Discover "Cutout", the new function of TikTok to customize the background of your videos and boost your creativity!

We'd like to introduce you to a significant advance on TikTok: the addition of "Cutout", a revolutionary feature that promises to transform your video creation experience. Now, thanks to this latest innovation, you have the power to modify the background of your videos in an intuitive and ingenious way, opening the doors to infinite creative possibilities. TikTok continues to evolve to stay at the cutting edge of social networks With Cutout, your creative potential is multiplied tenfold, allowing you to transcend the limits of the imagination and bring your boldest visions to life.

What is the TikTok Cutout feature?

Definition of Cutout functionality

TikTok's Cutout feature is a tool for video editing revolutionary feature that allows you to extract elements from the foreground of your videos and isolate them from the background. This feature uses advanced image recognition technology to differentiate and separate subjects from their surroundings in the video composition.

Purpose of the Cutout feature

The aim of the Cutout feature is to give you greater creative flexibility in personalizing your videos. It lets you replace or erase the background of your clips to adapt them to your artistic vision, making it easier to create more attractive, personalized content.

How does Cutout work?

The Cutout function is based on an intelligent algorithm that detects the different planes in a video image. Once activated, this function analyzes the video and isolates the element or person in the foreground. This allows you to modify the background while keeping the subject of the video intact.

How do I use the Cutout feature on TikTok?

Access the Cutout function

To access the Cutout feature, you must first open the TikTok application and select the video creation option. Once in the editing interface, look for the icon corresponding to Cutout and press it to start using the tool.

Select the background to be modified

After accessing Cutout, the next step is to select the background you wish to modify. If the application doesn't automatically detect contours, you can do so manually by adjusting the parameters to ensure good separation between subject and background.

Apply new background

Once the original background is isolated, you can remove it or replace it with a different image or background. You can select from the options offered by TikTok or import an image from your own library.

The benefits of Cutout

Customize background

Cutout gives you unprecedented customization of your video backgrounds. You can replace unwanted backgrounds or those unsuited to the desired atmosphere with images that reinforce the message or aesthetics of your video.

Create unique visual effects

With Cutout, you can create unique visual effects that were previously reserved for professionals with expensive equipment and complex software. This greatly expands the scope of creative possibilities.

Improved video quality

Using Cutout can dramatically improve the quality of your videos by allowing you to control and enhance the background, contributing to a more professional and polished production.

The limits of Cutout

Compatibility with certain devices

Cutout may not be compatible with all devices, especially older models or those with limited hardware specifications.

Edge detection quality

Although the technology is advanced, challenges remain in terms of perfect edge detection, particularly when backgrounds are complex or the foreground subject is mixed with similar colors.

Complexity for moving objects

Cutout may have difficulty isolating fast-moving objects or subjects that change position rapidly, resulting in poorer foreground/background separation.

Tips for optimizing use of the Cutout feature

Choose a neutral background

For best results with Cutout, start with as neutral a background as possible so that the algorithm can easily distinguish the subject.

Use good lighting

Adequate lighting is essential for edge detection. Make sure the subject is well lit and stands out clearly from the background.

Keep a safe distance

Keep an appropriate distance between subject and background to minimize detection errors and simplify the trimming process.

Other background editing features on TikTok

Background removal

In addition to Cutout, TikTok offers a background removal feature that lets you create videos with a plain or transparent background.

Background replacement

You can also completely replace the background of your videos with pre-recorded images or landscapes to transform your environment into a whole new setting.

Adding special effects

TikTok offers a library of special effects that you can apply to your backgrounds to add depth, texture or intriguing visual elements to your creations.

The impact of Cutout on user creativity

The emergence of new types of video

Cutout encourages the emergence of new types of video on TikTok, allowing users to exploit creative ideas that require the manipulation of backgrounds.

Developing unique trends

The feature has also contributed to the development of unique trends on the platform, with users exploiting Cutout to create challenges, sketches and visual effects that go viral.

Promoting individual creativity

Lastly, Cutout encourages individual creativity by giving each person the means to produce new ideas. content without the need for professional video editing skills.

The popularity of the Cutout feature on TikTok

Number of active users

Since its introduction, Cutout has become a popular feature among many of TikTok's active users, who use it to enhance the aesthetics of their videos.

Cutout trends

Specific trends linked to the use of Cutout have emerged, with users creating content around the possibilities offered by this background editing feature.

Feedback from content creators

Visit content creators have reacted positively to Cutout, praising its potential for innovation in video creation and its role in audience engagement.

Criticism of the Cutout feature

Image manipulation capabilities

There has been some criticism of Cutout's image manipulation capabilities, raising ethical questions about the authenticity of content.

Impact on user privacy

Concerns have also been expressed about Cutout's impact on privacy, as users can delete or manipulate elements of videos that were once permanent.

Reproduction of stereotypes or dangerous behaviour

Finally, there is a concern that Cutout may facilitate the reproduction of stereotypes or dangerous behaviors through the easy modification of video contexts and environments.

TikTok's vision for the future of Cutout functionality

Planned improvements

TikTok plans to continue improving the Cutout feature, refining the contour detection algorithm for greater accuracy and more intuitive use.

Integration with other editing tools

To facilitate complete video editing, TikTok also plans to integrate Cutout with other editing features available on the platform.

Use in more specific fields

Finally, TikTok plans to extend the use of Cutout to more specific fields, such as education, marketing and professional entertainment, exploring applications that go beyond individual recreational use.


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