Live streaming, rapidly emerging as an influential medium in influencer marketing, is more than a passing fad; it symbolizes a new era of interactive communication, facilitating a direct connection between brand and consumer.

With popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Instagram, livestreaming is shaping up to be a trend of the future, even positioning itself as a potential competitor to traditional television. Let's take a closer look at the many facets of livestreaming.

Real-time Livestream engagement

Live streaming's real-time engagement is a powerful dynamic that offers brands and content creators an opportunity for instant interaction with their audience. Here's a more detailed analysis, focusing on various aspects of influencer marketing via Live streaming:

Immediacy and authenticity

  • Live streaming enables real-time communication between broadcasters and their audience, offering a transparent and authentic experience. This immediacy fosters spontaneous and authentic engagement, attracting and retaining audiences.

Mutual Conversation

  • Live broadcasting encourages a mutual conversation between broadcasters and their audiences. This two-way interaction enriches the audience experience and enables broadcasters to engage meaningfully with their audience in real time.

Benefits for Brands and Influencers

  • All influencers and content creators who use Live Streaming see their engagement more than double thanks to Influence Marketing. This is due in part to the ability to present more natural and relevant product demonstrations, and to the authenticity that the live format offers. Live Streaming promotes transparency and reality, further encouraging audiences to engage with influencers and brands.

Awareness and Education

  • Live streaming helps build brand awareness, facilitates interaction and engagement with the online audience, and also provides a platform for entertaining and educating niche customers on a regular basis.

Real-time Q&A

  • The real-time nature of Live streaming means audiences can ask questions and get answers almost instantly, enriching interaction and engagement between brand and consumer.


Monetization and Business Growth

Monetization and commercial growth are crucial aspects of Live streaming that enable brands and content creators to generate revenue while building a strong connection with their audience. Here's a more in-depth exploration of the different facets of monetization and commercial growth in live streaming:

Multiple monetization opportunities :

  • Live streaming offers a multitude of monetization methods. The simplest method is to insert a link for the public to make donations, which can look like a pay-what-you-can scheme.

Valuation of the Live Streaming Market :

  • The market for live streaming is booming, with a projected valuation of $184.27 billion by 2027. This massive growth shows the growing importance of live streaming, whether for video games, concerts or other types of live content.

Commercial growth :

  • The video streaming sectorThe livestreaming market, of which livestreaming is a large part, is booming, with a market value of $70.5 billion by 2021. This growth represents a significant opportunity for brands and content creators to capitalize on this trend and explore new avenues for commercial growth.

Monetization platforms :

  • Several video monetization platforms continue to create new business opportunities with the widespread adoption of live video streaming. These platforms enable creators to monetize their content in a variety of ways, including selling products, offering exclusive content, and more.

Sale of Exclusive Products and Contents :

  • Brands can capitalize on live streaming by selling products or by offering exclusive content. This method not only generates revenue, but also enriches theuser experience by offering valuable content and engaging audiences in real time.

Audience Engagement and Monetization:

  • Real-time engagement with the audience during Live streaming sessions can also lead to monetization opportunities. For example, brands can promote and sell their products live, offer exclusive discounts to viewers, or generate revenue via integrated advertising and partnerships.


Live stream authenticity and transparency

Proximity and Reality:

  • Live streaming has the unique ability to create a sense of proximity and reality. Live communication offers advantages such as authenticity, VIP effect, and transparency, creating a "little mouse looking through the keyhole" effect, promoting engagement and interaction on social networks.

Establishing Trust:

  • Authenticity and transparency contribute to long-term success on social media platforms by strengthening brand reputation and building trust with audiences. Studies have shown that livestreaming attributes influence consumer trust, as well as their intentions to watch and buy.

Real Time Engagement :

  • Live streaming enables authentic, transparent communication in real time, which can strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer. The real-time nature of livestreaming encourages direct interaction, offering a unique opportunity to connect brands with their audience.

Enhancing authenticity :

  • In a saturated digital world, authenticity has become a precious currency. Consumers value authenticity and are looking for special relationships, which is facilitated by live streaming. What's more, authentic, transparent communication can create a bond, a connection with the target and future customers, by revealing the company's values and DNA, which in turn will increase consumer confidence in the company and its brand.

Impact on Perception and Purchase Intention:

  • Live streaming features can significantly increase consumers' overall perceived value and purchase intent, while reducing their perceived uncertainty.

Authenticity and transparency are essential in live streaming, creating a genuine connection between brands and their audience. They help establish a relationship of trust, engage the audience in real time, and ultimately monetize and increase perceived value, contributing to commercial growth and long-term success in the digital ecosystem.


Content amplification

Amplifying the content generated from a Live stream is a crucial step in maximizing the reach and impact of your online content. Here's a more detailed development on the subject:

Reuse of Content :

  • Once livestreams have been completed, they can be transformed into different content formats. For example, a video livestream can be re-edited into shorter clips, transformed into audio content for a podcast, or even transcribed into text for a blog. This multi-use of original content helps to extend its lifespan and reach different audience segments on different platforms.

Diffusion and Amplification :

  • The next step is amplificationSocial networks play a major role in content amplification. Sharing your live stream on social networks can help you reach new people who, in turn, can share your content, creating a snowball effect. This sharing can expand your audience and increase your brand's visibility.

Partner commitment :

  • Engaging partners can also be used to amplify the distribution of your content. For example, if your live stream includes interviews, you can send a media pack to the guest so that they can share the post announcing the release of the episode on their networks, thereby increasing the visibility of the content.

Social Networks and Sharing Platforms :

  • Platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook allow not only live broadcasting, but also sharing and promotion of recorded content. It's important to leverage these platforms to promote the content generated from livestreams and reach a wider audience.

Post-Livestream Promotion Strategies :

  • After the live broadcast, promotion of recorded content can include tactics such as SEO for videos, blog transcripts, paid advertising and newsletters. For example, a strategy might include updating all your social networks and activating your newsletter to animate your community and promote the livestream's recorded content.

Content amplification is an important step in maximizing the impact of your livestreaming efforts, and taking advantage of it can greatly contribute to the growth and success of your business. audience engagement.


Live stream vs Television: A digital competition?

Live streaming and television share the objective of content delivery, but differ greatly in audience engagement. Television follows a linear, scheduled format, while livestream offers an interactive, real-time experience, enabling audiences to actively participate and interact with creators.

The competition between livestream and television manifests itself in different ways, particularly influencing audience engagement. Here's a detailed analysis of this phenomenon:

Engagement Audience

  • Session duration Livestream sessions hold more of the audience's attention, with an average session length of 26.4 minutes. This real-time interaction creates a sense of authenticity and urgency that keeps audiences engaged.

Generational Change

  • Generational Preferences : Younger generations, especially millennials and Generation Z, are more inclined to consume streaming content, while older generations prefer traditional TV. This shift is driven by the appeal of social platforms that offer livestreaming capabilities.

Popularity of Livestream Platforms

  • Reason for enthusiasm : The health crisis has boosted the live-action craze on the Internet, attracting a larger, younger audience to platforms like Twitch and YouTube.
  • The New Way of Consuming Media Livestreaming platforms offer a new way of consuming media, with live broadcasts followed by powerful, young and highly engaged audiences.

The benefits of traditional chains

  • Adapting Traditional Channels : Faced with the growing popularity of livestreaming, traditional television is increasingly turning to platforms like Twitch to broadcast live video.

Content diversity :

  • Content selection : Audiences today have a wider choice with more than 817,000 unique program titles available across traditional TV and streaming services, representing an increase of 18 % over 2019.

The real-time engagement offered by live streaming is a key element that sets it apart from traditional television. As younger generations become more attracted to live streaming, traditional channels are beginning to explore this medium to maintain their relevance. Content diversity and the possibility of real-time interaction are crucial factors contributing to the digital competition between livestream and television, and the influencer marketing for your communication has taken over from streamers.


Brand interest in livestreaming on Twitch, YouTube and Instagram

Real-time commitment

  • Live streaming platforms enable direct engagement with the audience, strengthening the relationship between brand and consumer.


  • Twitch and YouTube offer avenues for direct monetization, while Instagram, with its ShoppingIt also enables brands to sell products.

Extended range

  • These platforms have a massive and diverse user base, offering an opportunity to reach a wider, global audience.

Authentic content

  • Live streaming enables brands to show a more human and authentic side, appreciated by modern consumers.


The 5 Golden Rules for a successful Livestream


Successful live streaming begins long before the moment of broadcast. Careful preparation is the foundation on which a successful livestream is built. This includes:

  • Planning Content: Have a clear plan of what you want to share or discuss during the livestream. This could be a script or a detailed agenda with the key points you want to cover.
  • Technical Test: Check that all your hardware and software are working properly. Test your Internet connection, camera, microphone and any other equipment you need.
  • Broadcast Environment : Make sure the environment in which you will be broadcasting is clean, well-lit and free from distractions or unwanted noise.


One of the main advantages of live streaming is real-time interaction with the audience.

  • Reply to Comments : Take the time to respond to your audience's comments and questions. This creates a connection and shows that you value their participation.

  • Encouraging participation : Encourage your audience to ask questions, share their opinions or take part in live polls or games.

Quality Content

Content is king, and this remains true even in the field of live streaming.

  • Captivating content : Make sure your content is interesting and engaging to keep your audience's attention.

  • Added value : Offer something useful or informative to your audience, whether it's advice, information or a unique perspective.


Promotion is essential to attract a wider audience.

  • Advance notice : Announce your Live streaming in advance on all your social platforms and by e-mail.

  • Teasers : Share teasers or previews of what you'll be discussing or doing during Live streaming to generate interest.

Analysis and Improvement

Continuous improvement is the key to long-term success.

  • Performance analysis : Use the analytics provided by the live streaming platform to evaluate the performance of your livestream. Examine viewer numbers, engagement, and highlights.

  • Feedback : Solicit feedback from your audience to find out what they liked and what they think could be improved.

  • Continuous Improvements : Identify areas for improvement and work on them for future sessions. This could include adjusting your content, improving your technical equipment or modifying your promotional strategy.

By following these five golden rules, you'll be better placed to create successful livestreams that captivate and engage your audience, helping to grow your online community.


Live streaming, by embracing real-time engagement, monetization, and authentic communication, presents itself as an invaluable tool in any brand's digital kit. It enables brands to stay relevant and thrive in the ever-changing digital ecosystem, while providing fertile ground for more personal and interactive interaction with their audience.

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