Find out how Instagram is boosting the visibility of small designers with its new update, encouraging originality and offering equal opportunities for success.

Instagram's recent algorithm update marks a significant turning point, especially for small creators. Indeed, this platform, a pillar of digital news and web marketing, is adopting a new strategy aimed at valuing authentic and original content. By giving priority to unique publications and changing the way Reels are recommended, this change promises to offer greater visibility to emerging creators, giving them the opportunity to reach a wider audience. A welcome initiative that responds to criticism about the lack of visibility of smaller accounts, while at the same time rewarding originality and ensuring fairness between users. This move by Instagram, aimed at encouraging innovative content while putting aside massive reposting practices, opens up new perspectives for content creators, inviting them to redouble their creativity.

New Instagram rules for designers

Algorithm update presentation

We are watching with interest Instagram's recent algorithm updates, which aim to favor authentic and original content. This initiative responds to the concerns of creator communities who felt that the predominance of large accounts and aggregators was harming the visibility of smaller creators. Through these updates, Instagram seeks to balance the chances of success for all creators, regardless of their size or notoriety.

Impact on small creators

The changes to Instagram's algorithm aim to give smaller creators more opportunities to be discovered by new audiences. By valuing original publications and changing the criteria for recommending Reels, Instagram hopes to offer greater visibility to emerging creators. This is a promise of deserved recognition for their creativity and work.

Instagram's objectives

Instagram's main objective through these changes is twofold: to encourage the production of original content and to diversify the types of content promoted on the platform. By combating mass reposting practices and supporting smaller creators, Instagram aspires to enrich the user experience while supporting innovation and creativity within its community.

Enhancing the value of authentic content

Originality criterion in the algorithm

We note that Instagram's algorithm now highlights content deemed authentic and original. This prioritization is crucial, as it ensures that creators' efforts to offer unique content are fairly rewarded. This criterion of originality makes it possible to distinguish and reward publications that stand out from the crowd.

Limiting mass reposts

A significant new feature is the limitation imposed on massive reposting. Instagram has made it clear that accounts practicing excessive reposting will see their visibility reduced. This measure aims to reduce the predominance of duplicated content and encourage a culture of originality on the platform.

Benefits for original designers

Creators of original content should benefit greatly from these changes. Not only will their works be more likely to reach a wider audience, but this increased visibility also opens the door to new monetization opportunities and a stronger relationship with their community.

Change in Reels recommendation

Restricted initial release strategy

The initial distribution strategy for Reels has been adjusted: from now on, each Reel is presented to a restricted group of users before potentially benefiting from wider visibility. This approach makes it possible to test the community's reception of a piece of content before deciding to expand it, giving smaller creators a fair chance of success.

Gradual extension of visibility

The gradual extension of Reels' visibility ensures that content well received by the initial audience can reach a wider audience over time. This method of recommendation has the advantage of optimizing the discoverability of quality content, regardless of the creator's prior popularity.

Comparison with the TikTok model

Interestingly, this new approach to recommending Reels is reminiscent of the TikTok model, renowned for its ability to propel unknown creators to instant notoriety. With this strategy, Instagram seems to be seeking to replicate such dynamism on its own platform.

The fight against content aggregators

Aggregator account definition and issues

Aggregator accounts are defined as those that compile and share content created by other users. While some may offer added value through curation, their practice of massive reposting has often eclipsed the efforts of original creators, raising questions of fairness and visibility.

New Instagram policies regarding reposts

In response, Instagram has introduced strict policies aimed at reducing the presence and impact of content aggregators. These guidelines include limitations on the number of reposts allowed and more transparent recognition of original creators.

Consequences for aggregators

The consequences for aggregators are clear: to maintain their visibility and relevance on Instagram, they will have to adapt to the new rules by reducing reposts and placing greater emphasis on creating original content or fairly valuing the works of others.

Benefits for content creators

Greater visibility for original creations

Creators of original content will be the big winners of this algorithm update, benefiting from increased visibility for their creations. This recognition is an important step towards enhancing the value of creative work on the platform.

Increased monetization opportunities

With greater visibility comes a potential increase in monetization opportunities. Creators will be able to leverage their enlarged audience to forge partnerships, sell their products, or gain access to direct compensation programs offered by Instagram.

Strengthening community relations

Finally, increased visibility enables creators to strengthen their relationship with their community. Closeness to the audience is essential to building a lasting presence on the platform, and these changes foster authentic engagement between creators and followers.

Implications for content strategy

The importance of originality and creativity

It's becoming imperative for creators to emphasize originality and creativity in their content strategy. With Instagram's algorithm now rewarding these qualities, it's crucial to innovate and offer content that stands out.

Adapting content formats to the algorithm

Creators also need to be prepared to adapt their content formats to conform to the algorithm's preferences, particularly when it comes to Reels and original publications. A thorough understanding of the algorithm's mechanisms can therefore be a major asset.

Performance analysis and fine-tuning

Regular analysis of the performance of published content is essential for adjusting strategies in line with user feedback and algorithm requirements. Using Instagram's analytics tools to assess engagement, reach and growth is becoming a key element of success.

Reactions from the Instagram community

Designers welcome change

The response to Instagram's changes has been generally positive among the creative community. Many see these updates as an opportunity to benefit from a fairer platform and better recognition of their work.

Impact on brand strategies

Brands active on Instagram also need to rethink their content strategies. Collaboration with original, authentic creators becomes even more relevant, as these profiles are likely to enjoy greater visibility and engagement under the new algorithm.

User feedback

Instagram users have expressed strong interest in these changes, hoping for a diversification of the content available on their News Feed. This move towards greater originality and creativity is seen as an improvement in the overall user experience.

Comparison with other platforms

Differences in support for creators

Instagram's approach to supporting creators differs from that of other platforms such as TikTok or YouTube. Each platform has its own mechanisms for promoting content, but Instagram seems particularly determined to value originality and quality.

Instagram versus TikTok and YouTube

In direct comparison, Instagram attempts to combine the spontaneity and authenticity that made TikTok such a success with a sophisticated algorithmic approach similar to that of YouTube. This unique positioning could be advantageous for creators looking to maximize their impact across multiple platforms.

Choice of platform according to content objectives

For creators, the choice of platform should now be based on an in-depth analysis of target audiences and specific content objectives. Instagram is proving an increasingly viable option for those banking on originality and quality engagement.

Tips for small designers under the new algorithm

Organic growth strategies

For small creators, adopting organic growth strategies is essential. This includes regular engagement with their community, consistent publication of original content, and judicious use of hashtags to maximize discoverability.

The importance of networking and collaboration

Networking and collaborating with other creators can also be leveraged to increase visibility on the platform. Exchanging best practices and creating joint content are effective ways of reaching new audiences.

Using Instagram analytics to optimize content

Finally, exploiting the analytical tools offered by Instagram is essential for understanding your audience's preferences and adjusting your content strategy accordingly. By analyzing performance indicators, you can fine-tune your publications to maximize their impact under the new algorithm.

Resources and tools for adapting to the new rules

Recommended training and webinars

We advise creators to seek out training courses and webinars dedicated to mastering Instagram's new algorithm and content creation best practices. These resources can provide valuable insights and proven strategies for adapting effectively to the changes.

Content creation and analysis tools

Using the right content creation and analysis tools can also make it easier to adapt to Instagram's new rules. These tools help optimize posts for the algorithm, while offering a deep understanding of user engagement.

Creator communities for advice exchange

Last but not least, joining creative communities can prove beneficial. The exchange of experience and advice within these groups enables you to stay abreast of the latest trends and adapt your strategies to make the most of the opportunities offered by Instagram's new algorithm.

In conclusion, Instagram's recent algorithm updates mark a significant turning point in the way the platform values and promotes content. For us creators, this is a golden opportunity to redefine our online presence and maximize our impact in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. By adopting an approach focused on originality, creativity, and authentic engagement, we can leverage these changes to expand our audience and strengthen our personal brand on Instagram.

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