Discover LinkedIn innovations in 2024: corporate messaging, new algorithm, "Top Voice" badges, serious games, and more to enrich your professional network.

In the year 2024, LinkedIn is revolutionizing theuser experience with major innovations that redefine professional networking. Having taken the bold decision to do away with the creator mode, the platform now opens up to wider accessibility, enabling each and every one of our members to benefit from previously exclusive tools. At the same time, the introduction of features such as corporate messaging, a new algorithm optimized for interactions, the awarding of the "Top Voice" badge, and the integration of serious games, promises to enrich exchanges and offer unrivalled opportunities for professional development. These changes mark our ongoing commitment to providing an ever more innovative platform aligned with the evolving needs of our professional community.

What's new on LinkedIn 2024: what you need to know!

LinkedIn, the professional platform par excellence, is constantly reinventing itself to offer its users ever more innovative and relevant features. In 2024, a number of significant new features were introduced, ranging from the elimination of creator mode to the integration of serious games, as well as improved interactions between companies and users. Here's a complete roundup of these major developments.

Goodbye designer fashion!

Delete designer mode options

We have noted the removal of creator mode, a feature previously reserved for certain profiles. This removal has eliminated the options specific to creator mode, simplifying the interface for all users.

Info" section appears under profile title

As a direct consequence of the disappearance of creator mode, the "Info" section has been repositioned under the profile title, offering improved visibility to all key user information.

Personalized calls to action for users

Flexibility is now the order of the day, with each user able to further personalize their calls to action, according to their preferences or professional objectives.

Accessibility of advanced functions for all members

Access to previously exclusive functions, such as detailed statistics and creation tools, has been democratized, reinforcing equal opportunities on the platform.

Corporate messaging

Launch of messaging for company pages

A notable new feature of 2024 is the launch of dedicated messaging for company pages, enabling more fluid and direct interaction between brands and their audience.

Direct interaction between brands and users

This communication channel offers companies an additional opportunity to get closer to their audience, discuss their offers, or respond to specific requests.

Default activation and deactivation options

Messaging is enabled by default for all company pages, although a disable option is available, allowing companies to choose the desired level of interaction.

Access requirements: Super Administrator or Content Administrator status

Access to this feature is reserved for Super Administrators or Content Administrators, ensuring effective control and management by the teams in charge.

New algorithm

Introduction of an algorithm favoring publication quality

LinkedIn has introduced a new algorithm, geared towards recognizing and promoting high-quality publications, thus encouraging the production of relevant and engaging content.

Selection criteria: relevance, commitment and popularity

The criteria used by this algorithm include content relevance, engagement (comments, shares) and popularity, offering increased visibility to the contributions most valued by the community.

Improving the visibility of interactive publications

Publications that encourage interaction benefit from enhanced visibility, encouraging users to encourage constructive and relevant exchanges.

Tips for optimizing your publications according to the new algorithm

LinkedIn also offers tips to help users adjust their publications according to the criteria favored by the new algorithm, thus maximizing their chances of visibility.

Top Voice" badge

Recognition of user expertise

The "Top Voice" badge represents official recognition of a user's expertise in a specific field, enhancing their profile in the LinkedIn community.

Badge criteria

Criteria include the regularity and quality of published content, as well as the engagement generated within the community, enhancing the prestige associated with this badge.

Impact on user visibility

Holders of the "Top Voice" badge enjoy greater visibility, amplifying the impact of their publications and reinforcing their positioning as experts in their sector.

Benefits for recruiters and companies

The badge also facilitates the recruitment process for companies, enabling them to quickly identify highly competent profiles recognized in their field.

Games for professional development

Introduction of serious games on the platform

LinkedIn enriches its offering with the integration of serious games designed to support learning and the development of users' professional skills.

Benefits of games for learning and skills development

These games offer a fun, interactive approach to learning, encouraging the acquisition of important cross-disciplinary skills such as decision-making and team management.

Progress monitoring and personalized recommendations

Users can track their progress and receive personalized recommendations, enabling them to adjust their learning path according to their needs and objectives.

Examples of games and their impact on productivity

Some games, for example, focus on project management or effective team communication, helping to improve players' productivity and professional skills.

Boost for company pages with "Unlock Article

New functionality to boost lead generation

"Unlock Article" is a major innovation for company pages, designed to boost lead generation by promoting specific articles.

Article promotion and user engagement

This feature encourages users to provide their contact details in order to access premium content, thus promoting engagement and qualitative data collection for companies.

How to unlock an item

Members wishing to access the article must fill in a quick form, a process which guarantees a valuable exchange between users and companies.

Optimizing content strategies for corporate pages

"Unlock Article" offers companies an opportunity to optimize their content strategies, targeting their audience more effectively and improving their conversion rate.

Integration of video functionalities

Enhanced video tools for users

Creation and sharing tools video on LinkedIn have been significantly enhanced, responding to the growing demand for engaging, professional video content.

Monetization options for content creators

All designers content providers now benefit from expanded monetization options, enabling them to profit from their high-quality video productions.

Guidelines for creating engaging video content

LinkedIn provides users with guidelines and best practices for creating captivating videos, maximizing their impact within the community.

Analysis of the impact of video on engagement

Statistics demonstrate the positive impact of videos on user engagement, as they encourage interaction and the sharing of innovative, relevant content.

Profile optimization for the new era

Tips for adapting your profile to the new features

It's essential to keep your profile up to date, integrating the new features offered by LinkedIn to maximize your visibility and appeal.

Importance of profile SEO optimization

SEO optimization of the LinkedIn profile remains a priority, enabling users to stand out and be more easily found by recruiters and potential partners.

Strategies for expanding your professional network

Developing and maintaining a dense, active professional network is a winning strategy, with LinkedIn providing the tools to facilitate these interactions.

The importance of visual content in the profile

Integrating visual content (photos, videos) into the profile increases visitor engagement, making the profile more attractive and memorable.

Enhanced security and confidentiality

New user data protection measures

LinkedIn continues to strengthen its security measures and protection of personal data, guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of user information.

Advanced privacy options for members

Privacy options have been expanded, giving users greater control over the visibility of their information and interactions on the platform.

Tips for securing your LinkedIn account

Practical advice on how to secure your account is regularly provided, helping users to protect their profile against unauthorized access or abuse.

Understanding LinkedIn's privacy settings

It's crucial for every user to fully understand and set their privacy options, and LinkedIn implements various tools to facilitate this essential task.

Interaction and community involvement

Best practices for stimulating interaction on your publications

We recommend following certain best practices to encourage interaction and engagement on your publications, such as producing quality content, soliciting feedback and making judicious use of hashtags.

Using LinkedIn groups for networking

LinkedIn Groups remain a powerful networking tool, enabling users to connect with professionals who share the same interests or operate in the same sector.

Engagement strategies for brands

Brands can adopt different strategies to maximize their engagement on LinkedIn, for example by focusing on interactive content, case studies, or actively involving their community in content creation.

The importance of user feedback and responding to comments

Taking on board user feedback and responding quickly to comments are essential to building an engaged and loyal community, with LinkedIn offering the right tools to facilitate this exchange.

In conclusion, LinkedIn continues to establish itself as a key player in the online professional world, thanks to its ongoing commitment to innovation and improving the user experience. These new features for 2024 demonstrate LinkedIn's commitment to providing a dynamic, interactive and secure platform that meets the evolving needs of its users.

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