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Who is Roubaba?

Roubaba is a influencer on several of the world's leading social media. Born on November 1, 1993 in Azerbaijan, she moved to France with her family at the age of three, and is fluent in French and Russian. Here's a concise biography of Roubaba :

  • Career on the media social :

    • YouTube : Roubaba began her YouTube career in July 2018 with a video featuring 24 facts about herself. She is known for posting challenge videos and vlogs on her YouTube channel, HouseOfRbb, which has over 550,000 subscribers.
    • TikTok TikTok: She also has a notable presence on TikTok, where she posts fashion and playback videos, accumulating over 28 million likes.
    • Instagram Roubaba manages two Instagram accounts. On her main account, house_of_rbb, she shares content related to fashion and travel, and on her second account, cookwithrbb, she shares culinary content.
  • Popularity on Instagram : On Instagram, she has grown in popularity with over 260,589 followers, positioning herself as one of France's popular influencers.

Roubaba continues to be a notable figure in the social media space in France, with a growing following on various platforms.