Find out how to easily add polls to your posts and Reels Instagram to stimulate commitment. 

Find out how to enrich your Instagram publications by integrating polls directly into comments. In October 2023, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced a new phase of testing to enable polls to be added to post captions and Reels, marking an effort to boost user interaction and content creators. This feature, previously limited to stickers in Stories, has been expanded to offer a more dynamic and interactive way to communicate with your audience. The article follows a detailed process, illustrated by screenshots, to guide you through the process of adding a poll, from the creation of a publication or Reel to the final publication, where users will be able to answer your question via a voting button.


Instagram: how to add a poll to your posts

Instagram has always excelled as a platform for rich and diverse interaction with the public. With the aim of taking this interaction even further, Instagram recently introduced the ability for users to incorporate polls directly into the comments section of their posts and Reels. This feature, unveiled in 2023, is a major step forward that invites subscribers to proactively engage with shared content. It simplifies the expression of opinions, allowing users to respond to questions posed by the content creator in a direct and unambiguous way.

Adding polls doesn't just collect opinions; it also acts as a catalyst to drive engagement. Polls encourage users to interact not only with the poll content itself, but also to further explore the associated post or Reel. What's more, this feature fosters a form of two-way communication between content creators and their audience, enabling a deeper understanding of subscribers' preferences and interests.

The poll feature on Instagram

Purpose of adding surveys

The introduction of the poll function is all about finding new ways to interact and strengthen ties with your friends, followers and content creators. This tool adds an interactive dimension to your publications, encouraging greater participation from your audience.

Extending functionality to users

A few months after Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri made the announcement, the feature began rolling out to the general public, including business accounts. This means that no matter the size of your account, you can use polls to engage your followers.

Comparison with other platforms

This initiative is not unique to Instagram. Meta, the parent company, had already incorporated polls on Facebook and Messenger and, more recently, WhatsApp has also integrated polling options. In this way, Instagram enriches its palette of interactive features, aligning itself with other applications while offering a unique experience to its users.

Integrating a survey into a publication or Reel

Steps for adding a poll to a legend

To add a poll, content creators can simply access the poll option when creating their post or Reel. After drafting their question and offering response options, they can publish their poll, which will then appear as an interactive comment below their post. This ease of use ensures that polls are accessible to all users, whether they're new to Instagram or experts.

To integrate a poll into your publications or Reels, start by creating your content as usual. When you reach the caption stage, a "Poll" button appears. You can then write your question and propose answer options. Once you're satisfied, click to publish the poll as a comment on your post.

Limitations when adding surveys to a Reel

It's important to note that, for a Reel, the "Add a caption or a poll" option may sometimes be limited to "Add a caption...". This slight difference, however, does not affect the ability to add a poll to your Reel.

Survey customization options

Writing the survey question

Your survey question should be clear, concise and encourage interaction. You can ask any question you like, as long as it complies with Instagram community guidelines.

Add response options

You can offer up to two response options for your surveys. Keep these options short and directly related to the question asked, to encourage participation.

Validation and publication

Once you've written your question and defined the response options, a simple validation is all it takes to integrate the poll into your publication. Once published, the poll appears as an interactive comment under your Post or Reel.

How users access the survey

Location of the survey in the comments section

Unlike the poll stickers in Stories, the poll in posts is located in the comments section. This encourages your subscribers to interact not only with the poll but also to leave other comments.

Voting process for users

Your subscribers can vote simply by clicking on the option of their choice. This simplicity encourages greater participation and enables opinions to be gathered quickly.

Benefits and usefulness of polls on Instagram

Increased user engagement

Adding polls to your posts can significantly increase user interaction and engagement on your account, making your content more lively and interactive.

Opportunities to interact with subscribers

Surveys offer a direct opportunity to interact with your audience and better understand their preferences, ideas and opinions.

Data collection and feedback

These interactive tools are also a great way to collect valuable data on your subscribers, helping you to refine your content and offers based on their feedback.

Use cases for polls on Instagram

Subscriber opinion survey

Surveys are ideal for polling your subscribers' opinions on a variety of topics, from their content preferences to more general questions.

Testing new products or ideas

Before launching a new product or service, you can use surveys to test interest and gather preliminary opinions from your audience.

Community decision-making

Involve your community in your decisions by asking their opinion on design choices, product names, or other important decisions.

Strategies for maximizing survey impact

Use of interesting and relevant questions

Choose questions that resonate with your audience and are likely to generate active participation.

Encouraging subscriber participation

Actively invite your subscribers to participate in surveys and share their opinions to strengthen the community around your brand.

Analysis of results and future adjustments

Evaluate the results of your surveys to understand your subscribers' preferences and adjust your content strategy accordingly.


Adding polls to Instagram as an engagement tool

Polls on Instagram offer a fantastic opportunity to actively engage your audience, collect valuable data and strengthen the community around your brand. By exploiting this feature to its full potential, you can create more dynamic and interactive content, fostering a deeper connection with your followers.

In summary, the introduction of polls in Instagram comments opens up new avenues for user engagement. It offers a fun, interactive way for subscribers to share their opinions, while providing content creators with valuable insights into their audience. This move towards more dynamic interaction underscores Instagram's ongoing commitment to enriching the user experience and fostering a more engaged and connected community.


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