All about functionality TikTok Shopping: discover how to buy products directly from the TikTok app, and the benefits for brands. Dive into the world of shopping on TikTok!

TikTok, the social media platform recently introduced a new feature that allows users to discover and purchase products directly from the application. TikTok Shopping or TikTok Shop offers brands and content creators a new opportunity to promote their products and generate sales. We'll explore the different features of TikTok Shopping, how users can access this functionality and what benefits it can offer brands.

TikTok Shop is revolutionizing the way brands connect authentically with creators and communities, offering a new approach to developing their business and generating meaningful purchase moments.

What is TikTok Shopping?

New functionality for online shopping

TikTok Shopping is a new feature launched by TikTok that allows users to purchase products directly from the application. Thanks to this feature, users can discover new products, integrate them into their videos and buy them without leaving the TikTok app.

The union of entertainment and commerce manifests itself through authentic and relative shopping content, inspiring and leading to purchase. These contents combine entertainment and information, making the shopping experience more attractive and immersive.

On TikTok, creators take an innovative approach to online shopping, helping brands build trust and influence through authentic content. These creators offer a refreshingly sincere vision of products, strengthening the relationship between brand and consumer.

Communities on TikTok stimulate discovery and influence culture. Brands can build lasting relationships with users by getting involved in these existing communities, creating a special bond with their audience.

TikTok and e-commerce integration

TikTok Shopping integrates the creative and entertaining world of TikTok with the world of e-commerce. Users can now not only watch videos, but also buy products featured in them. This opens up new opportunities for brands and sellers to reach a wider audience and interact more directly with potential customers.

TikTok revolutionizes the shopping experience, from the "For You" page to secure payment, order management and support, all integrated into the application. This approach simplifies theuser experience and guarantees a secure transaction.

Purchase products without leaving the application

One of the key benefits of TikTok Shopping is the ability for users to purchase products without leaving the app. Users can see a product in a video, click on it and be redirected to a product page where they can find out more and make their purchase. This enables a smooth purchasing process and facilitates the user experience.

How does TikTok Shopping work?

Partnerships with brands and vendors

TikTok Shopping works through partnerships between TikTok, brands and sellers. Brands can partner with TikTok to integrate their products into the app and make them available to users. Sellers, meanwhile, can create sales accounts on TikTok and promote their products via videos and direct links to product pages.

Creating shopping videos

Users wishing to sell products on TikTok can create shopping videos. This involves presenting the product in an attractive and engaging way, giving information about its features and benefits, and engaging viewers. Shopping videos can be created with different formats and special effects to grab users' attention.

Integrating products into videos

Once the video has been created, users can integrate products into their videos. This can be done in a number of ways, for example by placing the product prominently in the video, mentioning it in the caption or adding tags to make it easily identifiable. Product integration allows users to discover and learn more about the products on offer.

Direct links to product pages

When users see a product they're interested in in a video, they can click on it to be redirected to a specific page dedicated to the product. On this page, they can get more information about the product, see additional images and read reviews from other users. This feature allows users to explore the product in detail before making their purchasing decision.

Simplified purchasing process

Once on the product page, users can add the product to their basket and proceed to purchase directly from the TikTok application. The purchasing process is simplified to provide a smooth, frictionless user experience. Users can enter their payment details, choose their delivery method and finalize their purchase in just a few simple steps.

Four Native Ways to Shop on TikTok

TikTok Shop represents a major breakthrough in the world of e-commerce, offering brands a dynamic platform to connect, engage and convert their audience into loyal customers.

TikTok Shop enables merchants and designers to showcase and sell products directly to the TikTok community via a complete in-app experience:

Direct Shopping

Buy directly on LIVE by tapping on pinned products or browsing the shopping cart icon.

Commercial Videos

Buy directly from a video in the News Feed by clicking on the product link and shopping cart icon.

Product Showcase

Buy directly from a brand or designer account and access products within the application.

The benefits of TikTok Shopping

Discovering new products

TikTok Shopping offers users the chance to discover new products in a fun and creative way. Users can be inspired by videos of products recommended by other users or presented by influencers. This allows them to diversify their product choices and explore new options they might not otherwise have thought of.

Interactive shopping experience

With TikTok Shopping, the shopping experience becomes interactive and engaging. Users can not only watch product videos, but also interact with them by clicking on products, adding them to their shopping cart and proceeding to purchase. This creates an immersive and entertaining experience, transforming the simple act of purchasing into a moment of pleasure.

Ease of use for buyers

TikTok Shopping is designed to be easy to use for shoppers. Users can find products easily through the search function or by browsing recommended videos. Once they've found a product they're interested in, they can add it to their basket and finalize their purchase without leaving the TikTok app. This ease of use makes the purchasing process quick and convenient.

Opportunities for brands and sellers

For brands and sellers, TikTok Shopping offers new opportunities to reach a wider audience and creatively promote their products. Thanks to shopping videos, brands can present their products in an attractive way and engage users. In addition, direct links to product pages enable brands to generate traffic to their own websites or online sales platforms.

How to use TikTok Shopping

Create a TikTok account

The first step in using TikTok Shopping is to create a TikTok account. Users need to download the TikTok app to their device and follow the instructions to create a user account. Once their account has been created, they can start exploring TikTok's features, including TikTok Shopping.

Check eligibility for TikTok Shopping

TikTok Shopping is not available to all users. Before being able to use the TikTok Shopping feature, users must verify their eligibility. To do so, they must ensure they have an active TikTok account and meet the criteria set by TikTok, such as minimum follower count or engagement on their videos.

Switch to designer mode

To use the TikTok Shopping feature, users need to switch to creator mode on their TikTok account. This will enable them to create shopping videos and integrate products into their videos. To activate creator mode, users need to access their account settings and select the "Switch to creator mode" option.

Embedding products in videos

Once in creator mode, users can integrate products into their videos. They can search for the products they wish to embed, choose those that match their content and add them directly to their video. Embedded products will then be visible to users watching the video, and can be clicked to access the product page.

Activate purchasing functionality

Once the products have been integrated into the video, users need to activate the purchase functionality. This will enable them to redirect users to product pages where they can make purchases. Users must follow TikTok's instructions to activate this functionality and ensure that everything is configured correctly to enable purchases.

What are the limits of TikTok Shopping?

Limited availability in some countries

TikTok Shopping is not yet available in all countries. For the time being, the feature is limited to certain markets and is being rolled out in others. This means that not all TikTok users have access to TikTok Shopping yet, and cannot purchase products directly from the app.

Restrictions on certain types of products

TikTok has rules and restrictions on the types of products that can be sold via TikTok Shopping. Certain products, such as illegal, dangerous or counterfeit goods, are strictly prohibited. Brands and sellers must respect these rules in order to continue using TikTok Shopping.

Respecting the TikTok rules

In addition to product restrictions, TikTok Shopping users must also abide by TikTok's rules regarding published content. TikTok has strict content guidelines, including rules against promoting violence, harassment, misinformation or any offensive content. Users must therefore ensure that they comply with these rules when using TikTok Shopping.

Purchasing difficulties for non-eligible users

Users who are not eligible to use TikTok Shopping may find it difficult to purchase products featured in the videos. Although they may see the products and be interested in them, they won't be able to buy them directly from the app. They will have to look for other ways to buy the products, such as visiting the brand's website or contacting the seller directly.

How to succeed on TikTok Shopping

Creating attractive and engaging content

To succeed on TikTok Shopping, it's important to create attractive, engaging content. Users need to be captivated by the videos and find the products featured interesting and useful. It's essential to use storytelling techniques, creative editing and special effects to make videos eye-catching and impressive.

Using popular trends

Following popular trends on TikTok is another key strategy for success on TikTok Shopping. Users are often drawn to videos that are fashionable and follow the latest trends. So it's important to keep up with current trends and incorporate popular elements into shopping videos to grab users' attention.

Establish a relationship of trust with followers

To succeed on TikTok Shopping, it's important to establish a relationship of trust with followers. Users are more inclined to buy products recommended by people they trust and have a relationship with. So it's essential to interact with followers, answer their questions and offer them a positive experience.

Exploiting the potential of the video format

The video format is at the heart of TikTok, and it's important to exploit its potential to succeed on TikTok Shopping. Videos need to be short, punchy and entertaining to captivate users from the very first seconds. It's also important to vary video styles, using different effects, camera angles and scenarios to keep users interested.

Shopping trends on TikTok

The power of influencers

Influencers play an important role in shaping shopping trends on TikTok. Users are often influenced by products recommended by influencers they trust. Influencers can create compelling shopping content, give their honest opinions on products and encourage users to buy them.

Purchasing challenges

Shopping challenges are another popular trend on TikTok. Users challenge each other to buy certain products or try certain online stores. This creates a sense of excitement and urgency around the purchase, which can boost sales and encourage users to discover new products.

The development of social commerce

Social commerce is booming on TikTok. Users are increasingly interested in products recommended by other users, and often buy products based on the opinions and experiences of others. Brands and sellers can capitalize on this trend by creating authentic content and fostering user engagement.

Integration of renowned brands

TikTok Shopping also sees the integration of well-known brands. More and more major brands are joining TikTok Shopping to promote their products and reach a younger audience. This integration of well-known brands reinforces the credibility of TikTok Shopping and creates new opportunities for users to discover quality products.

Future prospects for TikTok Shopping

Geographic expansion

TikTok Shopping is still being rolled out in many countries. In the future, we can expect TikTok Shopping to expand geographically, with more and more countries benefiting from the feature. This will enable a greater number of users and brands to enjoy the benefits of TikTok Shopping.

New brand partnerships

TikTok Shopping will continue to establish new partnerships with brands worldwide. These partnerships will enable users to discover a wider range of products, and offer brands greater visibility and sales opportunities. The new partnerships will also enhance the user experience and offer quality products.

Enhanced purchasing functionalities

TikTok will continue to enhance the shopping features of TikTok Shopping to offer users an even smoother and more user-friendly shopping experience. Enhancements could include features such as saving products for later purchase, the ability to customize delivery options or real-time order tracking functionalities.

Integration of augmented reality functionalities

TikTok may also integrate augmented reality features into TikTok Shopping in the future. This would enable users to virtually try on products, see how they fit into their environment or even personalize them to their preferences. The integration of augmented reality would enhance the user experience and help users make more informed purchasing decisions.

What are the alternatives to TikTok Shopping?

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a popular alternative to TikTok Shopping. Instagram allows users to sell products via publications, stories and videos. Users can add product tags to publications and stories to enable users to buy directly from the app. Instagram Shopping offers a seamless and visually appealing shopping experience.

Pinterest Shopping

Pinterest Shopping is another alternative to TikTok Shopping. Pinterest allows users to discover and save product ideas in different categories. Users can search for products, create boards to organize their ideas and purchase products directly from the app. Pinterest Shopping focuses on inspiration and the discovery of new products.

Snapchat's Brand Profiles

Snapchat's Brand Profiles are also an interesting alternative to TikTok Shopping. Snapchat's Brand Profiles enable brands to create exclusive content, promote products and collaborate with influencers. Users can discover new products via sponsored stories and purchase products directly from the Snapchat app.


TikTok Shopping opens up new opportunities for online commerce. Users can discover and buy products easily thanks to this feature. Brands and sellers can leverage this functionality to reach new customers and promote their products in creative and interactive ways. With the continued expansion of TikTok Shopping and the enhancement of shopping features, the world of online commerce will continue to evolve in exciting and innovative ways. TikTok Shop offers support for businesses of all sizes. From logistics solutions to post-sales management, we provide the tools you need to grow your business.

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