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Nutripure, founded in 2017 by brothers Christophe and Florent Carrio, is a brand a French company specializing in food supplements and superfoods. Inspired by the sporting background of Christophe, five-time Artistic Karate World Champion, and the engineering expertise of Florent, Nutripure aims to meet the nutritional needs of high-level athletes and active individuals wishing to improve their health and well-being. The brand focuses on the quality, purity and transparency of its products, eliminating chemical additives and favoring organic and local raw materials. Traceability and the organic origin of raw materials are key elements in Nutripure's DNA, illustrating its commitment to the environment. commitment to transparency and quality.

Nutripure's product range is segmented into three categories: health, bodybuilding and weight loss, with prices starting at €5.99. Nutripure stands out in the dietary supplements market for its approach to purity and transparency, seeking to lift the veil of opacity in the agri-food industry and inform consumers of the benefits of its products. consumers on the ingredients they consume.

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Promo Code Nutripure Lauriane Lamperim: LAMPERIM
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Lauriane Lamperim: a passionate and authentic sportswoman

Lauriane Lamperim, an accomplished sportswoman, was a prominent member of the French tumbling team for ten years, where she won several medals on the international scene. Her tumbling career was interrupted by a serious back accident in 2013, requiring two operations. Despite this obstacle, she made a remarkable return to the French team in 2015, continuing to shine by winning a bronze medal at the 2017 World Trampoline Championships in Sofia, and contributing to the team's successes at the 2016 and 2018 European Trampoline Championships.

In 2018, after a decade of national representation, Lauriane Lamperim decided to turn the page on her career as a high-level acrobat to explore other sporting passions. She devoted herself to surfing, running, trail running and yoga. With a state diploma in physiotherapy, Lauriane Lamperim applies her medical expertise to develop training programs that not only improve her sporting performance, but also preserve her body's health.

In 2019, Lauriane Lamperim is publishing a book entitled "Renaissance" with Éditions Amphora, chronicling her inspiring journey of post-accident recovery and personal evolution. Today, she is also recognized as an influencer in the fields of sport and fitness, and offers her services as a coach, sharing her experience and knowledge to help others achieve their fitness goals while advocating the importance of physical well-being.

Promo Code Nutripure Lauriane Lamperim: LAMPERIM
-10% on the entire site with no minimum purchase required