Want to make a little extra money on the Internet? Here are 5 ideas for earn money on the Internet and supplement your income a little. But not just any ideas.

Here, we're talking about services that help you earn money on the Internet by promoting your "skills".

The Internet offers a multitude of opportunities for those looking to increase their income. Here are five effective ideas for earn money online, tailored to different skills and availabilities.

1 - Become a website tester

The digital revolution has opened many doors for those looking to make money online, and one of the most exciting opportunities is becoming a website tester. This crucial role helps companies improve their websites and mobile applications before they are officially launched. Here's a detailed guide for those wishing to explore this lucrative path.

Understanding the Role of a Website Tester

A website tester plays an essential role in web development. His or her mission is to identify bugs and usability problems, and suggest improvements to optimize the site.user experience. This task requires attention to detail, a good understanding of web navigation and the ability to communicate observations effectively.

Skills and Qualifications Required

To become an effective site tester, certain skills are essential:

  • Critical thinking skills objective evaluation of the user experience.
  • Technical knowledge Understanding the basics of web design and development.
  • Excellent communication skills Problem-solving: clearly express problems and suggestions for improvement.

Find Test Opportunities

Several online platforms offer website testing opportunities. These include:

  • UserTesting : offers a variety of tests, with fees ranging from €4 to €120 per test.
  • Uber Testers : focuses on participatory testing for websites, mobile applications and games.
  • Userbrain and Testbirds Our services: offer user experience testing for a variety of digital products.
  • Userlytics and Trymata specializing in usability testing and market research.

Test Process and Compensation

The testing process typically involves navigating a website or application, identifying problems and providing constructive feedback. Compensation varies according to the platform and type of test. Some tests are paid by the hour, while others are paid per test.

Tips for Successful Site Testing

To excel in this field, here are a few tips:

  • Stay up to date Web trends evolve rapidly, so keep up to date with the latest developments.
  • Be precise and concise Your feedback must be clear and useful.
  • Practice regularly The more you test, the more you refine your skills.

Benefits of becoming a Site Tester

In addition to remuneration, being a website tester offers other advantages:

  • Flexibility Work from home, according to your own schedule.
  • Skills development Improve your knowledge of UX/UI and web development.
  • Contribution to product improvement Play your part in launching successful websites and applications.

Becoming a website tester is a great way to earn money online while helping to improve the user experience on the web. With the right skills and a methodical approach, you can turn this activity into a stable and rewarding source of income.

2 - Write content

Web content writing is an increasingly popular route for those looking to earn money online. With a good command of writing and a passion for a specific subject, becoming a freelance web copywriter can be both rewarding and lucrative. Here's a guide for those looking to get started.

Understanding the Web Copywriting Profession

A web copywriter creates various types of content: blog posts, website content, marketing emails, and much more. This profession requires not only a talent for writing, but also the ability to adapt to different styles and client needs.

Defining Your Niche and Writing Style

The first step is to choose your niche. Whether you're passionate about travel, technology, health or any other field, specialize in something you're passionate about. This can include:

  • Blog posts for SaaS sites.
  • Web content for real estate agents.
  • Email marketing for health and fitness websites.

Create a Portfolio and Find Customers

Before approaching customers, it's essential to create a portfolio. You can :

  • Post samples on sites like Medium or LinkedIn.
  • Create a personal blog to demonstrate your expertise.

To find customers, use freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Malt, or 5euros. These platforms make it easy to connect with potential customers, and offer a degree of security in transactions.

Building an online presence

Develop your online presence to attract customers:

  • Be active on social networks.
  • Participate in forums and groups related to your niche.
  • Publish regularly on your blog or on platforms like Medium.

Writing engaging content

Learn web copywriting techniques:

  • Use catchy titles.
  • Structure your articles for easy reading (subheadings, lists, short paragraphs).
  • Optimize your content for SEO.

Time and Project Management

As a freelancer, time management is crucial:

  • Draw up a work schedule.
  • Use project management tools.
  • Set realistic deadlines for yourself and your customers.

Monetization and Growth

In addition to selling your services, consider other means of monetization:

  • Create your own blog and monetize it with advertising or affiliations.
  • Offer premium copywriting services or consultations.

Web content writing is an exciting and potentially lucrative path for those who love to write and communicate. By defining your niche, building a solid portfolio, and learning how to effectively manage your projects, you can turn your passion for writing into a thriving and flexible career.

3- Keep a blog

Blogging is an exciting and potentially lucrative activity. Whether you want to share your passions, knowledge or experiences, a blog can become a significant source of income. Here's a guide for those thinking of embarking on the blogging adventure.

Choosing the right topic for your blog

The choice of subject is crucial. Choose an area that you are passionate about and that also appeals to a wide audience. Popular topics include health, finance, personal relationships, leisure or the personal development. Make sure your subject is broad enough to attract a varied audience, but specific enough to stand out.

Creating quality content

Your blog must offer unique, high-quality content. To achieve this:

  • Write well-researched, informative articles.
  • Make sure your content is the best available resource on your chosen topic.
  • Use an engaging and accessible writing style.

Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines (SEO)

SEO is essential for increasing your blog's visibility. Learn the basics of SEO to improve your site's ranking in search results. This includes using relevant keywords, building quality links and optimizing your site's structure.

Developing a network

Connect with other bloggers and influencers in your field. This can be done by :

  • Participation in forums and online groups.
  • Collaboration with other bloggers for guest posts.
  • Interacting with your audience on social networks.

Monetize Your Blog

Once your blog starts attracting significant traffic, explore different monetization methods:

  • Paid advertising (such as Google AdSense).
  • Sell your own courses and training.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Paid subscriptions for exclusive content.

Long-term vision

Patience is essential in the blogging world. You won't make money immediately. Focus on constantly improving your content and increasing your traffic. Over time, your blog can become a stable source of income.

Blogging is a rewarding path for those who want to share their passion and earn money at the same time. By choosing the right topic, creating quality content, optimizing your site for SEO, developing a network and exploring different monetization options, you can turn your blog into a thriving business.

4 - Launch a vlog (video blog)

Vlogging, or video blogging, is a fast-growing form of communication. It's a way of sharing experiences, ideas and adventures in a lively, personal way. Here's a guide to launching a successful vlog.

Choosing the right subject for your Vlog

The first step is to define the theme of your vlog. What do you want to share with your audience? audience ? Your travels, your daily life, your passions? Be authentic and original. Successful vlogs are often those that stand out for their sincerity and originality.

The ideal length of a Vlog

A vlog should be concise and captivating. In general, it should be no longer than 3 minutes. A video that is too long risks losing viewers' interest. The aim is to tell a story clearly and dynamically.

Shooting and Editing

The quality of your shooting and editing is essential. As a vlogger, you need to practice filming and editing your videos. Don't hesitate to shoot a lot, so that you have a wide choice when it comes to editing. Invest in good equipment if you're serious about your work.

Choosing the right music

Music plays a crucial role in setting the mood of your vlog. Use free, royalty-free music available on various websites to add rhythm to your videos.

Mistakes to avoid

Make sure that the sound recording is clear, the shot is stable and the transitions are smooth. Careful editing is essential to keep viewers interested. While smartphones may suffice at first, consider investing in higher-quality equipment for more professional results.

Rhythm and Dynamism

A successful vlog is well-paced, well-edited and dynamic. Take inspiration from other vloggers, but keep your own style. The important thing is to create content that reflects your personality and captivates your audience.

Vlogging is an exciting way to share experiences and connect with an audience. By choosing the right topic, paying attention to the quality of your videos, selecting appropriate music and avoiding common mistakes, you can create a captivating and successful vlog. With time, practice and creativity, your vlog can become an important source of connection and, potentially, income.

5 - Create a podcast

Podcasting has become a popular and effective way of sharing ideas, stories and knowledge. Here's a step-by-step guide to starting your own podcast.

Define the theme of the show

The choice of theme is crucial. It should reflect your interests and skills, while captivating your audience. Whether it's culture, health, business or any other field, make sure the topic is both relevant and engaging.

Examples of Themes :

  • Humorous fiction
  • Art and culture
  • News
  • Brand know-how
  • Health tips

Find Show Name

The name of your podcast should be attractive, descriptive and simple. It should arouse curiosity and make it easy to find your podcast on listening platforms.

Invite Participants

Diversify the formats of your podcast. Interviews, co-hosts, roundtables and expert contributions enrich the content and make the show more dynamic and interesting.

Writing the Podcast Script

Although spontaneity is important, a structured plan is essential. Prepare a captivating introduction, develop your subject coherently and conclude in a way that encourages action or reflection.

Record Episode

You can get started with simple equipment such as a smartphone or computer. For higher quality, consider investing in professional audio equipment. Make sure you record in a quiet, soundproof environment.

Editing and Mixing

This step improves the quality of the podcast by eliminating errors, adding music, jingles or adjusting sound levels. Software such as Audacity or Garage Band can be used for this task.

Choose a Cover Image

The cover image is essential as it visually represents your podcast. It must be attractive, relevant and consistent with the content of your podcast. Accompany it with a concise, search-engine-optimized description.

Launching a podcast can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. By following these steps, you can create a captivating podcast that attracts and retains an audience. With creativity, perseverance and a little technique, your podcast could become a reference in its field.


These methods, accessible to all, offer flexible and practical ways of supplementing your income from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're looking to finance a project, deal with the unexpected, or simply increase your income on a regular basis, the internet is full of opportunities to help you achieve your financial goals.

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