Here are a few tips to improve your audience and boost engagement.

Today, with the new algorithms of facebook and instagram, we know that the average reach of today's posts is less than 10% (instead of 30% a few years ago), that 71% of your publications are ignored by a large proportion of your subscribers, and that the lifetime of your publications doesn't exceed 3 hours.

How to improve your audience and boost engagement with your publications?

The secret to increasing engagement social networks is to create content, that's both relevant and targeted to your community. The image must be simple and the concept strong. It's important to feed your social networks regularly, and to find content that is relevant and interesting to your subscribers.

  • Propose unique, polished contentIt's always good to make a difference. Above all, get straight to the point, be clear and precise. Look for a punchy formulation that gives all the info in a few words.
  • Tag and mention people or professionals concerned by your publication and use hashtags Include a maximum of 2 hashtags per tweet.
  • Use a Short URL for your links.
  • Choose the good timing for your publications: to do this, analyze your previous publications to find out when is the best time for you to publish.
  • Share content by real time and link your content to trends current.
  • Put your publications the most important ahead by choosing pin them at the top of your page or profile.
  • Encourage participation of your community in several ways... By asking them questions, for example. Above all, don't hesitate to give your subscribers a voice and ask them to re-share your content. You can also.., propose surveys, challenges and contests...
  • Repost/ retweet and share other posts, so some people will do the same with your posts.
  • Don't hesitate to republish your publications several times in the same day: due to their very short visibility time.
  • For advertising campaigns and content: avoid overly commercial language that will often drive your subscribers away. Instead, try to make your posts as natural as possible, whether through the image or the description itself. 

The importance of your visuals should not be overlooked.

How to improve your audience and boost engagement with your publications?

  • Create a logo or identity to your blog or page that is visible and clear to your subscribers.
  • Incorporate neat, playful visuals You'll be able to add your own images, gifs (very useful on twitter) or videos corresponding to your publications, for example.
  • Help evoke an emotion in your publications and bring back good memories to your community is just as important. It's fun for everyone to recognize themselves in something, so don't miss out on making your community laugh, smile and feel nostalgic.
  • Try to have a overall harmony in your visualsWe've got the right look and feel for both Instagram and your other social networks. The more harmony you achieve, the more pleasant and recognizable your social networks will be.


Don't neglect your other social networks, and don't hesitate to apply these tips to all your networks.


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