Instagram with Creator Lab wants helping creators from content to make better videos and optimize their performance.

This new service, called "Creator Lab", is an online portal that brings together various video resources to help content creators to optimize their performance. The aim is to help influencers to develop their brand and improve their content. Instagram has teamed up with several influencers and experts in personal brandingwho will offer advice on how to develop your brand.

It's not just advice for newcomers designersBut also for the more experienced. Instagram creators will have the opportunity to develop their skills thanks to the various topics that will be covered. Whether it's learning how to create a better story or interacting with other creators, there are plenty of tips to help you.

Instagram has divided the Creator Lab into three themes: Expressing Yourself, Building a Community and Growing for the Long Term.

In the "Express Yourself" section of Instagram's Creator Lab, you'll find tips on finding your "why", choosing your tone of voice or creating your content strategy.

In the "Building a Community" tab, Instagram covers topics such as how to nurture your community with content, collaborate with other creators, manage social pressure and set boundaries.

And in the "Developing for the future" tab, you'll find help on things like "demystifying the algorithm", developing partnerships with brands, sell products and make lives.

Finally, Instagram promises that this new tool will evolve over time to add further functions and features.

Instagram's Creator Lab aims to address creators' concerns and help them succeed on the platform, which is also a way of reinforcing the company's image as a partner to its community.

Instagram is now more than just a photo-sharing platform. It's a true social network, where you can build your brand, create content, gain followers and also monetize your publications in one way or another. 

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