Meta Verified for Business has become an essential tool for companies looking to strengthen their online presence. 

Meta Verified was previously available for designers on Facebook and Instagram. Meta Verified for Business will also extend to WhatsApp. In this article, we'll explore in detail what Meta Verified has to offer businesses.

What is Meta Verified?

Definition and objectives

Meta Verified is a paid offering from Meta that gives businesses a verification badge and access to premium features on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. The main objective is to authenticate and secure accounts, while offering additional benefits.

The Pay Offer

The Meta Verified offer is fee-based and varies according to functionality and platform. It is often compared to similar offers, but stands out for its exclusive features.

Meta Verified Premium Features for Businesses


  • Verification Badge A blue badge appears next to the company name, indicating that the account is genuine.

  • Increased visibility Verified accounts benefit from greater visibility in search results and in suggestions of accounts to follow.

  • Advanced Security Features The accounts benefit from additional security measures, including proactive monitoring to prevent identity theft.

  • Priority Access to Support : Companies have priority access to customer service, which means faster problem resolution.

  • Exclusive stickers for Reels and Stories Companies have access to exclusive stickers to personalize their Reels and Stories.


  • Verification Badge As on Instagram, a blue badge indicates that the account is genuine.

  • Priority in Search Results : Verified accounts are highlighted in Facebook search results.

  • Profile customization options Companies can further personalize their profile, including the use of exclusive features to highlight publications or events.

  • Priority Access to Support Priority access to customer service is also available for corporate accounts.

  • Community Management Tools : Companies have access to advanced tools for managing their community, including detailed statistics and moderation options.


  • Customized Company Page WhatsApp: Companies will be able to create a page accessible via a web search. This page will serve as a showcase for the company on WhatsApp.

  • Customer interaction : Companies will be able to have multiple employees interact with customers via WhatsApp, enabling better management of interactions and responses to customer queries.

  • Upcoming Audit Program Meta has announced that an enterprise verification program is in the works for WhatsApp. Although the launch date has not yet been revealed, this initiative is part of a wider ambition to strengthen the presence of businesses on this messaging platform.

Meta Verified's verification process for businesses

Verification Badge

The verification badge is a key element of Meta Verified. It certifies that the account is genuine, thus reinforcing user confidence.

Eligibility Criteria and Conditions

To join Meta Verified, companies must meet a number of eligibility criteria. Although Meta has yet to reveal all the details, some general conditions have been announced. Companies must demonstrate a minimum length of time and activity on Meta's platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Verification Tests

The verification process involves several steps to ensure account authenticity. Companies must activate the two-factor authentication system to reinforce security. In addition, they must provide verifiable information about their structure, such as a telephone number, e-mail address and domain name. This information will be used to verify the account, which may include verification by telephone, e-mail or domain name.

Safety and Assistance

Safety measures

Meta Verified for Business offers enhanced security measures, including proactive monitoring to prevent identity theft.

Help Desk

Priority access to the helpdesk is also included, enabling rapid resolution of account-related issues.

Meta Verified for Business Pricing and Subscription


The cost of a Meta Verified for Business subscription varies according to platform and functionality. For businesses, rates are specifically structured to meet their more complex needs. Meta Verified for Businesses will be tested in the coming weeks on Facebook and Instagram in specific geographical areas. The cost of verification on a single platform such as Facebook or Instagram is set at $22 per month. If a business wishes to be verified on both platforms, the cost will be $35 per month.

Advantages and disadvantages

Subscription offers many benefits, such as increased visibility, advanced security features and priority access to the helpdesk. However, it's important to consider the cost and make sure it fits your company's needs and budget.

Comparison between Meta Verified for the general public and for businesses


  • Companies have access to more advanced functions
  • Individuals have more limited options


  • Subscriptions for companies are generally more expensive
  • Individuals benefit from a reduced rate

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Companies benefit from enhanced visibility and security
  • Individuals may not need all premium features


Meta Verified for Business is a powerful tool for companies looking to strengthen their online presence. With premium features and robust security measures, it offers a complete solution for the needs of modern businesses.

The launch of Meta Verified for businesses is part of a broader trend to monetize verification services on the Internet. social networks. This movement was initiated by platforms such as Elon Musk's X, formerly Twitter. However, this approach has run into problems, including users posing as brands or celebrities. Meta takes steps to avoid such problems by imposing strict eligibility criteria.

Points of View and Reflections

It will be interesting to follow the initial uptake of this paid option, and how users react to the appearance of verified brands in their feeds. The verification tick has long been a sign of trust and notoriety. The risk of monetizing it is that it may lose its intrinsic value, becoming an irrelevant marker for users.

Some observers believe that this phenomenon is already underway, notably with X's blue checkmark, which seems to have lost its meaning. This could explain why Meta has also decided to monetize its verification badges. If trust in these badges is eroding, why not make a financial profit from them too?

However, this strategy could be double-edged. Selling the tick risks eroding its value over time. Nevertheless, many companies are likely to be attracted by the promise of better support and increased reach, which could outweigh the potential drawbacks.


Meta Verified for Business FAQ

What is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is a paid subscription service offered by Meta. It enables users and businesses to obtain a verification badge and access premium features on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and soon WhatsApp.

How do I get a verification badge?

To obtain a verification badge, you must subscribe to the Meta Verified offer. You'll also need to meet certain eligibility criteria, which may include verification by phone, e-mail or domain name.

What premium features are available?

Premium features offered by Meta Verified for Businesses include a verification badge, increased visibility in search results on Facebook and Instagram, priority access to the helpdesk, and exclusive stickers for Reels and Stories on Instagram.

Is Meta Verified available for WhatsApp?

Yes, Meta has announced that the Meta Verified for Business service will be extended to WhatsApp. Businesses will be able to create a page accessible via a web search and chat with multiple employees.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Companies must demonstrate a minimum level of seniority and activity on Meta platforms. They must also activate the two-factor authentication system and provide verifiable information.

How does the assistance service work?

Subscribers to Meta Verified for Business benefit from priority access to the helpdesk, enabling them to resolve account issues more quickly.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Meta Verified for Businesses?

The subscription cost for businesses is set at 21.99 $ per month for an Instagram or Facebook account, and 34.99 $ for both platforms.

What are the advantages of Meta Verified for companies?

Businesses benefit from improved visibility, enhanced security thanks to proactive account monitoring, and priority access to the helpdesk.

How does Meta Verified ensure account security?

Meta Verified offers proactive account monitoring to prevent identity theft and other forms of fraud.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, subscription to Meta Verified is generally on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time, although specific conditions may vary.

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