The keys to becoming a recognized, quality influencer are complex: 

Visit influencer marketing has become the the most efficient to communicate with consumers today.

According to several studies, word of mouth plays a major role in our purchasing decisions. We all tend to rely on the opinions of those closest to us before taking the plunge, towards a destination or brand we don't know. Many of us are accustomed to consulting our friends and family, or the reviews available on the web, when researching restaurants, hotels, destinations and technological equipment... it's only a short step to becoming a "trusted friend". influencer !

A study by Augue defined influencers according to the following 3 characteristics:

  • For 79 % respondents: Influencers are able to mobilize opinions and generate reactions.
  • For 73 % respondents: Influencers have an online community focused on specific topics.
  • For 62 % respondents: influencers have a significant share of voice on a given subject.


The impact of influencers on marketing campaigns is on the increase these days. They are seen as opinion leadersAs consumers, many even identify with the image of the influencer they follow and love.

You're probably wondering how it's possible to become an influencer? And what are the steps you need to take to become an influencer yourself or influencer important on the web?


Today, we're giving you "the main keys" to becoming an influencer.

Be passionate and curious, it will take time to build the community you want... Passion will help you to have patience and to create a sense of belonging. content intelligent and thoughtful.

Be unique and remarkable.

Establish yourself as an expert in your field and don't spread yourself too thin.

Your expertise in a particular field is important: be constructive and define your positioning, so don't spread yourself too thin: show yourself to be a professional in your field and don't take your image on social networks lightly.

Share relevant information in line with your expertise and editorial line.

Disseminate and share your knowledge effectively: in the right way, at the right time and in the right place.

Be friendly, polite and pay special attention to your image, which should be positive and intelligent.

Build a community, to increase your reach and to attract more audience qualified. Don't forget to take an interest in others, and be attentive to your fans' requests and opinions. Be yourself and build a credible and honest relationship with your community. Be loyal and authentic!

Amplify your content by working on the engagement you generate.

Talk to others and do your best to make yourself known. partnershipsTalk about others who inspire you, don't just focus on yourself.


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