Whether you're a budding chef or a seasoned gourmet, an admirer of haute cuisine or an aficionado of comfort food, our selection of the 30 influencers food incontournables de 2023 is your passport to culinary inspiration.

From Instagramer to TikToker, blogger to YouTuber, Michelin-starred chef to innovative entrepreneur, these culinary influencers are the new guides to our gourmet choices, accumulating subscribers and sharing a common passion: the art of eating well.

On Instagram, Facebook and beyond, these ambassadors of taste transform our news feed into a virtual feast every day, revealing secret recipes, never-before-seen tips and gastronomic discoveries that whet our appetites and color our screens. Whatever your preference, vegan or gourmet, healthy or comforting, sweet or savory, our list promises to satisfy every craving.

Without further ado, dive into our crunchy, gourmet list, and let the best food influencers of 2023 guide you. They are the salt of the social networksAnd we promise that every recommendation will be a real treat for your senses. We wish you a pleasant discovery, and above all, bon appétit!

Chefs and Culinary Professionals:

Diego Alary (@diegoalary) : After his acclaimed appearance on "Top Chef", Diego Alary has established himself as one of the world's leading chefs. influencer food and culinary scene. Visit TikTok and Instagram, he passionately shares daily recipes, combining simplicity and deliciousness, that delight his followers.

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @diegoalary


Xavier Pincemin (@xavierpincemin): Winner of "Top Chef" in 2016, Xavier Pincemin has capitalized on his notoriety to build a solid online presence. On TikTok, he unveils original recipes and shares his daily life as a chef with a committed community.

Chef Michel Dumas (@chefmicheldumas): Professional chef Michel Dumas shares his know-how and cooking tips on YouTube. His instructional videos enable everyone to master basic culinary techniques like a real chef.

Cédric Grolet (@cedricgrolet): Recognized as one of the best pastry chefs in the world, Cédric Grolet amazes with his pastry creations on Instagram. His desserts, true works of art, inspire pastry enthusiasts and professionals alike, and make him a much-loved food influencer.

Family and convivial cuisine:

Hervé Cuisine (@hervecuisine) : Hervé Palmieri, better known as Hervé Cuisine, was one of the first to launch a cooking channel on YouTube. This food influencer offers quick and easy recipes, ideal for families and beginners in the kitchen.

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @hervecuisine


Cooking For My Baby (@cookingformybaby) : On Instagram, Céline shares recipes designed for children, with an approach that's both fun and nutritious. She offers parents ideas for healthy, gourmet meals.

Not So Superflu (@notsosuperflu): Monelle, behind the Not So Superflu handle, shares simple and delicious family recipes on TikTok. She invites her subscribers into her family-friendly world.

Nicolas (@nicook_off): Nicolas shares family recipes with his subscribers and organizes cooking lives. He emphasizes conviviality and sharing around meals.

Patisserie and sweets :

Roxane's workshop (@latelierderoxane) : Roxane, famous for her participation in "Le Meilleur Pâtissier", shares on her social networks pastry recipes and moments of her family life, in a colorful and joyful universe. Food influencer with over 2 million followers!

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @latelierderoxane


Laurène (@cook_and_record): A dessert specialist, Laurène offers instructional tips and pastry recipes on Instagram, sharing her expertise and passion for sweet treats.

marycherrybakes (@marycherrybakes): Mary, a professional pastry chef, presents complex and artistic pastry creations on Instagram, showing the richness and technicality of her art.

Once upon a time in pastry (@iletaitunefoislapatisserie): This YouTube channel is a reference for pastry lovers, offering detailed tutorials for making desserts as beautiful as they are delicious.

Cuisine Rapide et Étudiante :

Charles Gilles-Compagnon (@fastgoodcuisine): On YouTube, Charles offers fast food-inspired recipes, ideal for those looking to cook quickly without sacrificing taste.

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @fastgoodcuisine


Seizemay (@seizemay): Jordan, known as Seizemay, shares quick and easy recipes on TikTok and Instagram, perfect for students and those with little time to cook.

Constance (@chunky_cooker): With her laid-back approach, Constance shares easy and economical recipes, proving that eating well doesn't require a big budget or advanced skills.

Healthy cooking and nutrition :

Pauline Bernard (@fitspau) : Nurse and nutrition coach, Pauline offers healthy and balanced recipes on Instagram, combining pleasure and well-being.

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @fitspau


Caroline Lesguillons (@carolinerecipes): Passionate about vegetarian cooking and food styling, Caroline shares healthy homemade recipes and mouth-watering photos.

Creative and Artistic Cuisine :

My delicious creations (@mes_delicieuses_creations): On Instagram, this influencer food offers culinary creations with an artistic presentation, inviting you to discover recipes that are as beautiful as they are tasty.

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @mes_delicieuses_creations


Gastronogeek (@gastronogeek) : With his YouTube channel, Thibaud creates dishes inspired by popular culture, mixing gastronomy and geek universe for original and surprising recipes.

Cuisine du Monde et Découverte :

Social Food (@thesocialfood): Shirley and Mathieu share their passion for Asian cuisine on Instagram, offering recipes inspired by their travels and cultural heritage.

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @_socialfood


imperatricewu (@imperatricewu): This Instagram account is dedicated to Korean cuisine and culinary hotspots in Paris, offering a window into the richness of Korean gastronomy.

Specialty and Niche Cuisine:

Whoogy's (@whoogys): Hugo, with his love of Espelette chilli pepper, offers modern, spicy recipes, sharing his taste for street food and innovative cuisine.

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @whoogys


No Diet Club (@nodietclub): Claudia, through her account, celebrates uninhibited indulgence with addresses and recipes that are high in calories but so tempting.

Chloé miams (@chloemiams) : A specialist in decorated cookies, Chloé offers customized creations for special events, sharing her talent and creativity on Instagram.

Lifestyle and everyday cooking :

Héloïse Brion (@missmaggieskitchen) : Héloïse shares her daily life in Normandy on Instagram, with family recipes and authentic moments of life, in a bucolic and inspiring setting.

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @missmaggieskitchen


Alexcook'In (@alexcookin) : A home chef, Alex shares simple, accessible recipes on Instagram, inviting her followers to discover the pleasure of cooking every day.

takethepower_july (@takethepower_july) : Julie, with her Instagram account, creates simple and aesthetic recipes suitable for all occasions, showcasing her passion for cooking and photography.

Humorous and entertaining cuisine :

Carl is cooking (@carlarsenault): On YouTube, Carl offers culinary challenges and recipe tests in a humorous tone, making cooking entertaining and accessible to all.

Top 30 food influencers to follow on social networks

source @carlarsenault


Danny (@danny_topchef) : Known for his revisited French recipes and his participation in "Top Chef", Danny shares on Instagram and TikTok his culinary universe, where tradition and modernity meet.

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