Discover the Youtubers world with the most subscribers and the most influential in 2023. MrBeast youtuber who has the most subscribers on YouTube followed by Pewdiepie with the other biggest YouTube channel.

These content creators dominate the world on YouTube and have become icons for millions of people worldwide. Youtubers have grown exponentially in recent years.

The online video platform YouTube has evolved to become a source of entertainment, education, inspiration and much more. With over 2 billion active monthly users, YouTube is the second most visited platform in the world, just behind Google. The world's most famous YouTubers have millions of subscribers and billions of views on their videos.

We present the top 20 YouTubers in the world in 2023, ranked by number of subscribers.

1/ MrBeast: The challenger turned undisputed king

American youtuber MrBeast's biggest YouTube channel of crazy challenges has become the world's number one YouTube channel in 2023, dethroning Pewdiepie, which had long held the top spot. With exponential growth, MrBeast now has 129 million subscribers, making him the American youtuber with the most subscribers. MrBeast is known for his crazy videos and incredible challenges, which often involve large sums of money. His channel has become extremely popular thanks to his unique content and charismatic personality.

2/ Pewdiepie: The undisputed master of the platform

Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, is a Swedish YouTuber living in the UK since 2010. He was for a long time the most popular English YouTuber with the biggest, most subscribed YouTube channel in the world, but was finally dethroned by MrBeast in 2023. With 111 million subscribers, he remains one of the most content creators the most influential on the platform, with videos focusing mainly on video games, Vlogs and sketches. Pewdiepie is also known for his sarcastic humor and quirky personality.

3/ Kids Diana Show: The biggest YouTube channel for children's content

The Kids Diana Show channel features little Diana playing with friends and family. With toy openings and short stories, this little Ukrainian girl has quickly dominated the YouTube channels with 106 million subscribers. The Kids Diana Show channel is an example of entertaining and educational children's content that has captured the attention of millions of parents around the world.


4/ Like Nastya: A family channel for children

Like Nastya is one of the channels run by Nastya and her family. Featuring adorable vlogs of her daughter, toy discoveries and games with her family or other children, it's the biggest Russian channel on YouTube with 103 million subscribers.

Like Nastya videos are primarily aimed at children, with easy-to-understand, fun content. The Nastya family offers educational videos to help children learn new things while having fun. In fact, their videos often contain educational activities, children's songs, inspiring stories and fairy tales.

The channel is very popular with children because of the family members' interaction with the audience and their charming, friendly personalities. Nastya's parents have created a warm and fun environment for children, and their regular presence on the channel creates a sense of familiarity with viewers.


5/ Vlad and Niki: Brothers who entertain children

American-born Russian brothers Vladislav Vashketov and Nikita Vashketov entertain audiences of similar ages. They introduce new toys and games, tell funny stories and feature colorful special effects. The Vlad and Niki channel climbs every year and now boasts 92.4 million subscribers.

The Vlad and Niki channel is particularly popular with children under 8. The videos are often short and easy to understand, with bright colors and sound effects making them highly entertaining. The presence of the two brothers on the channel is also much appreciated by viewers, as they create a warm family environment.

In addition to toy videos, the channel also features educational videos to help children learn new things while having fun. Both boys' parents carefully manage the channel to ensure that the content is age-appropriate.


6/ Fernanfloo: An eclectic Salvadorian YouTuber

Fernanfloo is a famous Salvadoran YouTuber with the biggest popular YouTube channel in his country. His content is mainly focused on video games, but he is also known for his original and personal videos.

He started posting videos on YouTube in 2011, but his channel grew exponentially in 2013, when he began focusing on video games. He's known for his fun and entertaining video game videos, in which he comments on and plays games such as Minecraft, Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto.

In addition to his video game videos, Fernanfloo also offers more personal and original videos. He often creates parodies of popular songs and films, as well as humorous videos and vlogs.

Fernanfloo is also known for his highly original and creative style, with characters and costumes he uses in his videos. Thanks to his talent and hard work, his channel now boasts over 45.5 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular and influential YouTubers in El Salvador and the world.


7/ Felipe Neto: A multi-talented Brazilian YouTubeur

Felipe Neto is a multi-talented Brazilian YouTuber. He is not only an actor and comedian, but also a writer, which enables him to offer a wide variety of quality videos to his audience. His country's biggest YouTube channel currently boasts 44.8 million subscribers and offers a wide range of quality content, from sketches to Vlogs, discoveries and much more.

Felipe Neto is very popular in Brazil and has become an icon for many young people. He is known for his incisive humor and charming personality, which has earned him a place among the world's top YouTubers. His channel offers a wide variety of content, so his audience can always find something new and interesting to watch.

As a versatile artist, Felipe Neto has adapted to the needs of his audience, offering content that appeals to all age groups. His videos are entertaining and educational, making him a popular YouTuber with families and children alike. His popularity on the platform continues to grow, making him one of Brazil's most influential and followed YouTubers.


8/ Whinderssonnunes: A talented young Brazilian

Whindersson Nunes Batista is a young Brazilian singer and humorist with a fierce sense of humor. He offers different kinds of videos to his audience, such as travel Vlogs, short sketches, podcasts and posts. His channel has 43.9 million subscribers.


9/ A4: The biggest Belarusian humor YouTube channel

The A4 humor channel is based in Belarus and stands out for its uniquely colorful universe. It offers humorous and entertaining content that has won over a large number of subscribers, reaching 43.7 million subscribers in 2023. The A4 channel's videos are varied and include jokes, challenges and parodies that are often accompanied by bright visuals and creative montages.

The A4 channel is run by a team of talented young content creators who have managed to create a unique style that sets them apart from other comedy channels. Team members work together to produce videos that reflect their quirky sense of humor and creativity.

Channel A4's content is often considered daring and sometimes controversial, but this hasn't stopped the channel from gaining popularity among young people in Belarus and other countries. In fact, the channel has become one of the most popular in Belarus. YouTube channels the region's most influential, and has helped foster a community of young content creators in Belarus.


10/ ElRubiusOMG: Spain's most popular YouTubeur

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, better known under the pseudonym ElRubiusOMG, is a famous Spanish YouTuber specializing in gaming. He created his channel in 2011 and has since become one of Spain's most popular YouTubers with the biggest YouTube channel in the Spanish-speaking world, with over 40.4 million subscribers. Rubén plays a wide variety of video games, from horror and war games to management and indie games. He is also appreciated for his creative montages and humorous comments on the games he tests.

In addition to gaming videos, ElRubiusOMG also makes vlogs during his travels, where he shares his discoveries and adventures with his subscribers. This Spanish YouTuber also offers lifestyle videos, showing aspects of his daily life and his thoughts on various subjects. Thanks to his charisma and engaging personality, Rubén has built up a large and loyal community on YouTube and social networks.


11/ Luisito Comunica: A funny Mexican YouTubeur with a passion for travel

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, better known as Luisito Comunica, is a Mexican YouTuber whose channel focuses mainly on travel vlogs filled with humor and good humor. Since creating his channel in 2012, Luisito has traveled the world and shared his travel experiences with his 39.8 million subscribers. His videos are appreciated for their authenticity, humor and informative nature.

In addition to his travel vlogs, Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica also makes videos on a variety of subjects, including cooking, technology, culture and fun challenges. His laid-back approach and ability to entertain while informing have helped make him one of Mexico's most influential YouTubers.


12/ Kimberly Loaiza: Mexico's queen of humor's biggest YouTube channel

Kimberly Loaiza is a Mexican YouTube artist and singer who debuted on the platform in 2016. She first made a name for herself by sharing moments of her life with her family, and quickly diversified her content with humorous videos. With 39.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 71 million subscribers on TikTokKimberly is one of Mexico's most popular content creators.

Alongside her career on social networks, Kimberly Loaiza has also launched a career in music, with several successful tracks. This Mexican YouTube artist continues to entertain and inspire her fans through her songs and videos, which are appreciated for their energy and good humor.


13/ Luccas Neto: The Brazilian YouTubeur who entertains children

Luccas Neto Ferreira, born on February 8, 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, is a Brazilian YouTubeur who specializes in the content creation for kids. Since launching his channel in 2014, Luccas has managed to gather an impressive audience of 38.6 million subscribers. He is also the brother of Felipe Neto, another popular Brazilian YouTuber.

Brazilian YouTuber Luccas Neto's content is designed to be both entertaining and educational for young viewers. His videos feature amusing stories, comedy sketches, challenges, songs and educational games, all set in a colorful, welcoming environment. Luccas and his co-hosts often wear original costumes and interact with creative backdrops to capture children's attention and immerse them in the world of the stories they tell.

In addition to its videos for children, Luccas Neto also covers topics of interest to parents and educators, such as health, nutrition, safety and the development of social and emotional skills. Its aim is to provide families with quality content that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, while promoting learning and entertainment.

Over the years, this Brazilian YouTuber Luccas Neto has managed to create a veritable brand around his name, launching derivative products such as toys, clothing and accessories. He has also written children's books and collaborated with other artists. content creators on YouTube and other platforms.

Thanks to his creativity, commitment to education and charisma, Luccas Neto has become a veritable phenomenon on the Brazilian media scene, capturing the hearts of millions of children and parents across the country and beyond.


14/ Carry Minati: An Indian YouTuber with comic talent

Carry Minati is an Indian YouTuber and streamer who has made a name for himself with his comedic talent and acerbic commentary on current affairs. His YouTube channel has 37.6 million subscribers, making him one of India's most influential YouTubers.

Carry Minati is best known for his comedy sketches and reaction videos, in which he humorously comments on events in India and around the world. This Indian YouTuber is also known for his unique presentation style and charismatic personality, which have won him a huge following.

In addition to his humorous videos, this Indian YouTuber Carry Minati is also a passionate gamer. He has a secondary channel, CarryisLive, in which he broadcasts his live gaming sessions. Thanks to his popularity, Carry Minati has become a much-loved public figure in India, and has even won several awards for his work on YouTube.


15/ Shfa: A children's channel from the United Arab Emirates

Shfa is a well-known YouTube channel for children originating from the United Arab Emirates, featuring mainly Arabic-language content. The channel was created in 2016 and since then has managed to attract the attention of a large audience of young viewers and their parents, with over 37 million subscribers to date.

The content of the Shfa channel is quite similar to that of popular channels such as Nastya or Kids Diana Show, with a variety of educational and fun videos aimed at children. The videos feature Shfa, a young girl full of energy and charm, along with her family and friends, sharing moments of complicity and fun.

Among the different types of videos offered on the channel are humorous sketches, educational songs, captivating stories and imaginary adventures. Shfa and her family explore different themes of interest to children, such as animals, jobs, games, holidays and seasons.

The Shfa channel also stands out for the quality of its videos, which feature neat, colorful sets, fun costumes and engaging animations to capture the attention of young viewers. The videos are designed to be both entertaining and educational, helping children to learn new skills, develop their creativity and awaken their curiosity.

In addition to videos in Arabic, Shfa also offers videos in English and other languages, enabling it to reach an even wider audience around the world. The channel strives to promote positive values such as love, friendship, respect and cooperation, to help children grow and flourish in a healthy, happy environment.

Thanks to its success, Shfa has also been able to collaborate with other children's content creators, expanding its network and visibility on the YouTube platform. With a growing audience and quality content, Shfa continues to entertain and educate millions of children around the world, while helping to promote Arabic culture and language.


16/ Maria Clara & JP: The Brazilian channel for kids and teens

Maria Clara & JP is a Brazilian YouTube channel aimed primarily at young people and teenagers. Founded in 2015, it is hosted by two young siblings, Maria Clara and João Pedro, who hail from the São Paulo region of Brazil. Their channel offers a mix of entertaining and educational videos, ranging from fun little stories to sharing family travel experiences. The channel's success is undeniable in Brazil, where it now boasts over 35.3 million subscribers.

The content on the Maria Clara & JP channel is varied and tailored to the interests of their young audience. Videos include humorous sketches, challenges, DIY and craft tutorials, as well as vlogs showing the family's daily life. Young viewers can follow the adventures of Maria Clara and João Pedro as they share their experiences, discoveries and learnings.

One of the most appreciated aspects of the channel is the complicity between Maria Clara and João Pedro, who demonstrate an endearing and sincere sibling relationship. The two young hosts are very comfortable in front of the camera, and interact with their audience in a spontaneous and enthusiastic way, which contributes greatly to the appeal of their videos.

Family travel is also an important aspect of the channel's content. Maria Clara, João Pedro and their parents regularly share videos of their vacations and escapades, enabling subscribers to discover new destinations and escape through the captivating images and exciting stories of the two young presenters.

In addition to their main channel, Maria Clara and JP have also launched other projects, such as a channel dedicated to video games and another devoted to the world of toys. This diversification enables the two young stars to reach an even wider audience and meet the expectations of their millions of fans.

The success of the Maria Clara & JP channel is not limited to Brazil, as it also attracts subscribers and viewers from all over the world. Thanks to their infectious energy, creativity and talent for entertaining, Maria Clara and João Pedro have made a name for themselves in the world of YouTube entertainment for young people and teenagers.


17/ Markiplier: A proactive American gaming YouTuber

American Youtuber Mark Edward Fischbach is a highly proactive gaming YouTuber. He posts numerous gaming videos, as well as sketches, parodies and more. The young American Youtuber is constantly making progress, and also has a charitable soul, as he organizes fund-raising events for charities. His channel has 34.3 million subscribers.


18/ Ryan's World: A very popular children's channel

Ryan's World is a very popular YouTube channel for children aged 2 to 6. A few years ago, it topped the charts. Today, Ryan Kaji, with the help of his mother, father and twin sisters, continues to produce children's content, and has 34.1 million subscribers. The channel features educational videos, fun challenges, toy presentations and family travel videos. Ryan Kaji became famous for his "candy tasting" videos, and is now considered one of the most influential YouTubers of his generation.


19/ SSSniper Wolf: An American gamer turned YouTube comic

Alia "Lia" Shelesh, English YouTube artist better known under the pseudonym SSSniper Wolf, made a name for herself in the gaming world thanks to her exceptional performances on the famous video game Call of Duty. Born on October 22, 1992 in London, England, she moved to the USA with her family during her teenage years.

Lia started her YouTube channel in 2013, where she mainly shared videos of her gaming sessions on Call of Duty, as well as other popular games of the time. Soon, she stood out for her gaming style and engaging personality, which helped her attract a large number of fans and loyal subscribers.

Over the years, SSSniper Wolf has adapted its content to suit the tastes of its subscribers and current trends. She has diversified her channel by adding humorous videos and commentaries on viral videos, particularly those from the TikTok platform. Lia has also developed a series of videos entitled "Reacting To", in which she reacts to a variety of popular content, be it music videos, challenges or compilations of funny images.

In addition to her gaming and entertainment videos, SSSniper Wolf also invests in creating vlogs, where she shares with her community moments from her daily life, her travels, her discoveries, and much more. She's also not afraid to tackle more serious subjects, such as her own experience with depression and anxiety, to raise awareness of these issues among her subscribers and offer support to others going through similar situations.

Today, SSSniper Wolf has become a true YouTube entertainment icon, with over 34 million subscribers to her credit. Her videos attract millions of views, and she is regularly invited to take part in conventions and events dedicated to gaming and the world of influence. Thanks to her popularity, Lia has even had the opportunity to collaborate with other YouTubers and web personalities, helping to extend her notoriety even further.


20/ Rezendeevil: A diversified Brazilian YouTubeur

Pedro Afonso Rezende gained notoriety recording his gameplay on Minecraft. Today, the Brazilian has diversified enormously and offers many different kinds of videos. He has also opened several secondary channels on different themes. His channel has 31.4 million subscribers.

In conclusion, this rather eclectic ranking shows that the influence of YouTubers is global, with personalities coming from all four corners of the globe. With their varied content, these YouTubers have managed to build impressive audiences and captivate their audiences with their creativity and talent.


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