Instagram, already renowned for its ability to connect people through images and videos, is taking the next step by developing a most anticipated feature: a fully customizable "AI Friend".

This breakthrough promises to revolutionize the way we interact with social networksby introducing an unprecedented conversational and interactive dimension. With this "AI Friend", Instagram is not just following the trend, but forging a new path, transforming every interaction into a unique, bespoke experience.

A breakthrough in user interaction on instagram

Instagram, the visual sharing platform, is working on a revolutionary feature: an "AI Friend" with which users will be able to interact. According to screenshots shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, this feature will allow users to interact with AI to ask questions, ponder problems, brainstorm ideas and more.

Advanced AI friend customization

Creation of a customized digital companion

Users will be able to select the gender and age of their chatbot. They can then choose their AI's ethnicity and personality, with options such as "reserved", "enthusiastic", "creative", "spiritual", "pragmatic" or "motivating".

Diverse interests for unique conversations

To further personalize their AI Friend, users will be able to choose their interests, which will influence their personality and the nature of their conversations. Options include "DIY", "pets", "career", "education", "entertainment", "music", "nature", and more.

Interaction and potential risks

The frontier between AI and human interaction

Julia Stoyanovich, director of the Center for Responsible AI at NYU, warns of the risks of anthropomorphizing AI, pointing out that users could be misled into thinking they're interacting with a real person, leaving them vulnerable to manipulation or deception.

Transparency as a fundamental principle

Stoyanovich insists on the need for absolute transparency: users must be aware that they are interacting with an AI, not a human. This clarity is essential to protect users from the associated risks.

Background and precedents

Controversies surrounding AI chatbots

The development of AI Friend comes at a time when AI chatbots have been at the center of controversy. Court cases in the UK and Belgium have highlighted the potential dangers when users take an AI chatbot's advice too seriously.

Social platforms and AI chatbots

Other social platforms have launched AI chatbots with varying results. Snapchat, for example, has faced controversy for launching a chatbot without appropriate age-control features.

Towards freer, more personalized conversations

The "AI Friend" chatbot that Instagram appears to be developing is designed to facilitate more open and personalized conversations. While theGenerative AI is booming, MetaInstagram's parent company, is already starting to integrate this technology into its family of applications. This development marks an important step in Instagram's evolution, as it seeks to enrich its users' experience with more sophisticated and personalized interactions.

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