Many reasons to ride influencer marketing on Twitch

Twitch is a live video platform and community for gamers (or more precisely: video game personalities) and others. designers from content.

Twitch has amassed an impressive following of over 100 million users, who watch each other play video games or take part in creative projects such as music or cooking shows.

Twitch probably isn't the first social network you'd think of if someone mentioned influencer marketingAnd yet, the platform can be of interest to brands, even those outside the technology or video game sectors.

The small groups and tight-knit communities found on Twitch are particularly valuable for finding new audiences - especially among young people and Generation Z, who are hard for brands to reach.

Brands use Twitch via influencer marketing to reach young people

Twitch's ideal audience is young people (18-34) and Generation Z, who are difficult to reach with traditional marketing.

All influencers on Twitch have some of the smallest but most engaged followings - making it an excellent way for brands to reach a niche audience. If you're just starting out as an influencer, this can be an interesting network to develop.

Brands can exploit Twitch by sponsoring streamers or by organizing their own live streams, in which they involve streamers and celebrities as brand ambassadors.

People come to Twitch for authenticity, so it's important to be authentic and engaging!

Benefits of Twitch for brands :

  • Twitch has a massive audience.
  • Twitch is growing fast.
  • Twitch is popular with gamers, who also tend to be active consumers.
  • There's less competition on Twitch than on other video game platforms. social media whether for brands or influencers.

Twitch viewers buy products recommended by their favorite streamers. Twitch is a hyper-engaged medium. Viewers spend more than 95 minutes a day on Twitch.

First of all, you should know that Twitch has a large number of different categories (called channels), including games, music, "Just Chatting", creative arts and so on.

According to a study conducted by Streaming Media and Unruly Media, "nearly half (49 %) of online gaming video viewers say they are likely to buy a product after seeing it used by someone else. influencer on YouTube or Twitch".

According to the same Streaming Media report, a full 90 % of consumers trust recommendations from others. This is far higher than any other marketing channel.

The community is really engaged on Twitch, and the influencers there are more influential than many celebrities on other platforms!

Influencer marketing on Twitch is a highly effective way of reaching a large audience!

The benefits are obvious: the community is far more engaged than most social media networks, a number of major influencers have built up a strong following, and users are always on the lookout for their next online entertainment experience. By connecting with these influencers, companies can not only promote their products and services, but also build relationships that are likely to last for years to come.

This shows Twitch's strength in the influencer ecosystem. More brands and influencers should take advantage of this marketing opportunity and get involved in the future!

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