As we often tell you, for a influencer instagram good visual communication is essential, which is why it's so important to take care of your Instagram and other photos. facebook.

Remember that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to tell us otherwise: beautiful profiles with coherent, poetic mosaics always capture our attention. And because it's not always easy to find your style, and we're not all born photographers, after much observation, here are our top tips for improving your photos instagram influencer and one day perhaps reach the desired level.

How to make your instagram influencer photos a success?

Material for an instagram influencer:

  • Don't use your Instagram application directly.
  • Choose a better-quality camera, or the one supplied with your cell phone.

Layout and staging:

  • Rethink your perspectives and take your time to create a photo for instagram that's as straight as possible.
  • Don't hesitate to add elements to your staging, to make your photo for instagram even prettier.
  • Pay attention to your background and take care of it. It's hard to make up afterwards.

Don't hesitate to draw inspiration from the social networks type, pinterest or instagram, for example. It really helps to sharpen your eye.

Get inspired, but have your own style to become an instagram influencer:

  • Find your own style and artistic line. Be yourself and define your universe as best you can.
  • Above all, don't take photos of everything! Your followers will follow you because of your identity.

Patience is the key word in creation:

  • Don't rush: although it's sometimes necessary to rush to capture certain scenes of everyday life, learn to be efficient.
  • Unless the blur or grain is a well-realized stylistic effect, post instagram-quality photos as sharp as possible.

Originality yes, but not too much:

  • Avoid the colorful frames of the various "iphones" applications, as the "kitsch" effect is rarely appreciated.
  • Avoid over-zooming, so as not to compromise the quality of your shot.

Light and retouching :

  • Shoot in the brightest, most natural light possible.
  • Avoid filters and opt for light, not overdone retouching.
  • In the same case, don't push the "sharpen" tool and the "structure" option.

Angles :

  • Play with angles and don't always take the same Instagram photos: although it's best to have a well-defined "artistic line", you don't always have to take the same photos. Think "close-up" sometimes? Texture close-ups can be very pretty too.

And the most important point of all, in our eyes, is to think as if retouching were not so readily available to you: Think silver! What would you do if you couldn't edit your instagram photos? Well, you'd do your best to get it right the first time.

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