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Founded in 2016 by Marseille-born Caroline Ohanian, APARANJAN Paris is a brand that interweaves personal heritage with a passion for jewelry design. The name "Aparanjan", which translates to "bracelet" in Armenian, not only nods to Caroline's Armenian roots, but is also directly linked to the brand's offerings, with "Paris" honoring her birthplace.

The brand, which began with Caroline creating her first works in her living room, is rooted in authenticity - from handmade creations assembled in her workshop in France to sincere interactions with the influencersthe celebrities and customers.

In September 2023, seven years after its creation, APARANJAN Paris opened its first store in the heart of Paris' Marais district, presenting a refined, sparkling and modern space that reflects its jewelry. The boutique, located on the "Rue du Trésor", offers a range of quality handcrafted jewelry, from sparkling pendants and trendy chains to timeless sautoirs and initial necklaces, catering for both minimalist and bold styles.

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Who is Hilona Gos?

Hilona Gos, born in Capri, Italy, on September 25, 1995, is a French reality TV personality and an actress. influencer. She made her reality TV debut in 2017 on TFX's "10 Couples Parfaits 2", where she stood out for her explosive temperament and her relationships with the other contestants, notably Illan Castronovo and Célia Elbaz.

In parallel to her television career, Hilona has developed a notable presence on the social networks1.8 millionfollowers on Instagram in September 2023. It has also launched its own YouTubeHiloshow", and created her own women's ready-to-wear brand, "Sorella", based in Calvi, Corsica.

Hilona Gos' life, between her television career, her influence on social networks, her businesses and her personal life, is a mix of professional successes and personal challenges, making her a complex and multidimensional public figure in the French media landscape.

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