on YouTube has become a real source of income for many people - an opportunity to be seized!

YouTube has become an essential platform for those looking to monetize their passion and creativity. We'll explore the different ways of making money on YouTube.
Whether you're a videography enthusiast, an expert in a specific field or simply looking for a profitable business, YouTube can offer you a unique opportunity to monetize your talents.

Youtubers who succeed in monetizing their content are often seen as entrepreneurs. They succeed in building a loyal audience by creating creative, relevant content. While some of the most famous youtubers earn millions of euros a year, others are able to live comfortably on their YouTube-generated income. Here's how they do it:

1. Create and optimize your YouTube channel

Activate monetization via the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

To earn money on YouTube, you need to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program. This allows you to generate revenue from advertising on your videos. To be eligible, your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours in the last 12 months.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Have a Google Adsense account.

  • Generate over 4,000 viewing hours.

  • At least 1000 subscribers.

  • Join the YouTube Partner Program.

  • Reach more than 10,000 views per month.

  • Respect all YouTube rules and guidelines.

Once these criteria have been met, creators can monetize their videos by displaying a variety of ads, such as display ads, video ads and more.

Choosing the right niche

To make money on YouTube, it's essential to choose a niche that you're passionate about and that also appeals to a wide audience. This could be tutorials, vlogs, product reviews, comedy videos and so on.

Taking care of your channel's appearance

An attractive, professional YouTube channel attracts more visitors and encourages them to subscribe. Think about create a banner and logo, and write a clear, concise description of your channel.

Optimizing your channel's SEO

Good SEO is essential to increase the visibility of your videos. This involves thorough keyword research, writing catchy titles and relevant descriptions, and using appropriate tags. The aim is to make your videos easily accessible to those looking for your type of content.

Use relevant keywords in the title, description and tags of your videos to improve their visibility on YouTube and search engines. This will help you attract more visitors and earn money on YouTube.


2. Produce regular, quality content

Creating attractive videos

Content is king on YouTube. To make money on YouTube, it's crucial to produce high-quality, captivating and engaging videos. Invest in the right equipment (camera, microphone, lighting) and learn the editing techniques to make professional videos.

Publish regularly

Regularity is the key to building loyalty audience and increase your chances of making money on YouTube. Set yourself a publishing rhythm (for example, one video a week) and stick to it. This will let your subscribers know what to expect and keep them engaged with your content.

Regularity is fundamental to building and retaining an audience. It's not just a question of publishing frequently, but of ensuring consistency in the quality and relevance of content. What's more, investing in quality equipment enhances video production, making content more attractive to viewers.

Diversifying formats

YouTube offers a variety of formats, from traditional videos to lives and YouTube Shorts. Experimenting with these different formats can open up your content to a wider, more diverse audience.

Interact with your audience

Respond to comments, solicit feedback from your subscribers and take their suggestions into account to improve your content. An engaged audience is more likely to share your videos and help you earn money on YouTube.

Stay authentic: The key to audience loyalty

Authenticity is one of the fundamental pillars of any content creator who want to build and maintain a relationship of trust with their audience. In the fiercely competitive world of online content, it's essential to stand out not only for the quality of your content, but also for its integrity and sincerity.

Your editorial line reflects your identity as a designer. It defines the tone, style and subjects you tackle. By staying true to this line, you ensure a consistency that lets your audience know what to expect. This creates a sense of familiarity and trust.


3. Monetize your YouTube channel

Offer sponsored content

Another way to make money on YouTube is to collaborate with brands to create sponsored videos. Brands pay creators to promote their products or services in their videos. However, make sure you choose partners that match your niche and your audience's interests.

All brands allocate substantial budgets to influencer marketing. Collaborating with them can mean receiving products to test, or paid partnerships. Remuneration generally depends on audience size, subscriber engagement and the channel's relevance to the brand.


Product promotion and commissions : Affiliation is an effective way of recommending products or services to your audience. By registering as an affiliate on specialized platforms or directly with brands, creators can earn a commission for every sale generated thanks to their recommendation.

Sales of goods and merchandise

Some youtubers create their own merchandise, such as t-shirts, caps, mugs, etc., which they sell directly to their fans. This can be a great source of income, especially if you have a strong brand and an engaged audience. This method lets you make money on YouTube while keeping control of your business.

Use of participatory financing platforms

On YouTube, fan contributions are a significant source of revenue. In exchange for quality content, some subscribers are willing to financially support their favorite creators. Several platforms facilitate this process:

Patreon By subscribing to Patreon, creators can offer exclusive benefits to their fans in exchange for financial support. The average revenue per subscriber is around 1 $ for the standard subscription.

Tipeee Similar to Patreon, Tipeee allows you to collect regular or one-off donations from the community.

Workshops and coaching

If you're an expert in a particular field, you can offer workshops, training or coaching to your audience. This can be particularly profitable if you have a specific skill or expertise that people are willing to pay to learn.

Sponsorships and partnerships

Beyond collaborations Typically with brands, you can also look for long-term partnerships or sponsorships. This can include things like being a brand ambassador or promoting a specific product over an extended period.

Super Chat and Super Stickers

YouTube has introduced a feature called Super Chat that allows fans to pay to have their messages highlighted during live chats. It's another way for creators to earn money directly from their audience.

Content licensing

If you create original and unique content, other media or brands may be interested in paying to use your content. This can include things like selling video clips to news agencies or licensing your content for use in advertising or other media.

YouTube Shopping

With the YouTube Shopping feature, creators can sell their products directly to their audience. Whether it's pre-orders, CDs, goodies or any other derivative product, this option is ideal for artists and creators with items to offer. To activate this feature :

  1. Go to YouTube Studio.
  2. Select "Monetization" from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on "Goods", then "Start".
  4. Choose "Merchbar" and click "Continue".


4. Use social networks to promote your channel

Creating a presence on social networks

Social networks are a great way to promote your YouTube channel and attract new subscribers. Create accounts on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTokand regularly share content related to your channel.

Collaborate with other designers

To make money on YouTube, consider establishing partnerships with other content creators. Collaborations allow you to reach new audiences and increase your visibility on the platform.

5. Complying with regulations: Transparency first and foremost

In the digital world, transparency has become a requirement for both content creators and consumers.

Disclosure of partnerships and affiliations

The law requires creators to disclose any partnership, sponsorship or affiliation. This disclosure ensures that the audience is informed of any commercial relationships that could influence the content they consume. By being transparent, you show your audience that you respect not only the law, but also their right to clear, unbiased information.

How to comply with regulations?

It's a good idea to clearly indicate any partnerships or affiliations at the beginning of your videos or in the description. Terms such as "in partnership with", "sponsored by" or "affiliate link" should be clearly visible. What's more, some platforms, such as YouTube, offer built-in tools for flagging sponsored content.


6. Does the number of subscribers determine the monetization of a YouTube channel?

It's common to think that to earn astronomical sums on YouTube, you need to have millions of subscribers. But is this really the case? How can you become a millionaire on YouTube?

According to Forbes estimates, here are some of the incomes of the world's biggest youtubers in relation to the size of their audience and their respective niche:

  • DudePerfect 20 million (More than 47 million subscribers)
  • Jake Paul 21.5 million (nearly 20 million subscribers)
  • Jeffree Star 18 million (over 16 million subscribers)
  • Logan Paul 14.5 million (nearly 20 million subscribers)
  • Markiplier 17.5 million (nearly 25 million subscribers)
  • PewDiePie 15.5 million (over 100 million subscribers)
  • Ryan's World 22 million (over 22 million subscribers)
  • VanossGaming 17 million (nearly 25 million subscribers)

It's clear that all channels, whatever their size, have the potential to be monetized. These figures also show that it is possible to generate a significant number of views and revenues on YouTube without relying solely on the number of subscribers.

Several other factors influence the monetization of YouTube videos:

  • Level of commitment : The interaction of your fans and subscribers is crucial.
  • Area of specialization : Some fields are more lucrative than others.
  • The niche Positioning yourself in a specific niche can increase the value of your chain.
  • Expertise Being an expert in a particular field can increase the trust and commitment of your audience.
  • Content quality High-quality videos attract more views and engagement.
  • Added value Each video must bring something new or unique to your audience.
  • Income diversification Use other channels to increase your revenue streams via YouTube.



Authenticity and respect for regulations are not just obligations, but essential elements in building a solid, lasting relationship with your audience. By remaining truthful and transparent, you strengthen the trust of your subscribers and ensure the longevity of your channel.

Making money on YouTube takes time, perseverance and an investment in equipment and skills. By following these tips and adapting to the needs and expectations of your audience, you'll be able to optimize your income on the platform and capitalize on your passion for video. Remember, the key to success lies in producing quality content, publishing regularly and interacting with your audience. So get started and start making money on YouTube today!


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