Discover the Promo Code BY M DECORATION Nathanya Sonia! A brand of American and Japanese graphic influences.

BY M Decoration is a French brand specialized in interior design, embodying excellence and French craftsmanship. All creations are handcrafted in the designer's workshop, guaranteeing their authenticity and uniqueness. Whether you're an individual or a professional, the brand offers you a unique experience, blending tradition and modernity.

The founder of BY M Decoration has always been influenced by design and the art of craftsmanship, two areas that have guided her career and led to the creation of this exceptional brand. Each piece is the fruit of a clear vision: to offer unique objects, charged with history and emotion.

Each object is designed with the planet in mind, using sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials such as clay. At BY M Decoration, each creation is much more than a simple decorative item; it is a symbol of the brand's commitment to sustainability.

Every season, a new collection is unveiled, always innovative while remaining true to the essence of the brand. This approach allows customers to regularly discover contemporary creations that retain the charm and authenticity for which BY M Decoration is renowned.

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Nathanya Sonia: An authentic fashion influencer

Nathanya Siona, born July 24, 1999, is a French reality TV personality who made her debut in 2019 on "Les Anges: Back to Miami". In the same year, she took part in other shows such as "Moundir et les apprentis aventuriers" and "Les Marseillais contre le reste du monde", as well as "La villa des cœurs brisés". But she's much more than that. In addition to her role in the world of television, Nathanya is also an activist who doesn't hesitate to speak out on sensitive issues. In particular, she has spoken out about the difficult conditions in the world of reality TV, including moral and sexual harassment.


Nathanya Sonia is also a influencer and personality of social networks French. She has made a name for herself on platforms like Instagram, where she shares photos of fashion, beauty and her lifestyle. Nathanya has managed to attract a large community from followers thanks to her sense of style and sparkling personality. She often collaborates with fashion brands and beauty, making her an influential figure in these fields.

She is also an entrepreneur, exploring various avenues to extend her personal brand beyond social networks and television. Whether in fashion, beauty or even gastronomy, Nathanya seeks to diversify her activities.


Promo Code BY M DECORATION Nathanya Sonia: NATH20
-20% on the entire site with no minimum purchase required