Discover how LinkedIn is revolutionizing professional interaction with the launch of games to strengthen ties and introduce entertainment.

LinkedIn has announced the launch of a brand new feature that promises to revolutionize the way we interact on this professional platform: the games. In fact, since March 2024, users and companies alike have been able to measure themselves through playful challenges, ranging from simple puzzles to more complex enigmas. This development aims not only to strengthen ties between LinkedIn members, but also to offer an entertaining dimension to your experience on the network. With games such as Pinpoint, Queens and Crossclimb already available, this initiative embraces the growing popularity of puzzle games while facing the challenge of their English-only availability for the time being. By integrating these games, LinkedIn hopes to foster enriching and competitive interaction, opening up new avenues for professional commitment within its community.

Overview of games on LinkedIn

Introduction to the new functionality

LinkedIn, the social network dedicated to the professional world, is undergoing significant change. Recently, the platform integrated a new feature: the games. This innovation, first revealed to the public in March 2024, aims to offer users and companies a fun way to measure themselves against each other through puzzles, while allowing their results to be compared via rankings. This illustrates LinkedIn's desire to maintain and strengthen ties between its members.

Game types available: Pinpoint, Queens, Crossclimb

Among the games already available are Pinpoint, Queens and Crossclimb. These games offer a variety of stimulating challenges, from solving word associations to Sudoku-inspired puzzles, testifying to the diversity of activities available to users of the platform.

LinkedIn's goal with the introduction of games

LinkedIn's main aim with this initiative is to keep its users engaged, while reinforcing professional interactions in an innovative and entertaining way. In this way, LinkedIn hopes to capitalize on the craze for puzzle games, which have already conquered millions of followers worldwide.

How to access games on LinkedIn

Access from home page

To access these games, LinkedIn members can start by exploring their profile homepage, where direct links to the games are highlighted.

Navigation via the Network tab

An alternative is to use the Network tab, which also offers easy access to the various games. This integration ensures that games are easily accessible to encourage participation.

Prerequisites for using the games

To take advantage of this new feature, users simply need to be LinkedIn members. It's also important to note that, for the moment, these games are only available in English, which may be a barrier for non-English speakers.

Games and community dynamics on LinkedIn

Strengthening ties between members

The introduction of games on LinkedIn serves to strengthen ties between members by encouraging playful interaction. Not only does this help break the ice in professional exchanges, it also enables new connections to be discovered in a more relaxed way.

Encouraging participation and sharing

The games also encourage active user participation on the platform and the sharing of experiences. Every victory or performance in a game can become a topic of conversation, encouraging the sharing of common interests.

Games as a means of playful professional interaction

LinkedIn uses these games as a tool to facilitate playful professional interaction. By allowing users to challenge each other and compare scores, LinkedIn creates a healthy competitive environment, where intellectual skills come to the fore.

The importance of puzzle games

The current trend in puzzle games

Puzzle games are growing in popularity, bringing together a global community of players. Games like Wordle and Tusmo have demonstrated the massive engagement potential that these types of games possess.

Why LinkedIn chose to integrate puzzle games

LinkedIn has chosen to integrate brain games to align itself with this global trend and offer its users an engaging way to develop and test their intellectual skills, while remaining on a professional platform.

Impact of games on user engagement

The introduction of puzzle games is strategic for increasing user engagement on LinkedIn. By offering entertaining and stimulating activities, LinkedIn encourages greater interaction between members, leading to increased time spent on the platform.

Analysis of the various games on offer

Description and purpose of Pinpoint

Pinpoint is a game that challenges users to find key words in a jumbled set of letters. The aim is to stimulate mental agility while having fun.

How Queens works

Queens is a chess-inspired game in which participants must position the queens on a chessboard so that none can be captured. This game encourages the development of strategy and foresight.

Crossclimb: challenges and strategies

Crossclimb combines elements of crossword puzzles and level-climbing games. Users must solve puzzles to progress through increasingly complex levels, encouraging continuous improvement in problem-solving skills.

Game dashboards

Displaying user performance

Users' performance is displayed in dedicated dashboards, enabling them to track their progress and compare it with that of other members of the LinkedIn community.

Comparison of individual and company scores

LinkedIn offers the possibility of comparing scores not only on an individual level but also between different companies, introducing an additional competitive aspect that can prove motivating for employees.

Rankings management

Rankings on LinkedIn highlight outstanding individual and team performances, and are updated regularly to reflect players' recent successes.

Current limitations on LinkedIn games

Games available in English only

Currently, games on LinkedIn are offered exclusively in English, limiting accessibility for non-English-speaking users.

Accessibility and inclusion of non-English speakers

This limitation raises accessibility and inclusion issues for a proportion of LinkedIn members who might otherwise benefit from this fun feature.

Prospects for linguistic evolution

Faced with this problem, LinkedIn is planning to extend the availability of games in several languages, to make these thought-provoking and entertaining tools accessible to a wider audience.

The impact of games on personal branding

Using games to enhance your profile

Game performances can be used to enhance a user's profile on LinkedIn, demonstrating their thinking skills and ability to meet intellectual challenges.

Games as a networking tool

What's more, these games offer a unique networking opportunity, enabling users to connect with other professionals with similar interests.

Differentiation through gaming performance

Users who excel at these games can differentiate themselves on the job market, showcasing their competitive spirit and mental agility as distinctive professional assets.

Feedback from the LinkedIn community

Early adopter reviews

Initial feedback from users on the introduction of games on LinkedIn has been overwhelmingly positive, underlining the innovative aspect and playful dimension of this feature.

Recommendations from social networking experts

Experts in social networks also welcomed the initiative, seeing it as an effective strategy for increasing user engagement and strengthening professional interactions on the platform.

Analysis of feedback and proposed adjustments

LinkedIn carefully considers feedback from its community to continually adjust and improve the games offering, taking into account users' suggestions and needs.

Future prospects for games on LinkedIn

Development of new games

LinkedIn plans to develop and introduce new games, enriching the range of fun activities available to its members.

Integration of multilingual functionalities

The platform also plans to integrate multilingual functionalities to make games accessible to a wider, more diverse audience.

Expanding the fun aspect to other aspects of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is exploring the possibilities of extending playfulness to other aspects of the platform, emphasizing the importance of innovation in user engagement and professional interaction.

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