10 compelling reasons to join influencer marketing in your communications strategy. One of these powerful tools is influencer marketingwhich has proven its effectiveness in engaging audiences, improving brand image and raising awareness.

The power of recommendation in influencer marketing cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to its direct impact on sales. According to a recent study by ObsConso :

  • 63% of French consumers believe that influencers have a significant impact on purchasing decisions.
  • 41% of French people have either bought, abandoned or recommended a product because of the commitment of a influencer.
  • Similarly, 41% of French consumers are more inclined to try a new brand or product if an influential personality speaks authentically about it or uses it personally.

These statistics highlight the crucial role played by influencers in the purchasing dynamic, and underline the importance of integrating influencer marketing effective in your planning commercial.

We'll help you understand how it can boost your communication:

Reason 1: Strengthen brand awareness

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for building brand awareness. The increased visibility that influencers can bring to your brand is unrivalled.

Increase your brand's visibility

By engaging influencers in your industry, you can increase your brand's visibility to a wider audience. Influencers have the ability to reach thousands, even millions of people through their social media platforms.

Building a positive reputation

Not only can they increase your brand's visibility, but they can also help establish and maintain a positive reputation for your brand. Influencers are seen as trusted sources, and when they recommend your brand to their followers, it helps build your reputation.

Reaching new audiences

Influencers are also a great way to reach new audiences. They've already established a rapport with their audience, which means that when they introduce your brand to their followers, they're doing so to an audience that's already engaged and interested.

Reason 2: Generate traffic to your communication channels

Another advantage of influencer marketing is its ability to drive traffic to your communication channels.

Use the power of influencers' recommendations

Influencers have the ability to encourage their followers to visit your communication channels, such as your website or social networking profiles. The simple fact that an influencer recommends your channels can encourage people to click through and discover what you have to offer.

Drive traffic to your website

Influencers can also help drive traffic to your website. By including links to your site in their publications, influencers can encourage their followers to visit your site, which can translate into increased sales and conversions.

Increase engagement on your social networks

Influencers can also help you increase engagement on your social networks. By sharing and liking your publications, influencers encourage their followers to do the same, which can increase your reach and engagement.

Reason 3: Increase your company's credibility

Influencer marketing can also help boost your company's credibility.

The influence of third parties

By associating your brand with respected influencers in your industry, you can reinforce your company's credibility. Their support for your brand adds to the public's trust in your company.

Associate your brand with experts or celebrities

Associating your brand with experts or celebrities can also reinforce your stature in the marketplace. It gives your brand a sense of approval from a well-known and respected personality.

Gaining consumer confidence

When your brand is endorsed by an influencer, it encourages consumers to trust your brand. The fewer doubts they have about the quality of your products or services, the more likely they are to become loyal customers.

Reason 4: Boost sales and conversions

Beyond simple brand recognition, influencer marketing is also an effective way of boosting sales and conversions.

Influencing consumer purchasing behavior

By putting your brand in front of a wider audience, influencers can help influence consumer buying behavior. Their recommendations can encourage consumers to try your products or services, which could translate into higher sales and conversions.

Create a positive word-of-mouth effect

Influencer marketing can also generate a positive word-of-mouth effect for your brand. When influencers speak positively about your brand to their audience, it can encourage others to do the same, creating a positive domino effect.

Increase demand for your products or services

As the visibility of your brand increases thanks to influencer marketing, demand for your products or services can also increase. This, in turn, can translate into increased sales and revenue for your company.

Optimize Conversion Rates with Influencer Marketing

Incorporating influencer marketing strategies can dramatically improve your conversion rate, whether it's product sales, premium content downloads or online training registrations.

The data shows that influencer recommendations are often more effective than traditional ads in prompting action. For example, two-thirds of Millennials are more likely to engage with a brand if it is mentioned by a YouTube content creator they follow.

By integrating influencers into your digital strategy, you humanize your brand message, resulting in more authentic and engaging campaigns. This human-centered approach is a powerful lever for increasing your conversion rate.

Reason 5: Personalize your brand message

Influencer marketing also allows you to personalize your brand message.

Tailor your communication to influencers

Each influencer has their own unique style, and their audience responds to that style. By working with different influencers, you can tailor your message to best resonate with their unique audience.

Create targeted content for specific segments

Influencers understand their audience and know what interests and engages them. By working with influencers, you can help create content that is targeted specifically to various segments of your audience.

Amplify the emotional impact of your message

They are also able to amplify the emotional impact of your message. Once the influencer has established an emotional connection with the audience, any sponsored message or brand they promote will be more likely to create an impact.

Reason 6: Benefit from a more profitable marketing strategy

Influencer marketing can be a more cost-effective marketing strategy than other forms of advertising.

Reduce traditional advertising costs

Traditional advertising, such as television or print, can cost a considerable amount of money. In comparison, using influencers to promote your brand can often be a more cost-effective way of reaching your audience.

Get a better return on your investment

Influencer marketing can also offer a better return on investment. An influencer's audience is already engaged and interested in what they have to say, which means your brand message is likely to be received more positively.

Optimize the allocation of your marketing budget

As well as providing a better return on investment, influencer marketing can also help optimize the allocation of your marketing budget. By targeting the influencers who are most relevant to your brand and audience, you can get the best possible results for your investment.

Traditional advertising, while always relevant, can be costly and doesn't always guarantee optimal ROI. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, offers considerable flexibility in terms of cost and targeting. Indeed, there are a variety of influencers suited to different sectors, social media platforms and audience scales.

This diversity allows companies to choose an influencer that precisely matches their niche, preferred platform and budget. For example, if budget constraints don't allow for collaboration with a large-scale influencer, it's always possible to turn to a micro-influencer. The latter can offer an engaged and relevant audience, while being more affordable.

Reason 7: Promote engagement and interaction with your audience

Using influencers can also increase engagement and interaction with your audience.

Encourage conversation and feedback

Influencers have the ability to encourage conversation and feedback from their audience. This means that when they talk about your brand, a discussion is likely to ensue, which can lead to greater interaction with your brand.

Create a special relationship with your customers

It can also help create a special relationship between you and your consumers. When an influencer your audience respects and trusts endorses and recommends your brand, it creates a deeper connection between your brand and your audience.

Increase participation and interaction on your platforms

Influencer marketing can also help increase participation and interaction on your social platforms. An influencer's followers are very likely to follow and interact with your brand if the influencer recommends that they do so.

Reason 8: Overcoming traditional media saturation

In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising, influencer marketing offers an effective way of overcoming traditional media saturation.

Stand out from the competition

Using influencers to promote your brand can help you stand out from the competition. With the right influencer, your brand can attract attention and get noticed.

Bypassing advertising filters

Consumers are increasingly trained to filter out traditional advertising. Influencer marketing makes it possible to bypass these filters by benefiting from the trust and commitment of the influencer's followers.

Reach your audience even with competing ads

Even if your audience is exposed to competing ads, the influence and credibility of influencers can help you reach your audience.

Reason 9: Adapt to new consumer habits

In today's world of rapidly changing consumer habits, using influencer marketing can help you stay relevant and adapted to these changes.

Consumers trust influencers

Many consumers trust influencers as much, if not more, than they trust their friends and family. They believe that influencers' opinions and recommendations are genuine and honest, which gives these influencers great power of influence.

Influencer marketing is compatible with social media

With the spread of social media, influencer marketing is more relevant than ever. Instead of simply broadcasting your message, you can now engage in a conversation with your audience thanks to influencers.

Consumption of authentic content on the rise

Today's consumers are increasingly looking for authentic content from brands. Influencers have the ability to produce this type of content, which can help strengthen your brand and further engage your audience.

Targeting Millennials

Millennials represent a a prime target for influencer marketing strategies, given their growing distrust of traditional advertising. According to a 2018 study by Harris Interactive for Observatoire Cetelem, 44% of Millennials follow macro-influencers and 29% follow micro-influencers. Beauty, lifestyle and fitness are particularly popular with this age group.

The study also reveals that nearly 80% of young French people have discovered a product and 75% a new brand thanks to an influencer. These figures are twice as high as the average for all age categories.

What's more, Millennials have a very positive perception of influencers: 41% see them as experts in their field, able to provide independent advice and recommendations.

This data underlines the importance of integrating influencer marketing into your overall strategy, especially if you're looking to effectively engage the Millennial generation.

Reason 10: Exploit opportunities for creative collaboration

Finally, influencer marketing offers unparalleled opportunities for creative collaboration.

Create original and innovative content

Working with influencers can help you create original, innovative content. As each influencer has their own unique style, they can help you see your brand in a new light and create content that will resonate strongly with your audience.

Benefit from the creativity of influencers

By using influencers for your marketing campaign, you also benefit from their creativity. They're experts at creating engaging content, and can help showcase your brand in new and innovative ways.

It's not uncommon for an influencer marketing campaign to exceed initial expectations and reach a wider audience than initially targeted. Influencers often have a diverse subscriber base, and their reach can extend far beyond your target market. Collaborating with them therefore offers the opportunity to significantly expand your audience.

This phenomenon can be particularly beneficial for brands seeking to diversify their customer base or penetrate new market segments. However, you need to remain vigilant to ensure that this new audience is in line with your brand's objectives and values.

Develop lasting partnerships with content creators

Influencer marketing can also lead to lasting partnerships with content creators. These relationships can be extremely beneficial to your brand in the long term, offering an opportunity to work together on future projects and marketing campaigns.


In conclusionInfluencer marketing offers a multitude of advantages for your communications strategy. From increased visibility to the creation of innovative content, the potential is vast. Just remember that for this strategy to be effective, it's essential to choose the right influencers who share your brand values and have an audience that matches your target.

It's not unusual for a influencer marketing campaign exceeds initial expectations and reaches a wider audience than initially targeted. Influencers often have a diverse subscriber base, and their reach can extend far beyond your target market. Collaborating with them therefore offers the opportunity to significantly expand your audience.

This phenomenon can be particularly beneficial for brands seeking to diversify their customer base or penetrate new market segments. However, you need to remain vigilant to ensure that this new audience is in line with your brand's objectives and values.

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