Discover the top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023. From influencers that captivate thousands of spectators every day.

We present the top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023. Get ready to discover the most popular female streamers in France, who stand out for their talent, vibrant personalities and ability to create a unique streaming experience. From gaming and horror to music and creation, these streamers will captivate you with their energy and commitment to their communities. Without further ado, let's get to the heart of the matter and discover together who occupies the top spots in this exclusive ranking.

The Impact of Streameuses on Twitch

The world of online gaming continues to expand, and Twitch streamers have become key figures in this phenomenon. In France, we're lucky enough to count among our ranks some of the platform's most talented and popular streamers.

We present the top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023.

Maghla (707,000 subscribers)

Top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023

copyright streameuse Maghla

Streamer Maghla, a key figure on the French streaming scene, has made a name for herself on Twitch and YouTubeby collaborating with Squeezie. His horror gaming sessions, marked by a unique atmosphere blending entertainment and suspense, captivate a considerable audience. Her dynamic personality and positive energy have created an engaged and loyal community. With over 707,000 subscribers on Twitch, she is one of the most influential streamers in France, recognized for her captivating style and her ability to create a strong bond with her fans.

Deujna (674,000 subscribers)

Top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023

copyright streameuse Deujna

Streamer Deujna, a multigaming specialist, has made a name for herself in streaming thanks to her versatility and talent in games like Minecraft and Pokémon. His participation in events such as ZeratoR's Zevent and Squeezie's GP Explorer has boosted his profile. With 674,000 subscribers on Twitch, she attracts a large community thanks to her content personality, offering streaming experiences that are both fun and immersive.

Jeel (673,000 subscribers)

Top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023

copyright streamer Jeel

Streamer Jeel, aka "Doctor Jeelou", skilfully combines gaming and community interaction. She's known for her live sentimental advice and horror gaming sessions. With 673,000 subscribers on Twitch, she has created a tight-knit community around diverse content, from cooking to retro gaming. Her ability to tackle different themes with authenticity and humor makes her a popular and respected streamer.

Julia Bayonetta (576,000 subscribers)

Top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023

copyright streamer Julia Bayonetta

Streamer Julia Bayonetta excels at shooting games and also shares her drawing talents with her community. Her streams skilfully combine art and gaming, offering a unique and varied experience to her 576,000 subscribers on Twitch. Her passion for gaming and the creative arts has set her apart and captivated a diverse audience, making her a benchmark in the French streaming world.

Little Big Whale (556,000 subscribers)

Top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023

copyright streamer Little Big Whale

Known by the pseudonym "Trivia", the Little Big Whale streamer offers an original concept mixing gaming and karaoke. With over 556,000 subscribers on Twitch, she attracts an audience looking for unique, interactive entertainment. Her ability to fuse different styles of content makes her an innovative and beloved streamer, offering her viewers memorable streaming experiences.

Kaatsup (499,000 subscribers)

Top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023

copyright streameuse Kaatsup

Streamer Kaatsup, with her versatile approach to streaming, dabbles in a variety of fields, from multigaming to painting to live reactions. Her high-profile participation in Squeezie's GP Explorer has boosted her visibility and popularity. With 499,000 subscribers on Twitch, she has established herself as a versatile and captivating content creator, attracting a loyal community thanks to her variety of content and authenticity.

Bagherajones (310,000 subscribers)

Streamer Bagherajones, best known for her Minecraft sessions, has developed a strong presence on Twitch with 310,000 subscribers. Her ability to explore various games while staying true to Minecraft has contributed to her success. Her participation in the 2019 and 2022 editions of Zevent has boosted her profile. Her engaging streaming style and approachable personality have built a strong, dedicated community, making her a popular streamer in the French gaming scene.

Ultia (265,000 subscribers)

Streamer Ultia has enjoyed a notable rise in popularity with her Animal Crossing sessions during confinement. A member of the Ponce team, she has created a warm and welcoming atmosphere on her Twitch channel, where she now boasts 265,000 subscribers. Her ability to connect with her audience through relaxing, community-based games makes her a key figure in streaming, appreciated for her closeness to her community.

Areliann (234,000 subscribers)

Streamer Areliann, with a marked preference for GTA V, offers her community of 234,000 subscribers on Twitch varied and captivating streams. Her flexibility in choosing her games and her ability to maintain engagement, even during long late-night sessions, underline her talent as a streamer. Her personal approach and passion for gaming make her popular with a loyal audience.

Cameliaaa92 (210,000 subscribers)

A GTA V specialist, streameuseCameliaaa92 stands out for her collaborations with other streamers, including KmSenKangoo. With 210,000 subscribers on Twitch, she creates dynamic, interactive streaming experiences, captivating her audience with engaging content and a charismatic online presence.

Trinity (204,000 subscribers)

Top 18 French female streamers on Twitch in 2023

copyright streameuse Trinity

Prescilia Poirel, better known by her nickname "Trinity", is a 33-year-old icon of the streaming world. Originally from Nîmes, France, and now living in Lyon, France, she developed a passion for video games at a very early age, which stayed with her throughout her teenage years.

In 2013, the streamer discovered Twitch, a streaming platform live, and embarked on the streaming adventure in April 2014. Her debut is marked by gaming sessions on Titanfall & Battlefield, broadcast in English and French. Five months later, she became a "Twitch Partner", enabling her to monetize her channel and broadcast in HD.

In September 2016, Trinity Streamer was asked by the ARTE channel to host and co-write the "Art of Gaming" program, broadcast on. YouTube for two years. In March 2017, she joined LeStream WebTV, participating in various shows in addition to her personal streams. After around two years, she left LeStream to resume her independence on Twitch.

In 2019, Trinity diversifies its content, focusing more on "Just Chatting" lives, cooking streams and IRL excursions. In September 2020, she launches her ambitious "TriniTrip" project: a round-the-world tour in a converted van, streamed live on Twitch.

In April 2021, as a vegetarian and animal activist, she became an ambassador for the 30 Millions d'Amis foundation. On May 11, 2022, she publishes a cookbook entitled "Trinity - Her Best Recipes", featuring vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian recipes.

Trinity is a key figure on the French gaming scene, renowned for her esport career, her role as hostess and her commitment to various creative and humanitarian projects.

With 204,000 subscribers on Twitch, she illustrates her ability to use her platform for meaningful projects, while providing entertaining and varied gaming content. Her altruistic approach and passion for gaming make her a unique and respected streamer.

AngleDroit (201,000 subscribers)

Streamer AngleDroit, with 201,000 subscribers on Twitch, is known for her regularity and the diversity of her content, combining gaming, drawing and discussion. Her ability to create a close relationship with her community makes her unique in the streaming world. It offers a space where entertainment and creativity meet, captivating a loyal and varied audience.

Horty (197,000 subscribers)

With a laid-back approach focused on fun rather than performance, streamerHorty has made a name for herself on Twitch. With 197,000 subscribers, she stands out for her cheerful personality and accessible streaming style, offering her viewers a fun and relaxed gaming experience. Her ability to change games regularly and interact authentically with her community has created a welcoming space for all types of gamers.

AvaMind (176,000 subscribers)

Streamer AvaMind, passionate about horror games, has built a tight-knit community of 176,000 subscribers on Twitch. Known for her accessible approach and closeness to her followers, she offers captivating content that combines suspense and entertainment. Her dynamic personality and passion for horror gaming have helped her stand out from the crowd and win the loyalty of an audience looking for immersive gaming experiences.

Gom4rt (175,000 subscribers)

Streamer Gom4rt, with 175,000 subscribers on Twitch, stands out for her amusing reactions and entertaining content. Her videos, often featured in compilations of Twitch highlights, are a testament to her charisma and ability to captivate her audience. Her bubbly personality and dynamic streams have cemented her reputation as an entertaining and beloved streamer.

DamDam (167,000 subscribers)

Streamer DamDam, a tech-savvy streamer with a talent for gaming, including Pokémon cards, attracts a diverse audience of 167,000 subscribers on Twitch. Her versatility and passion for gaming and technology enable her to offer varied and informative content, attracting fans of gaming and new technologies.

Pollynette (220,000 subscribers)

Streamer Pollynette, or Poppy by her real name, has attracted a loyal audience of 220,000 subscribers on Twitch thanks to her versatility in games such as Valorant and Flashback. Her regular collaborations with other streamers bring an added dimension to her streams, creating dynamic, interactive experiences for her viewers.

xo_trixi (200,000 subscribers)

Under the pseudonym "Trixy", xo_trixi has made a name for herself in the world of GTA RP and continues to expand her repertoire of games, captivating an ever-growing audience on Twitch. With 200,000 subscribers, she offers varied and engaging content, reflecting her ability to adapt to different gaming trends and keep her followers interested.


This top 18 French female Twitch streamers in 2023 showcases the varied talents and unique personalities that captivate thousands of viewers every day. These streammers contribute to the growth of the Twitch platform in France, and deserve to be recognized for their work and their influence on the online gaming community.

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