Want to know who the most popular influencers are in Switzerland?

All influencers Switzerland have a lot to offer travelers, which is why you should seriously think about visiting this country if you haven't yet! Here are the top 10 Swiss influencers on Instagram, with the most followers and the highest engagement rate, so you can get a taste of what this fabulous country has to offer.

Switzerland has 4 official languages, Roman, German, English and French, so we've selected the top Swiss influencers for you.
Switzerland is known the world over for its chocolate, cheese, watches and beautiful landscapes, and Swiss influencers are helping us discover their country on social networks.

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Kristina Bazan @kristinabazan

Kristina Bazan is a Swiss lifestyle influencer and singer with over 2.4 million followers on Instagram. Originally from Belarus, she grew up in Begnins in the canton of Vaud. She is one of the most followed people in Switzerland, and her success on social media has enabled it to develop numerous collaborations with brands such as Dior.
On her Instagram account, she reveals her glamorous daily life, photo shoots, trips to the four corners of the planet and fashionable outfits.

Anil B. @anilbrancaleoni

Anil B. is a influencer and an entrepreneur who is active on social media. YouTube since 2011. He was previously known as Wartek, and started his channel as a gamer (Call Of Duty).
On her Instagram, you can see fashion posts, her recipes and her daily life.
On both channels, Anil posts daily lifestyle videos, including recipes and fashion articles, as well as travel vlogs and reviews of technology products such as phones and laptops.

Chiara Castelli @chiaracastelli

Chiara Castelli is a Swiss youtuber who became famous in German-speaking countries when she took part in the German version of "The Voice Kids". She has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, and her videos have been viewed over 10 million times. She is also active on Instagram, with over 100,000 followers.
She launched her YouTube channel in January 2012 when she was just 8 years old, uploading fashion videos, make-up tutorials, hair tutorials and other beauty tips.
Castelli's talent for singing was discovered when she took part in "The Voice Kids", where she reached the final but unfortunately didn't win the competition.

Dear Caroline @dearcarotte

Caroline Leuba is a Swiss influencer. She is best known for her YouTube channel, where she shares her thoughts on beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
Caroline Leuba has been building her community since 2012. Her videos generally deal with beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics. She has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, and is affectionately known as "Carrot" by her community.

Bastian Baker @bastianbaker

This young Swiss influencer has been a singer and model since 2011. On his Instagram, he shares photos of himself between concerts and recordings, as well as all the collaborations he's done with other artists.

His first tour, "The Tour of Switzerland", took place in October 2011. His debut album "The Plan" was released in November 2012 and was available on iTunes on November 18. In 2015, he took part in the Swiss national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "A Little Peace Of Heaven" released on January 6, 2016. He finished 8th out of 24.

The Fashion Fraction @thefashionfraction

Michèle Krüsi, real name, has been a Swiss influencer for over five years now. She shares content on fashion and lifestyle with thefashionfraction. Michèle began her career as a model, but then realized she wanted to be more creative and decided to become a blogger. She launched her blog in 2013 and has since grown to over a million followers on Instagram.

She also has an active YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers. Michèle's blog features her personal style as well as reviews of various brands and products. Her YouTube channel features product reviews, outfit ideas, tutorials and more.

A fan of fashion, this 23-year-old influencer lives in Geneva and shares her looks, which can be adapted to everyone!

Valentine Caporale @valentine_caporale

Valentine Caporal is a Swiss influencer and radio host. She has a large following on her social media accounts and is an expert in the field of lifestyles. She was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her family moved to Geneva when she was 3. Valentine studied at the Collège de Nyon for 2 years before dropping out to pursue her career in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and social media marketing.

Harmonie Matthey @harmoniematthey

Harmonie Matthey is a Swiss model and influencer. She has worked with various fashion brands and has appeared in several magazines and campaigns. Her Instagram account features photos and videos of her modeling work, as well as personal insights into her life, travels and fitness routines.

Lymi Fashion @lymifashion

Lymi Fashion is a Swiss fashion influencer. Her Instagram account features photos and videos of her clothing and accessories, Lymi Fashion is known for her avant-garde, modern style and often incorporates unique prints, textures and details into her posts. With girly tones, and her blog ranging from fashion to beauty to lifestyle, she has managed to grow her community.



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