Discover the 10 perfume brands most frequently mentioned by influencers from around the world. From Chanel to Dior, YSL and many others, immerse yourself in the world of perfume.

We compile a list of the top ten fragrance brands cited by influencers worldwide. This list is based on the unwavering influence of social media and modern fashion. Based on reliable, up-to-date data, we find out who in the world of fragrance generates the most interest and commitment. From Chanel to Dior to Guerlain, find out who the world's perfume influencers are.


Brand history

Chanel began in 1910 when Gabrielle Chanel, also known as "Coco", opened her first hat boutique in Paris. The brand quickly became known for its minimalist, elegant creations, which showcased the new modern lifestyle of 20th-century women. The brand then forged its own path in the perfume industry with the legendary "Chanel No.5" in 1921, a timeless fragrance that continues to fascinate luxury lovers.

Chanel's most popular fragrances

With Chanel, we've always been fascinated by the richness of their fragrance range. However, some fragrances resonated with us more than others. Chanel No.5", "Coco Mademoiselle" and the men's fragrance "Bleu de Chanell" are constantly highlighted by beauty industry influencers for their exceptional quality and timeless elegance.

Chanel's place among influencers

In the world of influencers, our Chanel brand remains a benchmark brand. Its classic fragrances continue to be featured and promoted by renowned fashion and beauty influencers. These digital engagement activities with influencers reinforce the image of the Chanel brand as a symbol of elegance and undeniable luxury.


A brief history of Dior

Dior began in 1946 when Christian Dior founded the House of Dior, with the intention of revolutionizing women's silhouettes at the time. In 1947, Dior introduced its first fragrance, "Miss Dior", which was a huge success and remains popular to this day.

Top Dior fragrances mentioned by influencers

At Dior, "Miss Dior" is undoubtedly one of the perfumes most praised by influencers. However, other fragrances, such as "J'adore" and "Sauvage", also feature prominently among influencers' favorites.

Dior's presence in digital influence

Dior's digital footprint is strong, with the brand's active involvement in the influencer marketing. Numerous collaborations are held with high-end influencers, helping to spread Dior's image of sophisticated luxury.

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

The Yves Saint Laurent story

The Yves Saint Laurent adventure began in 1961 when Yves and his partner, Pierre Bergé, founded the brand that bears his name. YSL's aim was to capture decadent Parisian elegance in clothes and fragrances.

YSL fragrances most mentioned by influencers

In the world of YSL fragrances, "Black Opium" and "L'Homme" have received enormous praise from influencers. These fragrances have seduced with their distinct notes and exceptional quality.

YSL's digital strategy

YSL has adopted a proactive approach to digital influence. Regular collaborations with fashion and beauty influencers are an integral part of their brand strategy, positioning YSL as a contemporary luxury fragrance brand.


A look at Guerlain's history

Guerlain dates back to 1828 when Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain founded the House. Guerlain is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world and is recognized for its major contribution to the perfume industry.

Influencers' favorite Guerlain fragrances

Among the Guerlain fragrances that attract the attention of influencers, "Shalimar" and "La Petite Robe Noire" stand out. Their unique compositions make them unforgettable and highly recommended by influencers.

How Guerlain is represented by influencers

In the digital arena, Guerlain collaborates with influencers to promote its fragrances. These influencers help increase Guerlain's presence in the digital world, highlighting the brand's iconic fragrances.

Paco Rabanne

A brief history of Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne began in 1966, when the Spanish-born couturier launched his own brand. Paco Rabanne quickly made a name for himself with avant-garde creations, and in 1969 introduced his first fragrance "Calandre", establishing his mark in the perfume industry.

The most popular Paco Rabanne fragrances among influencers

Paco Rabanne's "1 Million" and "Lady Million" fragrances are regularly mentioned and recommended by influencers. These fragrances have managed to captivate many influencers for their distinct quality and assertive personality.

Paco Rabanne in the world of digital influence

Paco Rabanne has capitalized on digital by actively collaborating with influencers. These collaborations have helped spread the brand's bold, innovative image, while attracting a new generation of consumers.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs brand history

The Marc Jacobs story began in 1986 when Marc Jacobs, then a design student, launched his own ready-to-wear label. He then expanded his product offering with the launch of his fragrance line in 2001.

Marc Jacobs fragrances most mentioned by influencers

Among Marc Jacobs fragrances, "Daisy" is the one most often mentioned by influencers. Its light floral scent and attractive presentation have seduced a host of fashion and beauty influencers.

Marc Jacobs' place in influencer partnerships

Marc Jacobs has remarkably created its digital presence by actively collaborating with influencers. The choice to collaborate with a variety of influencers demonstrates one of the brand's philosophies, which is not to limit itself to a single definition of beauty. It has maintained a strong and consistent presence in the digital influencer arena.

Thierry Mugler

History of the Thierry Mugler brand

Thierry Mugler began in 1973 when Thierry Muglerô launched his own fashion label. In 1992, the brand launched its first fragrance, "Angel", which became a worldwide bestseller.

Mugler fragrances most popular with influencers

Speaking of Mugler fragrances, influencers have often mentioned "Angel" and "Alien" for their unique qualities and exceptional durability.

Thierry Mugler and the world of influencers

Today, Thierry Mugler is present on the digital scene through collaborations with influencers. This helps to maintain a strong digital presence and stimulate the constant curiosity of luxury fragrance lovers.

Jean Paul Gaultier

The Jean Paul Gaultier story

The Jean Paul Gaultier story began in 1976, when Gaultier launched his own fashion house. He has since won the hearts of the public with his unique style and introduced his first fragrance, "Classique", in 1993.

Gaultier perfumes most loved by influencers

Jean Paul Gaultier's "Le Male" and "Classique" fragrances are often highlighted by influencers. These fragrances consistently win praise from influencers for their individuality and character.

Jean Paul Gaultier and influencers

Jean Paul Gaultier has succeeded in building a strong digital presence through partnerships with influencers around the world. These collaborations have cemented the brand's position in the world of luxury fragrances.


A look at Giorgio Armani and his brand

Armani began in 1975 when Giorgio Armani created the brand bearing his name. His philosophy of simplicity and elegance extended to his range of fragrances, the first of which - "Armani pour Femme" - was launched in 1982.

Armani fragrances most mentioned by influencers

Among Armani fragrances, "Armani Code" and "Acqua Di Gio" are often cited by influencers for their refinement and irresistible appeal.

Armani in the influencer space

Armani is very active in the influencer arena, regularly enlisting the participation of beauty and fashion influencers to promote its fragrances. These collaborations boost the brand's online presence while reinforcing Armani's luxury image.

Dolce & Gabbana

History of Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana began in 1985 when Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana launched their couture label. Renowned for their glamorous interpretation of femininity, they introduced their first fragrance in 1992, which solidified their status in the perfume industry.

Dolce & Gabbana fragrances that attract influencers

From Dolce & Gabbana, it's no surprise that the perfumes "Light Blue" and "The One" are frequently mentioned by influencers. These fragrances have won over influencers with their seductive compositions and undeniable quality.

Dolce & Gabbana and influencer marketing

Dolce & Gabbana has taken a proactive approach to collaborating with influencers to promote its fragrances. Their consistent presence among influencers has enabled the brand to reach a wider audience and maintain its image as a luxurious brand.

These ten brands have made an undeniable impact in the perfume space and continue to influence the beauty world through their collaborations with influencers. They constantly redefine the perfume industry and continue to captivate luxury fragrance lovers.

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