Twitter boasts several hundred million active members. Unless you're a celebrity, there's little chance of being contacted directly by brands to promote your brand. audience and earn money with your twitter account. But there are other ways...

Fortunately, there are platforms that can put you in touch with brands. for monetize your tweetseven if you don't have 100,000 followers...

To start attracting brand interest and monetizing your tweets, it's important to have a qualified audience of followers, even if it's not huge. Twitter lends itself particularly well to this, as it's a "Interest GraphIn other words, a network on which you share information related to your interests, expertise or passions. Your subscribers follow you because they're interested in the same subjects as you, and in the information you share around those subjects.

How to develop a qualified audience of followers on Twitter.

Here are a few tips on how to develop your twitter audience and then monetize it.

  • Choose one or more of your interests, passions or expertise for your Twitter accountplease indicate them in your bio.
  • Post tweets regularly and frequently around these themes, you'll be recognized - legitimately - as an expert in that field (fashion, lifestyle, travel, gastronomy, cars, sports...). Be concise - you only have 140 characters. It's not enough to retweet other people's tweets; if you want to stand out from the crowd, it's important to post your own tweets.
  • Post it yourself. Some tools automatically identify and post content related to your interests. But don't overdo it: your Twitter feed should also (and above all) contain tweets from you.
  • Add images or videos to your tweets. Twitter showed that tweets containing photos generated 313% more engagements than others. And it's this commitment which will enable you to monetize your twitter account and earn money.
  • Use hashtags to stand out in searches.
  • Quote or follow other influential people, likely to retweet and follow you.
  • Thank those who follow you or interact with your tweets.
  • And mention your Twitter account from your other social networks to make it known.

So how do you make money with Twitter?

You can use platforms like ValueYourNetwork to put you in touch with brands.

The ValueYourNetwork platform is open to everyone: you don't have to be a top "Very Important Person" to make money with your Twitter account, just a few hundred or thousands of followers are enough, as long as they're well qualified.

Earn money with your tweets on ValueYourNetwork.

You choose the campaigns that you want to relay, in line with your interests, and you create the content tweet for the brandin keeping with the elements of the campaign brief.

From the ValueYourNetwork platform, simply post a tweet for the campaign, using dedicated hashtags, including the mandatory "sponsored" hashtag (otherwise, as a reminder, this could be construed as concealed advertising, punishable by 2 years' imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros). ValueYourNetwork supports you with influencer best practices guide.

And with every engagement on your tweet, you earn money!

The more the content of the tweet is in line with your usual Twitter tweets and related to your interests, the more you can engage your followers and earn money.

What's more, you can also relay them on your other networks if you wish (Facebook, Instagram...) as the platform is social networking (see how to make money with Instagram).

Test a 1era campaign to earn money with your Twitter account, registration is free and without obligation.

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