Instagram: The Favourite Platform for Influencers and Advertisers

In the dynamic world of social media, Instagram stands out as the the platform of choice for influencers and advertisers. With its user-friendly interface and attractive visual features, it has become an indispensable tool for the digital marketing.

High Visual Engagement

The visual aspect is at the heart of engagement on Instagram. Visit images and videos are essential to captivate users' attention. Influencers exploit this feature to share captivating moments, while advertisers use it to present their products in an attractive light.

Forget magazine models.

More consumers buy goods and services based on what they see in their feed Instagramrecent trends suggest.

Change is happening for a reason, and it's forcing companies to adapt. A new study by TapInfluence has revealed that social networks have a huge influence on marketing. Communicating on social networks is 11 times more effective than banner advertising, which means that social media accounts with large followings, known as "influencers", are coveted by companies looking to reach connected consumers.

The dynamic means that ad money is increasingly common for social media-based campaigns. According to a 2015 study by eMarketer, Instagram's global advertising revenues are expected to approach nearly $3 billion by 2017. This figure would represent more than 10 % of the revenues of Facebook, its parent company.
The new paradigm emphasizes the influence of social media and the users who fail traditional methods of news consumption. In the brave new world of streaming and social networks, companies are finding that there's less profit in TV and print advertising, say some experts.

"Consumers trust the opinions of social media groups, including those of friends, bloggers and celebrities, more than the messages they get directly from brands," Liz Dunn, founder and CEO of Talmage Advisors, told CNBC. "As a result, retailers and brands are trying to cultivate relationships with influencers to get consumers' attention."

The power of a influencer

Instagram, for example, has become a wonderland for consumer products as diverse as food, clothing and grooming. Every day, users exploit the platform's viral capabilities to sell or endorse products.

Ashley Wilking, a New York-based fitness instructor, makes extensive use of social media as an extension of her own brand. "I like to incorporate products that I use in my daily life," she told CNBC. Wilking works with Indie Fresh, a New York-based startup that sells fresh smoothies, soups and more.
In an Instagram post, she often poses her products and offers a 10 % discount on her 5,000 followers. The promo code is specific to her name "ashleywilking10", so the company can easily track the number of sales coming from her. In return, Wilking gets discounted products. Visit influencer promo codes have immediate results on influencer marketing campaigns.

Shom Chowdhury, CEO of Indie Fresh, told CNBC that social media engagement is significantly higher with people than on brand pages. "We wanted to make our products part of people's daily lifestyle," he said. In exchange for athletes promoting its products, the athletes get discounts. "Instead of saying "we want X amount of items for this payment amount" , we decided to set up athletes with discount codes," he said.
Chowdhury said he had used Facebook ads before, but the sales rate was not as high as with the use of influencers.
Aloha, which sells fresh protein and nutrition products, uses a similar model. "You're more influenced by what influencers post if you've seen a banner ad," Startup marketing director Lee CNH told us. "If you spot an influencer promoting something, you're more likely to buy it afterwards."

It's not just startups. Now, legacy companies like Macy's are using influencers as a means of advertising.
Earlier this year, Macy's Bar III launched a new social campaign, "#SettingTheBar", aimed at highlighting those who create their own styles and influence others.
"The influencers we have tell an ambitious but relevant story," Nancy Slavin, senior vice president of marketing at Macy's merchandising group, told CNBC. This allows the company to "connect with consumers in a more interesting and ultimately engaging way than traditional marketing allows."

Access to Advertising Features

Instagram's advertising tools are designed to be accessible and efficient. With options like photo, video, carousel ads, and sponsored stories, advertisers can reach their target audience with precision.

Collaborations Creative

Visit collaboration between brands and influencers on Instagram leads to creative and authentic marketing campaigns. These partnerships enable brands to increase their visibility and engagement with a wide audience. audience larger.

Data Analysis for Adjusted Strategy

Instagram offers robust analysis tools that help influencers and advertisers understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Data analysis enables strategies to be adjusted to maximize ROI.

Fertile ground for digital marketing

All in all, Instagram is a fertile breeding ground for digital marketing strategies. Its visual engagement, accessible advertising tools, creative collaborations and relevant data analytics make it the preferred platform for influencers and advertisers alike.


Instagram embodies the ideal convergence of creative expression and advertising opportunities. Its visually stimulating environment offers fertile ground for influencers to build and engage a community. At the same time, the precision of its advertising tools enables advertisers to reach a targeted audience efficiently. The combination of these elements makes Instagram an essential platform in the digital marketing arsenal. Through innovative collaborations and in-depth data analysis, the opportunities for growth and visibility on this platform will continue to evolve, making their mark on the digital marketing landscape.


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