Find out how influencers are taking the plunge into entrepreneurship by creating their own brand. Examples include Léna Mahfouf, Squeezie, Amixem, Jeanne Damas, Nabilla, Anne-Laure Mais, Noholita, Gaëlle Garcia Diaz and LeBouseuh.

In the dynamic landscape of social media, several French influencers have brilliantly transformed their notoriety into veritable brand empires.
Léna Mahfouf, aka Léna Situations, has launched Hôtel Mahfouf, a chic concept store offering clothing and lifestyle products.
Squeezie, a major figure YouTubeYOKO, a streetwear brand inspired by Japanese culture.
Fashion icon Jeanne Damas has created Rouje, an elegant ready-to-wear and beauty brand.
Nabilla Benattia, known for her reality TV career, has introduced Nab Cosmetic, a make-up line.
Anne-Laure Mais, influenced by her love of vintage, founded Musier, a Parisian fashion label.
Noholita (Camille Callen) has developed Voilà, a natural skincare range.
Gaëlle Garcia Diaz, under the pseudonym Martine, created Martine Cosmetics, followed by Martine Skin.
Finally, LeBouseuh (Romain) has launched Lockd, a clothing brand, embodying his childhood dream.
Each of these influencers has fused their unique personalities with business acumen to create brands that resonate with their audiences.

Hotel Mahfouf by Léna Mahfouf

Léna Mahfouf is a popular influencer on social networks, known as Léna Situations. She recently launched her own brand, Hôtel Mahfouf, a concept store offering a range of carefully selected clothing and lifestyle products.

Hôtel Mahfouf stands out for its chic, modern aesthetic, with products that reflect Léna's unique style. The concept store offers a shopping with attention to detail and product quality. The physical store is located in an elegant setting, offering customers a pleasant atmosphere and an immersive experience.

Léna Mahfouf has carefully selected a range of trendy clothes, from everyday essentials to more elegant pieces for special occasions. The brand also offers high-quality fashion accessories and beauty products, in line with Léna's values of sustainability and respect for the environment.

As a renowned influencer, Léna Mahfouf uses her social networking platform to actively promote your brandHotel Mahfouf. Through creative and engaging content, she shares publications and stories showcasing her brand's products. Léna also collaborates with other influencersThis helps to increase brand awareness and generate interest and sales. This helps to increase brand awareness and generate interest and sales. Léna Mahfouf has turned her influence into a successful business, thanks to her passion for fashion and her commitment to quality and style.

YOKO by Squeezie

Squeezie, one of the greatest content creators on YouTube in France, recently launched its own streetwear brand called YOKO. The brand specializes in clothing and accessories inspired by Japanese culture.

YOKO stands out for its urban aesthetic and clear inspiration from Japanese culture. The brand's designs are influenced by Japanese animation, music and lifestyle. The clothing offered by YOKO is both trendy and unique, offering Squeezie fans a way to show their support for their favorite designer while expressing themselves through their clothing style.

YOKO products are made from high-quality materials to ensure optimum comfort and long life. From t-shirts and sweatshirts to caps and accessories, each item is carefully designed to represent Squeezie's universe and meet the expectations of his community of fans.

As a huge influencer In the digital space, Squeezie uses his platform to actively promote his YOKO brand. He regularly shares photos and videos of himself wearing his clothes on social networks, creating buzz and interest around the brand. In addition, he organizes launch events, collaborates with other influencers and creates creative promotional content to attract the attention of his community of fans. Thanks to his influence, Squeezie has succeeded in creating a popular streetwear brand, establishing his presence in the fashion world.

Spacefox by Amixem

Amixem, a well-known name on social networks, accumulates over 9 million subscribers on Instagram and YouTube. His passion for space led him to launch Spacefox, a brand inspired by space aesthetics and conveying values of exploration, adventure and knowledge.

Spacefox, based in Angers, is run by a team of space enthusiasts. Their mission: to integrate space into everyone's daily life. In 2021, the brand took a decisive turn by introducing real space objects into our everyday lives. The Collision bracelets, encrusted with meteorite fragments, are the symbol of this quality approach and of the brand's determination to maintain French production.

Spacefox has more than just a commercial role; the brand is also a catalyst for emerging scientific projects. Through calls for projects, Spacefox encourages and financially supports promising scientific initiatives, thus contributing to the advancement of science. Initially focused on clothing, Spacefox has evolved to concentrate on jewelry, integrating meteorite fragments into unique creations. The success of this range convinced Amixem of the importance of concentrating on this sector, marking the end of the Spacefox clothing line.

Spacefox, more than a brand, is a journey into the unknown of space, an adventure where each product carries within it a fragment of the universe. For Amixem and its team, it's a way of bringing the stars closer to our everyday lives, making space exploration an integral part of everyone's lives.

Rouje by Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas, an iconic fashion figure and recognized influencer, is the co-founder of Rouje, a fashion and beauty brand with a strong following. Founded at the age of 24, Jeanne Damas quickly made Rouje an influential name in the fashion world, earning her a place in the Forbes ranking of the "30 Under 30" most influential people in France.

Rouje, since its creation in 2016, has enjoyed double-digit annual growth. The brand, which employs around a hundred people, offers women's ready-to-wear and beauty products. It boasts notable profitability, with sales of 2.5 million euros in 2017 and nearly one million euros in net income in 2018.

The brand, initially purely digital, is moving towards physical boutiques to strengthen its presence. Following the opening of a flagship store in Paris' Marais district and corners at Le Bon Marché, Rouje plans to open a second outlet in Paris and expand internationally, notably in England and the United States.

Jeanne Damas' personality and unique style are deeply rooted in Rouje's identity. Having started her blog at the age of 15, she created a visual identity that eventually evolved into a fashion brand. Her approach was influenced by her proximity to the Parisian fashion world and designers such as Simon Jacquemus.

Nab Cosmetic by Nabilla

Nabilla Benattia, an influencer followed by 3.4 million followers on Instagram and renowned for her appearances on reality TV shows such as "Touche Pas à Mon Poste", has launched her own make-up brandNab Cosmetic, in December 2018. Nabilla, who initially made her name on reality TV, has diversified her activities to become a major fashion figure. She has notably walked the catwalk for Jean-Paul Gaultier and become the muse of several major brands, affirming her status as a fashion icon.

The Nab Cosmetic brand, bearing Nabilla's nickname, offers a range of make-up products. Although specific details about the first collection were not fully revealed at launch, Nabilla shared a few glimpses of her range on her Instagram account, allowing her followers to gradually discover the products offered by her brand. The creation of Nab Cosmetic marks an important milestone in Nabilla's career, symbolizing her transition from reality TV personality to entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

Musier by Anne-Laure Mais

Musier, founded in March 2018 by Anne-Laure Mais, stands out in the fashion world for its unique, personalized approach. Anne-Laure Mais, who grew up in southwest France, was influenced by surf culture and Spain. Her childhood passion for vintage is reflected in her designs for Musier. She loves to play with details to make each piece unique, which is the brand's DNA. Musier offers timeless yet highly desirable pieces, designed to be worn and worn again without going out of style.

Anne-Laure Mais, a social network influencer with over 625,000 followers on Instagram, has quickly established her sharp sense of style. Her natural shots and artistic inspirations are a window onto the idealized daily life she shares with her community, while also shedding light on Musier's behind-the-scenes work.

The Musier label is strongly inspired by retro, with Anne-Laure Mais injecting a vintage air into each new collection. Pieces such as the Clara cardigan, adorned with pearly pearls, to the Darc dress, inspired by Mireille Darc, are examples of the Parisian label's creativity and elegance. Musier's DNA is marked by details that vary between minimalism and ostentation, reflecting both Musier's wardrobe and Anne-Laure Mais's personal style.

In terms of production, Musier favors local manufacturing, with most of its models produced in Paris workshops. The brand uses natural or recycled fibers, such as fishing nets for its swimwear, and opts for materials and yarns already produced in surplus by the textile industry. Musier is also committed to an ecological approach, using recycled and recyclable packaging, while seeking to reduce its carbon footprint by working with local suppliers.

Musier, under the artistic direction of Anne-Laure Mais, presents itself as a Parisian fashion brand, combining elegance, ecological sensitivity and a distinct personal touch.

Voilà by Noholita

Camille Callen, known as Noholita on social networks, is an influencer who has entered the world of cosmetics with her own brand, "Voilà". The brand focuses on a skincare range, including a day cream, a body balm, and a hand cream. The emphasis is on hydration, with the intention of returning to basic, natural products. Noholita has chosen to create these skincare products in French laboratories, using a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Noholita explains that her inspiration to create "Voilà" came from her own love of body and skin care. She was looking for simple, natural products she could trust. The range reflects her desire to create essential products that are simple, natural and respectful of all skin types.

The "Voilà" brand by Noholita is distinguished by its focus on hydration and naturalness, reflecting its own lifestyle and skincare values.

Martine Cosmetics by Gaëlle Garcia Diaz

Gaëlle Garcia Diaz, known as Martine on social networks, launched her skincare brand, Martine Skin, after the success of her make-up brand, Martine Cosmetics. Her passion for cosmetics, both make-up and skincare, led her to become an expert in deciphering ingredients and sales strategies. She shared this knowledge with her audience, which reinforced her desire to develop her own brand.

Gaëlle focused on ingredient transparency, with clear, comprehensible lists for consumers. She has also drawn up a "black list" of ingredients banned from her formulas. Its products, with a minimum of 95% of ingredients of natural origin, are designed to be safe and suitable even for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The brand aims to combine natural ingredients with pleasant textures and delicate natural fragrances.

Martine Skin's complete routine focuses on optimal hydration for plumped, purified and plumped-up skin. It includes treatment products that activate cell renewal, helping to visibly reduce fine lines. The brand thus combines effectiveness and naturalness, responding to the skin's specific needs while respecting high standards of composition and safety.

Lockd by LeBouseuh

Visit YouTubeur LeBouseuh, whose real first name is Romain, has launched his own clothing brand called Lockd. The project, which he has been working on since September, has been supported by his mother for the administrative part. Lockd's first collection includes a jacket, black and white sweatshirts with different designs, t-shirts, shorts and keyrings. To promote the launch, a pop-up store was opened in Rennes on June 18. Initial feedback from customers on social networks has been positive, praising the quality of the products.


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