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GymShark Woman, an extension of the iconic GymShark brand, is dedicated exclusively to the creation of women's sportswear, combining high quality and contemporary design. Renowned for its fitness creations, the brand is committed to offering garments that not only stand the test of time, but also add a modern, stylish touch to every woman's sports wardrobe. The variety of products available, from everyday sportswear to performance apparel, ensures that every woman will find something to suit her.

Clothes for Everyone

The emphasis is on comfort, adaptability and support in every piece created by GymShark Woman. The garments, which fit all body types, are designed to offer optimal support during exercise, while highlighting the female body in a way that boosts confidence during training. From high-support sports bras to sculpting leggings, the brand ensures that every woman feels comfortable and supported during her workouts.

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Who are Clara and Laurie Twinsb_Fit?

Clara and Laurie: Dynamic Fitness Duo on Instagram

Clara and Laurie, 24-year-old twins, have been passionate about fitness and bodybuilding since the age of 16. Originally from Bordeaux, they have turned their passion for the sport into an adventure shared not only between themselves as sisters, but also with a friend. community for more than 5 years now through their social networksincluding Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Through their popular Instagram account, "twinsb_fit", which has attracted over 280,000 followers, Clara and Laurie aim to demonstrate that bodybuilding can be a team sport and that femininity can coexist with a muscular, sculpted body. Their message goes beyond mere fitness, promoting a positive body image and showing that physical strength can also be a vehicle for self-confidence. Their content offers a mix of their fitness journey, their diet, as well as advice and inspiration for those looking to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Their authentic approach and commitment s commitment to their own and their community's physical development continues to establish them as respected figures in the online fitness and wellness space.

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