The secrets of a marketing campaign BeReal for brands in 2023

Find out how to optimize your BeReal marketing campaign for brands and reach a wide audience with this fast-growing social network.
Social networks have become essential tools for brands wishing to reach a wide audience. BeReal, the app that's all the rage in 2023, offers new opportunities for marketing campaigns. In this article, we reveal the keys to a successful BeReal marketing campaign for brands.

1. Understand the essence of BeReal and adapt your strategy

Before launching your BeReal marketing campaignIt's essential to understand the essence of this platform. BeReal stands out for its spontaneous, authentic approach, where users share real moments from their lives. To ensure the success of your campaign, adapt your marketing strategy to take account of these specific features:

  • Choose the content authentic and spontaneous
  • Rely on proximity and interaction with the community
  • Avoid overly promotional or scripted messages

2. Identify and collaborate with BeReal influencers

All influencers are important allies for your BeReal marketing campaign. Identify the influencers who match your target audience and brand image, then offer them partnerships. Here are a few tips to maximize the impact of these partnerships collaborations :

  • Choose influencers in line with your brand's values
  • Give them the creative freedom to generate authentic content
  • Measure the impact of your partnerships with key indicators

3. Create exclusive content for your BeReal marketing campaign

For a successful BeReal marketing campaignWhen it comes to marketing, it's important to offer exclusive content that will arouse the interest of your audience. From contests and live events to collaborations with influencers, here are a few ideas to energize your campaign:

  • Organize contests with attractive prizes
  • Offer previews or exclusive content
  • Invite your community to take part in online events

4. Analyze results and adjust your strategy

Monitoring and analyzing the results of your BeReal marketing campaign are essential for measuring its effectiveness and adjusting your strategy accordingly. Use analysis tools and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the impact of your campaign and identify areas for improvement:

  • Evaluate the engagement rate and number of views of your publications
  • Measure the number of new subscribers acquired during the campaign
  • Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your influencer partnerships

5. Interact with your community to strengthen engagement

Interacting with your community is a key key to your success marketing campaign BeReal. Show that you're listening to your subscribers by responding to their comments and taking their suggestions into account. Here are a few tips for maintaining a close relationship with your audience:

  • Reply to comments and private messages from your subscribers
  • Ask your community for feedback on your products or services
  • Offer interactive content that encourages participation


By following these tips, you'll be in a position to run a successful BeReal marketing campaign for your brand. Don't forget that authenticity and proximity are the key words on this platform. By offering exclusive content, collaborating with the right influencers and interacting with your community, you'll maximize the impact of your campaign and strengthen your brand's presence on BeReal.


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