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Who is Nichelatti Kyria?

Nichelatti Kyria, better known under the pseudonym @nichelattikyria on the social networksis a influencer that has conquered the hearts of its customers. community thanks to her sparkling personality and recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious. With a community of over 650,000 subscribers on TikTok and 170,000 on Instagram, she's constantly sharing her happy, unfiltered daily life, as well as her secrets for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Kyria is passionate about healthy cooking and home fitness. She firmly believes that the secret to her good mood and energy lies in what she puts on her plate. That's why she has created 80 recipes, each as delicious as the next, that are a veritable concentrate of her positive, communicative energy.

But Kyria doesn't limit herself to cooking. Sporty and always smiling, she also shares with her subscribers numerous tips on sport, lifestyle and good deals. consumption. She advocates healthy, gourmet eating, where pleasure has its rightful place.

Kyria, with her pep and infectious energy, continues to seduce and inspire nearly 700,000 people every day. subscribers on TikTok and thousands of others on various platforms. She is not only an influencer, but also a source of inspiration for all those who seek to combine pleasure, well-being and indulgence in their daily lives.

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