YouTube Lance Create: A must-have tool for mobile video editing. In a world where content video is king, the announcement that YouTube is launching Create a video editor sent shockwaves through the content creator community.

This video editing application, unveiled at the "Made On YouTube" event, promises to be a game-changer for video creation. It aims to offer an all-in-one solution for video editing, accessible directly from a smartphone. YouTube's initiative is part of a wider strategy aimed at strengthening its dominant position as the world's leading video platform. video sharing, while offering new tools to its vast community of designers. Discover also 20 biggest youtubers in the world in 2023 to inspire you.

Availability and compatibility

Beta version on Android

YouTube is currently launching Create in beta version exclusively on Android. This strategic decision allows YouTube to test the application on a diverse user base, given the wide variety of Android devices available on the market. iOS users, meanwhile, will have to wait until 2024. This choice may seem discriminatory to the Apple community, but it's likely that YouTube wants to fine-tune the application before launching it on other platforms. It's also possible that additional features will be added to the iOS version, depending on feedback from Android. To find out more about video platforms, discover the top YouTube channels in France.

Key features

Basic Video Editing

One of the main attractions of YouTube Create is its ease of use. The application offers a range of tools for video editing that enable even novices to create professional-quality videos. You can easily trim sequences, add transitions and even integrate special effects with a few simple finger swipes. This ease of use makes the application particularly attractive to new creators who don't necessarily have video editing experience. If you're new to this field, learn more about how to make money on YouTube.

  • Import videos and photos from your gallery.
  • Choose orientation and format (16:9 for videos, 9:16 for Shorts).
  • Adjust clip duration, split clips and add effects.

Advanced tools

But YouTube Create doesn't stop there. For more experienced creators, the app offers a series of advanced tools that enable a much higher level of customization. For example, the app offers an audio clean-up tool that uses artificial intelligence to eliminate unwanted background noise. In addition, the automatic addition of subtitles is another feature that uses AI power to improve video accessibility. Discover also what is YouTube Shorts and how it could benefit your chain.

  • Use audio cleaning to eliminate background noise.
  • Tools such as "Rotate", "Replace" and "Reorder" are available.
  • Export the project by selecting the quality.
  • The project is saved on your device and can be shared on YouTube.

Music and Audio Library

Music and sound play a crucial role in creating an engaging video. YouTube Create understands this and therefore offers an integrated music library. This library is packed with royalty-free tracks and sound effects that creators can use to enhance their videos. This eliminates the need to search for music on third-party platforms, further simplifying the creative process.

  • Access the YouTube audio library to add music or sound effects.
  • Import your own music, but make sure you have the necessary rights.
  • Record a voice-over directly in the application.

Visual Personalization

In addition to audio and video editing tools, YouTube Create also offers a variety of options for visual customization. Creators can choose from a range of filters and effects to adjust the appearance of their videos. What's more, the app offers a variety of stickers, GIFs and emojis that can be added to make content more interactive and engaging.

  • Use Picture-in-picture to superimpose videos and images.
  • Add text, stickers and subtitles to enhance visual appeal.

Use and Interface

YouTube Create's user interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible. Creators can easily navigate between features thanks to a well-organized menu. What's more, the application offers integrated tutorials that guide users through the various stages of the creation process. This attention to the user experience makes YouTube Create an accessible application, even for those new to the world of video editing.

YouTube strategy

With the launch of Create, YouTube is taking a bold step to reinforce its position as a leader in the online video space. The application is designed not only to improve the quality of content on the platform, but also to attract a new generation of creators. By offering an easy-to-use and accessible video editing tool, YouTube hopes to encourage more people to create content, enriching its platform with a more diverse range of videos. If you're interested in the world of influence, here are the 20 fashion influencers to follow.

Tutorials and Resources

To ensure that users get the most out of all the features on offer, YouTube has put together a series of tutorials and guides. These resources are easily accessible from within the application itself, and are designed to helping creators to understand the different features and how to use them effectively. This demonstrates YouTube's commitment to providing ongoing support to its creative community.

YouTube Create promises to be a real asset for creators

In short, YouTube is launching Create to revolutionize the way videos are created and shared on its platform. With a range of features from basic video editing to advanced tools, this application is ready to meet the needs of all creators, whether novice or experienced. Only time will tell whether YouTube Create will succeed in establishing itself as the video editing tool of choice for the new generation of creators.

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